AAIAALSS Chapter 16: The God Chosen Club’s Training Camp Is Actually At My Hometown?

Some more of me bitching about how bad the grammar is. (Not so) Interesting fact: I only read this as I translate it, so I’m right there with you guys! 

After finishing my date with Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki, Yoruhisa Shikuyuki expresses that the date this time is very successful. Her little sister’s fear of me has already weakened a lot, another few dates and she’ll definitely start feeling closer to me.

I do indeed quite like Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki this little loli, if she can weaken her fear of males maybe me and her really can come in contact more.

But she is Yoruhisa Shikuyuki’s little sister, that girl who made me become a lolicon has now already grown up. I should just be thankful to fate for being able to meet her again, maybe it’s better to reminisce than to meet? In regards to seeing her again I don’t harbour simple excitement or joy and instead have even more different emotions. On one side, right now I am a lolicon with a noble belief, I shouldn’t still have any feelings towards her, but I am unable to convince myself to not think of her.

What I think of more is the her of the past.

I lie on the bed, Awayume is lying beside me.


「Why are you on my bed again, I thought we weren’t doing this anymore?」

「I didn’t do anything, originally I was just sitting in your room waiting for you to come back. Who knew that after you came back you were spacing out the whole time and in the end lied down, you didn’t notice me at all.」

「The premise is wrong to begin with, okay? Why are you in my room waiting for me.」

「I didn’t bring my room key and Landlady isn’t around either. I just happened to have your room key so I came in.」

「You actually didn’t even take your own key when going out and instead brought my home key?」

「I’m already used to regularly coming to your house, it feels really weird if I don’t bring your house key.」

「Even so you can’t forget to bring your own key! What are you prepared to do now?」

「I’ve already called Landlady, she says she can only come back tomorrow morning and that for today I should find a different place to stay. So I’ve already decided to sleep a night at your place here Oku-kun.」

「This matter is actually decided by you…」

I’m already in despair, sure enough the two homes are both Awayume’s private property?

「Oku-kun you… Don’t want me to?」

Awayume reveals a depressed expression, this is practically foul, okay? If this sort of thing happened in your house, could you have the heart to just kick out a girl like that?


「You’re a bully Oku-kun! I don’t care I’m staying here.」

「I knew it… I didn’t have a say from the start..」

「Oku-kun is the best!」

Awayume looks at me with a smile, I feel quite helpless.

「Then I’m going to take a bath first, don’t peak Oku-kun.」

「It’s not like I haven’t…」

Sensing Awayume’s murderous gaze of embarrassment I think it’s better to stop speaking.

Right now it’s still too early to go to bed and I also don’t have work to do, so I open the school forum’s website. Recently this is a place I regularly visit when I’m bored.

Ignoring those threads condemning me, a lot of threads posted today are threads of all the clubs looking for training camps. The majority of clubs do training camps at some places here in Tokyo, but a select few clubs go out of Tokyo to some remote countrysides for training camp. For example the Astronomy Club, Tokyo is not very suitable for their activities, them choosing a different place is better for their observation activities.

But training camps definitely have nothing to do with us, the God Chosen Club, who told us to be a club where we loiter around and get high credits.

「Oku-kun, is your club going to a training camp?」

Awayume who has already finished bathing changes into the clothes I lent her and sits beside me.

「How could that club of mine have one, I bet the Choir definitely has one.」

「Ya, we’re going to have our training camp near Kabuki Gekijo.」(TL: Some sort of Japanese theater place I think.)

「Will you guys also perform on stage?」

「I think there is indeed this activity on the last day of training camp, after all we’ve also rehearsed for a long time.」

…. The Choir is amazing, actually performing in such an amazing place, this God Chosen Club or whatever of ours is honestly too weak!

「Speaking of it, I’ve never seen the illustrations you draw online Oku-kun, let me see.」

「Whaaaat…. There’s nothing to see.」

Even though Awayume knows I’m a lolicon, if she sees all of the loli illustrations that I’ve drawn, especially those illustrations drawn according to Sena’s demand where the ecchiness is off the charts, she’ll definitely look at me with a weird look.

「Oku-kun is so mean, it’s not like it’ll hurt to let me see!」

「There really isn’t anything to see.」

Awayume suddenly leans against me and hugs my neck. I feel something soft stick to my back, if she didn’t use so much strength is would be even better.

「L… L… Let go! I’m going to die, I’m dying! I’ll show you I’ll show you!」

With my compromise I open the folder storing the illustrations I’ve drawn and open the latest illustration.

「Oku-kun’s drawing is so good! You clearly drew so well why don’t you want to show me? Isn’t it just drawing a couple of little lolis, I already know that Oku-kun is a stupid lolicon, what need is there to not let me see.」

Because I tricked Sena the illustrations I’ve drawn recently are all relatively conservative, that’s why she can still say so right now. When she starts going through the illustrations, I see her face turn redder and redder. Further back and she’s dug out all of those ecchiness off the charts illustrations from the past!

「Oku-kun… H.」(TL: H = Pervert.)

What the hell’s with this innocent little girl reaction of yours? The things you’ve done to me in the past are a hundred times more shameful than this!

「So you like girls being like this Oku-kun…」

「Not at all, this is all for work!」

「I don’t believe you, you’ve definitely fantasized about this sort of scene before Oku-kun, otherwise how could you draw it out.」

Okay, I admit that I’ve indeed fantasized about these scenes before, moreover the target was Sena… But I absolutely won’t admit that Sena is a little loli that I like!

Seeing me not speaking Awayume takes it for me admitting it in silence, afterwards she shakes her head. I think she made up her mind in the end after some battle in her heart.

「Then… Oku-kun, will you like me like this?」

She slowly unbuttons the top buttons of the blouse I gave her. Not wearing any undergarments, Awayume’s chest reveals a large amount of dizzying whiteness, her long slender legs are reclined against the ground and slightly arced up, skin whiter than snow makes people unable to avert their gaze. Softly biting her pink lips with a seductive look in her eyes, her pose is exactly the same as the character in the illustration on my computer. Facing this sort of Awayume, I…

「You don’t understand the essence of this illustration at all Awayume.」

I lie straight on the bed and close my eyes, preparing to sleep.

「You need to know that only little lolis with slimmer figures can perfectly reflect that beauty of being charming but not seductive. But from you what’s reflected more is seduction, that’s putting the cart before the horse.  I’m going to sleep first, when you go to sleep remember to turn off the lights.」

My words make Awayume speechless. She silently stands up, turning off the room light and also climbs onto the bed, and then…

She kicks me hard.

「Oku-kun is a big idiot!」

This night me and Awayume sleep peacefully together. When the next day arrives, Awayume who has changed into her original clothes heads out early in the morning and gets the spare key from Landlady, returning to her own room.

After I get up and casually deal with breakfast, Awayume is already ready to go and waiting to go to school with me, like what happened yesterday never even happened.

Arriving at school and returning to my class, it’s still a morning of me by myself with no one saying hello. Maybe someone will ask, me and Kamina Eno clearly could be considered to have a pretty good relationship, how come we’ve never said hello before in the morning. The reason is very obvious, she doesn’t know whether to choose to say hello to me or not.

What happens everyday is probably like a galgame for her, life is filled with choices everywhere. Think about it, letting a person with analysis paralysis live a life like a galgame is already hard enough, of course I can’t add more choices for her.

So for the most part I sit in the classroom by myself spacing out everyday. If there are “isolated people” with the same experience as me, you’ll definitely be able to personally experience that at this sort of time you will very naturally hear the chatter of all of the little groups in the class.

「Our Kendo Club is having training camp beside Sensoji Temple, when we come back I’ll bring some souvenirs for you guys.」

「Nice, you guys are so close, we’re leaving Tokyo.」

「Woah! I’m actually so jealous that you guys get to leave Tokyo for training camp.」


Sure enough during Training Camp Week all of the students will talk about this. At this high school with a hard rule for students to join a club, besides a few clubs without training camps, the majority of students will go out on Training Camp Week while the other students who don’t go will stay at home studying. Honestly I’m actually pretty content that I can stay at home.

The lessons today aren’t actually that important, self-study accounts for a lot of lessons, because both students and teachers all have to go prepare for matters related to the training camps. At lunchtime I go to the God Chosen Club’s clubroom and prepare to start working, but the God Chosen Club that is usually very quiet is surprisingly noisy today. Even from outside I can hear the arguing inside.

「The topic is obviously examining the material selection and style design of female underwear!」

Hehe, hearing this key term I know that it’s definitely Ahkiha-senpai speaking.

「Huh? You pervert, I put up with you all the time and now you even want to deny the topic I chose? I’m the president of the God Chosen Club, okay! The topic is absolutely “Researching the Gift of God”!」

It’s rare to see Asakusa-senpai arguing with Akiha-senpai.

「This baffling topic of yours is way too abstract okay! We have to do research with our feet on the ground! Moreover, if we’re talking about this then female underwear is your so-called “Gift of God”!」

「That stuff of yours doesn’t match our God Chosen Club’s area of research at all! Moreover probably only you would research underwear!」

「Dont… Don’t fight anymore.」

Amamiya Kotosuzu says weakly, trying to stop the two people who are fighting. But at this moment they are in a heated argument and they completely ignore Amamiya Kotosuzu.

「Sob… Sob sob sob… Sure enough… Sure enough a person like me can’t even stop a fight! Sob sob sob sob sob!」

「Can do.」

I think it’s Kamina Eno’s voice, when did she come? But hearing her words Amamiya Kotosuzu stops for a bit.

「Can’t do?」

I knew it! I knew you couldn’t make Amamiya Kotosuzu stop crying so easily, Amamiya Kotosuzu immediately starts crying her eyes out again. I slam open the door causing them to look towards me.

「I heard you guys arguing from outside, may I ask what you guys are arguing over?」

「Of course it’s about the research topic of the training camp.」

Asakusa-senpai’s words make me surprised.

「A useless club like us actually also has a training camp?」

「As a member of the God Chosen Club you actually speak of your own club like so? We’re the club with the highest credits in the entire school, of course we’ve got to participate in a training camp!」

「So, right now you guys are arguing over the so-called training camp topic? The only activity of this club of ours is loitering around, you might as well just write “Researching how to loiter around even more degenerately”.」

「Do you think this sort of reason will be passed? Even if I’m the Student Council President I can’t use this sort of reason to go apply for a training camp and have it go through!」

「That’s what I’m saying! As long as we write “Researching styles and materials of female underwear” then it’ll be okay, right?」

Akiha-senpai is still maintaining his view, attracting Asakusa-senpai’s glare.

「Senpai, only yours is completely impossible. If we write this sort of thing, don’t mention if we can attend a training camp, even the existential value of this club itself will be denied by the school, even though this club itself does indeed not have any value to exist.」

「But it’s clearly only female underwear that can be called the “Gift of God”! What meaning does a world without female underwear have to exist!」

I am already very clear about Senpai’s awareness. Even though his target is different from mine, like me we both think that without our object of love, this world has no meaning. Sure enough this senpai is very amazing!

「We can completely ignore the opinions of you and Lo-kun, in any case it’s just that one wants to research female underwear and the other wants to research the female body.」

「Don’t spout nonsense Asakusa-senpai! I’m a lolicon with protecting lolis as my purpose, how could I do that sort of thing to them!」

「Huh? Even though it’s only a matter of time before you step on this path, I just don’t want you to awaken in this training camp.」

「I won’t awaken! This sort of thing absolutely won’t awaken!」

Asakusa-senpai looks towards Amamiya Kotosuzu who was just crying and Kamina Eno who still has a blank face.

「What topic do you two think would be better?」

「I… I think… Something that can help other people more… Is better.」

Ah, Amamiya Kotosuzu really is an angel. Even though she cries easily, but wearing a maid uniform she’s already completely understood the heart of service!

「Helping others? Then what do you think is good Classmate Kamina.」





Asakusa-senpai is at a complete loss, you shouldn’t have included her as a fighting force from the very start.

「Actually, if you want to make a topic that can be passed and also add in the characteristic of the God Chosen Club, the topic of “Researching the relationship between folk theology and the people’s livelihood” should do it.」

After thinking for a moment I say a topic, attracting the strange looks of everyone.

「Your topic… Actually… Doesn’t have little lolis?」

Asakusa-senpai is so surprised that her eyes are wide open.

「I always thought you would say a topic like “Researching the body structure and underwear style of little lolis”.」

Akhia-senpai is also in disbelief.

「Wait a sec, that theoretical topic of yours just now still has your own personal interest mixed within!」

Is there a need to be so surprised about this sort of thing. I am indeed a lolicon, but I couldn’t connect everything with little lolis right?

「Forget it, Lo-kun’s topic is not bad, we’ll choose this one then. Then today’s discussion ends here.」

「It’s over? We haven’t even chosen where to go for training camp right?」

「We already decided, you didn’t know?」

「I just came how could I know!」

「Lo-kun really is a bother, in any case it’s just you alone right now, even if you have an objection it won’t be changed.」

「Honestly I don’t care where we go, it’s mainly that you guys deciding on your own without asking for my opinion at all makes me very displeased.」

「We’re going to Kandatsu.」(TL: The Chinese name of the place is 神立县, I don’t believe this place exists.)




「I object! Isn’t this my hometown? I’m actually going back home for training camp?」

Kandatsu is where me and Awayume grew up together, to think that the training camp would actually be chosen to be there.

「Overruled, I specifically chose this prefecture because I saw it has “God” in its name.」

「Doesn’t Kanagawa also have God? Moreover it’s a lot more developed than my place!」

「It’s exactly because your place is completely undeveloped that we chose there. Have you ever seen gods descend in a big city, isn’t it all in backwater places.」

「My hometown may be underdeveloped but it’s not to the point of being a backwater place!」

「Overall it’s already been decided that we’re going there. To think that it’s even Lo-kun’s hometown, then when the time comes you’ll have to take good care of us.」

Asakusa-senpai slaps that table and rises.

「Okay! Then meet up tomorrow morning at the clubroom, we’ll go together to Lo-kun’s hometown for training camp!」

「There’s something wrong with your words! It should be going to training camp for the research topic!」

「It’s all the same.」

Asakusa-senpai spreads her hands. I take a look at everybody’s “It’s actually Aoba’s hometown I’m looking forward to it even more” expression, I knew this thing was already finalized, I can only choose to accept it.

Although… Like this I can see my little sister Utsukushi-chan again, I think of her crying face when we parted.

Utsukushi-chan, big brother is coming back!

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