AAIAALSS Chapter 13: This Will Definitely Be The Most Astounding Recital I’ll Hear In My Life

And so, school starts again. This anime is actually one of the few anime I would prefer to watch dubbed. I’ve never watched it, but I watched the same scene in dubbed and subbed and I preferred dubbed.

「Sigh, you’re here again Aoba.」

As a cashier who should be serving with a smiling face, Inamori-oneesan only pulls a long face towards me.

「Inamori-oneesan, if you’re always sighing you’ll age very fast.」

「There’s no need for a little brat like you who eats bentos everyday to worry!」

After paying for the bento and corn juice I heat it up in the convenience store’s microwave, and then suddenly think of something.

「Inamori-oneesan, this ticket’s for you.」

I take out two of the recital tickets Akiha-senpai gave me and give them to Inamori-oneesan, Inamori-oneesan takes them over in wonder.

「Recital tickets? Aren’t these very valuable? Is it okay for you to give me two at once Aoba?」

「It’s okay, it was someone else who gave me a lot anyways, and I can’t find anyone to give them to. If you and Manager have time then go listen.」

「I see, then I’ll accept them, thank you Aoba.」

「No problem, as long as you don’t stop me from buying bentos in the future then it’s fine.」

「That’s absolutely not okay! Aoba you can’t eat bentos everyday!」

「Okay… Okay…」

「Sigh.. Still so halfhearted.」

After heating up the bento I say goodbye to Inamori-oneesan. Returning home I first finish eating the heated up bento and then prepare to take a bath. Placing my change of clothes in the basket, I put on a towel and enter the bathroom. I think for a moment and first check inside the water, there is not a hiding Awayume inside, then I can relax.

I turn on the shower and start showering. I can once again immerse myself in fantasizing of the wonderful figure of lolis, but I return to my senses very soon.

Who put the water in the bath?

I suddenly feel something rough behind me rubbing against my back.

「Awayume, rub harder.」




「Sigh, it’s always this trick, where were you hiding just now Awayume?」

「To not be soaked dizzy like last time I hid behind the door curtain this time.」

「I see.」

This is clearly a very strange scene, but I feel used to it.

「That’s about enough Awayume, I’ll wash myself.」

「Then how about… You help my wash my back too…」

「Don’t wanna.」

「Why! Sob…」

「At any rate when I help you wipe your back you’ll run out due to being too embarrassed and then your towel will drop again, you’ll only be able to return to your room wearing my blouse and then wash it clean and then run to my room the second day wearing it and sitting on me calling me to get up.」

I finish saying in one breath the script that will happen next, making Awayume speechless. Only after a long while does she murmur.

「I will invent a new “Seduction Method”.」

Afterwards she tightly pulls her towel and walks out of the bathroom. She’s not bad, she knows to innovate, but is that the key point? My setting is clearly just a gloomy lolicon without any friends, exactly what happened for this riajuu-like scene to befall upon me!

After finishing bathing I am even more physically and mentally exhausted, at this time my cellphone rings.

Nanako-sensei 「I’m telling you pervert lolicon! I already talked to your dream lover!」

Seeing this news that Sena sent me I am a bit hesitant, I don’t know what I should do.

Nanako-sensei「Why aren’t you responding! I’ve even already asked her what her name is, I’m on a completely different level from a useless lolicon like you!」

Aoba Oku「Is that so.」

Nanako-sensei「Hm? So calm? This is the name of your dream lover, the name of the girl you’ve been thinking of for so many years!」

Aoba Oku「Wow! What’s her name.」

Nanako-sensei「So exaggerated, disgusting…」

Aoba Oku「Are you saying it or not.」

Nanako-sensei「Three orders of three scoop ice cream.」

Aoba Oku「One.」


Aoba Oku「I don’t want to know anymore.」

Nanako-sensei「Fine fine fine, what a stingy pervert lolicon! Her name is Shukuyuki, Yoruhisa Shukuyuki」

Yoruhisa… Shukuyuki.

Nanako-sensei「Honestly, not even is she pretty, even her name sounds nice. God favours her way too much!」

I smile lightly. She is indeed a girl who has obtained much of God’s love, as long as she wishes it there’s probably nobody who wouldn’t love her?

Aoba Oku「Thank you for telling me.」

Nanako-sensei「Remember you owe me an order of three scoop ice cream. Also, hurry up and finish drawing today’s illustration, remember the ecchiness! Ecchi! Ecchi!」

Aoba Oku「Do I really have to? Last time Shimura-sensei also told me the illustrations I draw are too revealing, it’s very hard for them to gain the recognition of the readers.」

Nanako-sensei「What! Shimura-sensei really said that? Then draw more reserved! Don’t be revealing at all!」

Of course he couldn’t have said that to me… But not revealing at all is no good, I can finally draw the absolute territory and half exposed pantsu that I like the most, this is the favourite of otakus.

Afterwards this illustration I draw does indeed get a very big reaction with rave reviews — “That Nanako-ojisan finally found his conscience!” “I know, right, letting him continue to ruin these lolis, even I can’t stand it anymore.” “Absolute territory saigo! Half exposed pantsu saigo!”

The second day, I give Kamina Eno and Awayume each a ticket from the tickets Akiha-senpai gave me, and I still have a bunch of tickets on me. They can probably only go to waste.

At the time of the recital in the afternoon, after school me and Kamina Eno go together to Awayume’s class to find her.


Not even arriving at her class door yet, she see’s me first and runs over, and then notices Kamina Eno beside me.

「She’s Classmate Kamina whom you forcefully demanded for her underwear?」

「How come the first thing you say is asking about this?」

「Because Classmate Kamina is honestly too easy to recognize!」

Awayume uses a very apologetic look and starts talking to Kamina Eno.

「Sorry Classmate Kamina! Even though I know Oku-kun didn’t actually do anything unruly to you, he definitely did a bunch of stupid things! Please forgive him.」

「Forgive… Don’t forgive?」

Kamina Eno looks at me who has to choose between being forgiven or not.

「Ignore Awayume, I didn’t even do anything!」

Awayume looks at me with a very displeased look, and then grabs Kamina Eno’s hand. She clearly used to be a girl who would blush even when seeing a stranger, how come now she can even hold her hand when they just met? Before changing me she changed herself first.

「Classmate Kamina, ignore this idiot, let’s go the the concert hall.」

「Go… Don’t go?」

I take the lead and start walking in front with two girls following behind me, could this be the feeling of a riajuu?

「Oku-kun, wrong way.」

… Awayume leads me and Kamina Eno to the concert hall,  after giving the tickets to the person at the door we enter the hall. After entering I’m shocked by the concert hall that is virtually fully packed, at this time Asakusa Murasaki-senpai suddenly walks in front of us.

「You’re finally here Lo-kun, we already saved spots for you guys.」


Awayume asks Asakusa-senpai puzzled.

「Ah, this is? Forget it, Lo-kun is my pet name for Aoba.」

「Pet my ass, you’re only calling me “Lo-kun” because you feel that it’s too tiring to say my full name and you’re against saying my name and you don’t want to confuse it with someone else’s name.」

(ゝω●)」(TL: This)

「… I’ll barf.」

「I feel like there’s a need to properly bring you to the student council room to have a talk, Classmate Aoba.」

「I’m sorry Senpai.」

Awayume watches puzzled at me and Asakusa-senpai mouthing off at each other. Even though I don’t understand, I feel like my relationship with her is not bad. How do I say it, tsukkomi is the ladder for human progress?

Overall we three follow Asakusa-senpai and walk to a row of seats very close to the front. There’s also a peculiar existence there — Amamiya Kotosuzu wearing a maid uniform.

「Senpai… Is she wearing the maid uniform like it’s the school uniform?」

「So what, is she not cute? Compared to the school uniform, students definitely hope more for her to be wearing a maid uniform.」

「I think you’re right. Oh right Senpai, why are there so many people here to see the recital, isn’t it Akiha-senpai’s recital?」

「Why would you ask this question? It’s because it’s his recital that so many people would come.」

At this time, Awayume at the side also asks me very puzzled.

「Oku-kun, do you not know how valuable the ticket you gave me is? This is Akiha-senapi’s first piano recital after returning to Japan!」


I don’t understand and Asakusa-senpai picks up Awayume’s words.

「Did I not tell you before that I made him join the God Chosen Club because the specialty of Akiha’s piana level caught my eye?」

「You never said that before! You told me the reason you pulled him in was because he’s the person who likes collecting female underwear the most in the entire school!」

「Was it like that?」

「It’s exactly like that! Then according to what you said, aren’t the other tickets I have left over a big waste?」

「You still have leftover tickets? How many?」

I pull out a bunch of crumpled tickets and show Senpai. Senpai looks and sighs.

「These tickets are at the very least enough for you to not work for three months.」


Before I start to cry about how much of a money waster I am, the audience lights in the concert hall turn dark and a fine young man walks out onto the stage. Senpai is wearing a white tuxedo, adding his specially done hairstyle he looks exceedingly handsome. I finally understand what’s with the aura I keep feeling from Senpai, this is his musical disposition.

He walks to the front of a grand piano and sits on the piano chair. Unbuttoning the very first button of the tuxedo, he adjusts the height of the piano chair and looks full of style.

He then stretches his fingers and takes something out from his pocket, Originally I thought it would be a handkerchief or something, because I’m pretty close I clearly see — That is a pair of blue and white patterned underwear with lace trim….

After taking out the underwear, Akiha-senpai uses his two hands to gently unfold it to the audience, and then… He suddenly sticks it to his nose and heavily sniffs it!

At this moment I think of in my head the words that Akiha-senpai said scarily to me that day in the God Chosen Club clubroom.

「Because this is my recital, and there I will also display to you true awareness.」

At that time I already felt that something was wrong, towards the awareness that Senpai spoke of I only felt goosebumps, it really is as I expected! Senpai, is your awareness sniffing female underwear in front of so many people!

The concert hall that clearly should be quiet starts to be in a bit of a commotion, this is quite rude to the recital, but this is also Senpai’s fault, this sort of action of his will obviously put the crowd in a commotion!

I look at the other people around me. Awayume is already stunned, Amamiya Kotosuzu and Asakusa Murasaki both have an expression of being used to it and Kamina Eno doesn’t care.

After sniffing the underwear for a long time, Senpai slowly lets go of it and his face reveals an intoxicated smile. I thought it would end like this, the fact is I’m too naive. Right when I think he’s about to start performing he actually places! The! Underwear! Over! His! Head!

The concert hall is about to explode at this time, okay? All kinds of criticism travel over from the restless crowd, all in all there is one key word.


This is actually Senpai’s awareness? Me admitting that I’m a lolicon in front of my entire class is practically pathetic! Senpai is placing female underwear over his head at his first recital back in Japan in front of so many audience members and well-known people who came here because of his reputation!

At this time, Senpai’s expression turns very serious. His fingers rapidly sweep the keyboard, light tones, heavy tones and all sorts of tones reverberate in the concert hall. The originally noisy concert hall instantly quiets down.

Senpai officially starts his solo. He made me understand true strength, different from his normal behaviour, when Senpai becomes serious he is like a king looking down on us.

I don’t understand piano pieces, but the sound of this piano easily tugs at my heartstrings. At times turbulent and dramatic, at times graceful and sweet. I am very familiar with the state Senpai enters when playing the piano, it was precisely with this state of ecstasy that I drew under the starry sky as a child. Entering into this sort of state requires a person or thing worthy of you investing all of your emotions. At that time I hoped to be able to draw for her exhausting all of my skill, and for Senpai it is — His love of underwear!

The piano music drifting in the air starts to become cheerful, in my ears it is like a 16 year old girl standing beside the spring stream and singing out loud, melodious and sonorous. This sort of cheerful atmosphere affects the audience in the concert hall, people’s faces brim with joy. But with a heavy note, the originally cheerful music starts to be heavy and sad, I involuntarily think of the scene that night of saying goodbye without even knowing her name.

The audience’s emotions are freely aroused by Senpai, he is the king.

Right now the underwear over Senpai’s head that originally looked very comical is yet now shining like a crown. This is Senpai’s strength, disregarding everything with himself at the center.

The sound of the piano seems to speed up the flow of time. No matter how unwilling, the recital still comes to its end. Senpai who finishes performing stands up straight, his indifferent gaze sweeps over his “subjects” and then his right hand gently takes off his “crown” from his head, placing it in front of his chest. He does a slight bow and ends this performance.

Only until Senpai completely leaves the stage do scattered applauses travel over, and then more and more audience members wake up with a start. The applause becomes louder and louder and after a few seconds it forms a sea.

Senpai made me understand that even if he’s a pervert it doesn’t matter at all! At least that adoration and craze in the eyes of the audience members around me won’t trick my eyes.

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