AAIAALSS Chapter 7: My opponent can’t be so weak

I won’t be translating any more chapters of Absolute Choice. It will be picked up CKtalon and translations will be posted on Wuxiaworld in the future. But hey, more lolis!!!

The morning of Monday, I was late. The reason was because on the way to school I was brought to the police station again by a policeman who came out of nowhere, and my childhood friend who was going to school together with me, Sakurada Awayume only calmly said one thing to me.

「Yi-Kun, come back early.」

After entering the police station the policemen angrily expressed to me that they would definitely report this matter to my school, they wouldn’t allow students to call the police so arbitrarily anymore and cause a disturbance for me.

In the end after politely drinking a few cups of tea with the policemen they personally drove and sent me back to school. There probably aren’t many students besides me riding a police car to school on Monday morning and still being late.

When I return to the classroom lessons have already started.

「Sorry Sensei, because of some business I was late.」

「It’s okay, I already know about your situation, I’ll talk about it later, go back to your seat first.」

After getting Sensei’s consent I return to my seat, only at this time do I notice that there is another person standing on the podium besides Sensei.

The transfer student’s name is Shinmei Yuno.

Right now the class is in a bit of a buzz, after all this girl has now already proven the “Foreign bishoujo” part of her “Foreign prodigious bishoujo” title.

The most eye-catching part of her is undoubtedly that cherry blossom-like pink, long hair of her’s. Adding that she is clearly a foreigner but her facial features are not as sharp as other foreigners, her facial features are very soft and her light brown eyes are as calm as water.

From her body you can feel a thick air of spring, it is that season where the cherry blossoms drift in the avenue.

Sensei motions for the girl to speak.

「Shinmei Yuno, who is Aoba Yi?」

After using a simple method that couldn’t have been simpler to introduce herself, Shinmei Yuno suddenly asks about my name, the number of words she spoke when asking about my name were even more than her self-introduction. The students in the class all look towards me, the classroom chatters with discussion and the content can roughly be summed up as — What relationship does this bishoujo transfer student have with that pervert lolicon? Could he have already laid his hands on her? We really should arrest him first and lock him up for 50 years before anything.

Hey hey, that last one, you went too far!

「Does Shinmei-San know Aoba-San? He sits right at that position beside the window.」

After Sensei points at me Shinmei Yuno walks directly towards me.

「You and me, competition.」

「How come whenever you open your mouth it’s this kind of inexplicable phrase? Shouldn’t you explain the context?」


「You know, why you want to compete with me.」

「Grandfather said you’re good, so competition.」

This chick looks to be very fluent in Japanese, but the breaks in her speech feel very strange.

「You mean your grandfather said I’m good, so you want to compete with me?」

Shinmei Yuno nods her head.

「Who’s your grandfather? Why did he say I’m good?」

「Shinmei Ando.」

… So it’s Ando-Sensei, I haven’t seen him for so long already and he actually just screws me over like that?

「Ando-Sensei is you grandfather? Why does he want you to compete with me.」

「You two over there, it’s still class time right now, if you guys have something to say discuss it after class.」

Sensei can’t stand it anymore and splits us up, Shinmei Yuno sits back in her spot. No wonder I thought the name Shinmei Yuno sounded a bit familiar, so she’s actually that granddaughter who’s the same age as me whom Ando-Sensei regularly mentioned to me when I was young.

A prodigy huh, I remember Ando-Sensei mentioned that at the time his granddaughter had already won numerous world famous painting awards. Why would such a person come to compete with me?

After the first class, Shinmei Yuno ignores the classmates going to chat with her and walks directly over to me.

「Compete with me」

「I don’t think I have a reason to compete with you?」

「You do.」

Shinmei Yuno stares at me.

「Grandfather said you’re more talented than me.」

Ando-Sensei you actually had such a high evaluation of me? I’m really about to cry because of you, because of this line of yours your family’s prodigious granddaughter came to pick a fight with me!

「Ando-Sensei was just talking nonsense… Don’t take it to heart, I do indeed know how to draw, but I can’t compare to you at all」

「Grandfather wouldn’t talk nonsense, I will defeat you, to prove.」

「What meaning is there in an amazing person like you beating me?」

「Prove that I’m better than you.」

「You’re better than me to begin with」

「Reality, prove.」

I get it now, this guy’s a one-track mind, she became unhappy because her grandfather’s evaluation of me is higher than her. Anything I say right now is completely useless.

「Than how do you want to compete?」

「Whatever you choose.」

Ho, this chick’s pretty arrogant, letting me choose? I’ve really got to teach you how to behave!

「Okay, since you have to compete, then we’ll compete in drawing illustrations!」

This is what I do for a living, making a person like you who holds onto a brush all day painting on paper use stuff like a tablet, I’ll make you cry!


Hm? This script isn’t right? Why did she agree so easily?

「You… Do you know what illustrations are? This isn’t the same as painting those watercolour paintings, if you directly draw on paper and then scan it, the drawing quality will damaged, so you have to use a tablet, do you know what a table is?」

「Ya, this is my part-time job.」

「You’re actually a part-time illustrator too? What do you draw?」

「《Monster 〇ter》」

Pu! I fucked up! She’s a professional game illustrator!

「That.. That, right! The field of illustrations that we’re involved in are different, I’m talking about light novel illustrations!」

「I also part-time.」


「《Fairy Forest》」

Don’t be like this! That’s the NO.1 light novel in annual sales! It’s a carrier-class existence with over 1.5 million volumes sold!

「Sorry, can I admit defeat right now?」

「No, competition.」

This Shinmei Yuno whose skill completely steamrolls mine really has completely latched onto me, she followed me everywhere today and I didn’t even dare to talk to her. As long as she opens her mouth it will definitely have the word “competition”.

Luckily the school warned the school’s students in the morning announcements that they can’t randomly call the police station anymore, or else there will definitely be severe punishment, otherwise I’d probably have to go there to drink tea again.

At lunch break I come out from the toilet, at the door Shinmei Yuno is already standing there waiting for me.

「Even if you’re not embarrassed standing in front of the boy’s washroom waiting for me, I am!」


「Competition your sister! I’m going to eat!」(TL: The meaning is like “Competition my ass!”, but there’s a joke with this so I can’t change it.)

「You want to draw my sister? But I don’t have one.」

「Then go eat!」

I ignore her and walk towards the school cafeteria, she also follows over unphased. I buy a bowl of ramen and am about to take it to a table to eat, and then I notice that behind me, Shinmei Yuno is still standing in front of the menu hesitating.

「Hurry up and buy your food, don’t hold up the time of the students behind.」

「I don’t know what to buy.」


「I have analysis paralysis.」

Pu! Why is there someone how can so calmly say that they are ill! Isn’t this a fatal disease for drawing! I randomly help her order the same bowl of ramen as mine and then go to find a table with her and sat down.

「You say that you have analysis paralysis? That mental illness where no matter what you choose you feel like it’s bad and then you feel anxious and in the end you can’t make up your mind?」


「Then how do you draw? With this kind of mental illness can’t you not even choose your colouring?」

「Only not for drawing.」

「So I only have drawing.」

Shinmei Yuno said slowly. Her voice when she said this was very calm, but I could feel the strength harboured within. A person who can’t make decisions finds out that they can draw, naturally they would see it as their all. I once again clearly feel Shinmei Yuno’s formidability in drawing, there isn’t only a gap in skill between her and I, there is a difference in spirit.

「Let’s not talking about this for now, is this ramen tasty?」

「Ya, competition.」

「Competition! Competition! Competition! You keep saying competition! If you want to compete then let’s compete to see who finishes their ramen first!」

I honestly can’t stand it anymore, back and forth how come it’s still about competition, is it that you won’t feel comfortable in your heart if you don’t properly crush me once! What I don’t expect is that after hearing me, Shinmei Yuno’s expression suddenly becomes very nervous and then she starts to rapidly eat the noodles in her hand.

She took it seriously!

I watch with surprise at her eating the boiling hot ramen with a face of pain, but when eating to halfway her hand suddenly shakes and her chopsticks fall on the ground. Afterwards she holds her stomach and puts her face against the table, looking at my ramen on the table.

I think the message she’s conveying with her eyes is — You can’t finish either…

But I do not give her her wish, for me this bowl of ramen isn’t too much. I quickly finish eating the ramen and even drink all of the soup, and then I hear a sigh of disappointment.

「I, lost.」

「Hm? You lose just like that?」


「I win just like this? You won’t come to compete with me anymore?」


「Didn’t you want to compete in drawing?」

「I said, you choose, the competition format.」

Sigh! So it was like this! Speaking of it, Shinmei Yuno who has analysis paralysis can’t even choose the competition format, and I also had the preconceived notion that she wanted to compete against me in drawing… Turns out anything was okay!

「You, are very amazing.」

「It’s you who’s too weak, you can’t even finish a bowl of ramen…」


Right now Shinmei Yuno is still holding her stomach and sadly leaning on the cafeteria table.

「Are you okay? You look like you’re in a lot of pain, do you want me to help to to the infirmary?」

「Want, or don’t want?」

「Can you not even decide this!」

I helplessly help her up from the table, because she is also very tall, putting her hand on my shoulder and helping her to the infirmary is not tiring. Along the way a lot of students stare at him in vigilance, after I arrive at the infirmary there is already a big group of students standing lookout in front of the door, like as long as I make any move they will punish me on the spot.

The sensei in the infirmary gives Shinmei Yuno some digestion medicine and a cup of warm water. Afterwards she has her lie in the infirmary for lunchtime and to just go back when lessons are starring in the afternoon.

「Next time don’t eat so much food anymore」

But this was just less than half a bowl of ramen…

After taking the medicine Shinmei Yuno listens to Sensei and lies down on the bed, and those students outside the window are still warily watching me.

「The people outside, are watching you?」

「Yup, they seem to think that I’ll do something to you.」


「Because they all know that I’m a lolicon, but they’ve clearly misunderstood a lot of things!」

「You, lolicon?」

「Ya! That’s right! I am a lolicon!」

I can’t explain either why whenever I admit that I am a lolicon, exactly where that sense of pride in my heart comes from.

「Speaking of it, do you know what a lolicon is?」

「Ya, pedophile.」


Compared to other lengthy insults, this concise term stings my heart even more. Speaking of it, there are indeed a lot of people who will mix lolicons and pedophiles together, but there is an essential difference between the two.

「Lolicons are devotees with the tenet of silently cherishing lolis, while pedophiles are criminals who have been disqualified by humanity and despised by lolicons! 」

「Then, lolicons, are very amazing?」

「That’s right! This is the world’s greatest fatih!」

At this time it is becoming rowdier and rowdier outside, like my word’s angered the crowd…

「This pervert is brainwashing again!」

「Not even sparing this foreign bishoujo!」

「Is it in the eyes of perverts there are only females who can be violated and females who can be brainwashed?」

「Trash! Scum of society! Arrest him!」

The infirmary sensei angrily drives away all of the students outside from the hallway, and then when she comes back the look she’s giving me isn’t that right either.

「This student, please don’t say these kinds of words in the infirmary. If I was a psychologist I would have a proper talk with you. Speaking of it, Ai-Sensei who changes shifts with me has a minor in psychology, if one day you have the need you can come here to find her.」

Even though I really want to refute that being a lolicon isn’t a mental illness, but a type of faith, but at this time it’s better if I shut my mouth.

When classes are about to start Shinmei Yuno is already feeling a lot better, and so she returns to the classroom with me. Along the way I ask her, since she has analysis paralysis, then isn’t her daily life a mess.

She tells me that in most cases there is someone taking care of her, and in the very few cases where she has to decide she just has to go with her feeling. After listening to her I was very curious about the “feeling” she mentioned, at this time I still didn’t know how terrible Shinmei Yuno’s “feeling” was.

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