AAIAALSS Chapter 17: I’m Not A Siscon, Even If I Am I’m A Lolicon Siscon

The great and mighty belief
This is a haiku

After coming back from school, I go to the convenience store to buy a bento as usual.

「Aoba, you know what I want to say right now, right? If possible I even want to shut you outside!」

「Inamori-oneesan, this isn’t what an employee should say at all to a customer.」

「But I’ve also never seen before a customer whom as long as it’s a school day, will definitely patronize our store after school and choose a bento for dinner.」

「I really have a love of your bentos here.」

「Your body can’t bear this love.」

「… Inamori-san’s tsukkomi skills have grown perceptibly.」

「Whose fault do you think it is?」

While heating up my bento, me and Inamori-oneesan throw tsukkomis at each other.

「Although speaking of it, starting from tomorrow I won’t be able to come to the convenience store after school for a number of days in a row.」

「It’s because of training camp right?」

「You know too Inamori-oneesan, moreover my club is going to my hometown for training camp. When I come back I’ll bring souvenirs for you Inamori-oneesan.」

「I don’t need you to be bothered with that, just go have fun at training camp. You haven’t gone home for so long, you family must be very worried about you. If they know that you live everyday off of bentos they definitely won’t forgive you.」

「How did we come back to bentos…」

After heating up the bento, I say goodbye to Inamori-oneesan and go home, eating the bento while it’s still hot. Afterwards because I’ve got to go to training camp the next day, I first explain the situation to Sena, telling her that there’s a lot of days of work I’ll have to owe her. She says after I come back I have to make up for all of it and also bring back souvenirs for her. Right when I put down my cell phone it rings again, it’s a text.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「I want to schedule the new date Thursday after school.」

Aoba Oku「Sorry, these couple of days the school is having training camps and my club just so happens to be going over to my hometown for training camp. It’s too far away I can’t come over for the date.」

If the training camp location was in Tokyo, I would definitely ask for leave and come over. But since it’s so far away I can’t do anything. I don’t know that after I send the text over, Yoruhisa Shikuyuki almost sends over the text “Going as far as Kandatsu?” that she has typed in already.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki「I understand, then let’s schedule a time next time.」

Aoba Oku「Okay, so sorry.」

I don’t know either why I’m apologizing, but I keep feeling regretful not being able to help her. Afterwards she doesn’t respond to me either.

The room door is opened and Awayume walks in with my room key as usual.

「You didn’t forget to bring your key this time right.」

「This sort of thing wouldn’t happen everyday! Oku-kun, I’m leaving tomorrow, you’ve got to take care of yourself by yourself.」

「Please don’t say it like you’re always taking care of me, okay? Moreover I’m also going to training camp tomorrow.」

「Didn’t you say your club doesn’t have a training camp Oku-kun?」

「Who knows why they suddenly formed a training camp, no matter what our club president is the Student Council President.」

「Having such a president is so nice…」

With Asakusa-senpai there are indeed a lot of things that are very convenient. Among other things, just the club fees applied for the training camp this time is already frighteningly high. It’s entirely enough for us five to have a good time at Kandatsu… Speaking of it, it hasn’t even started yet, how come I’ve already defined it as going to play?

「We’re going to Kandatsu for training camp this time.」

「What! You guys are actually going back home to Kandatsu! I’m so jealous!」

「What is there to be jealous about, when we get there they’ll definitely come bug me all the time.」

「The relationship between the members in your club seems to be very good, but Utsukushi-chan will definitely be very happy knowing that you’re going back!」


I’m also very happy that I can see Utsukushi-chan again. She’s a model loli little sister, unfortunately after the addition of the two words “little sister” I can only silently wish her happiness from a distance.

「Before I was alway thinking whether Oku-kun would fall in love with Utsukushi-chan, after all she is a little loli, moreover she’s also outrageously cute. If possible I really want Utsukushi-chan to be my little sister!」

「Even though she’s a little loli, as long as she’s got the title of “Little Sister” I can’t do anything. Furthermore, I absolutely won’t give her to you to be your little sister!」

「Muu… Oku-kun is so stingy.」

「This isn’t a matter of being stingy or not, what do I do if you lead her astray?」

「I wouldn’t do that!」

I once again make Awayume storm away in anger. I’m not going to hand my little sister over to her, I should say I won’t hand her over to anybody. Who told her to be such a cute Utsukushi-chan.

The next day I wake up bright and early. I pack a lot of things and don’t go to school together with Awayume, instead I first go to an accessories shop and choose a nice-looking bracelet. I’m going to give it to Utsukushi-chan whom I haven’t seen for a long time.

「Aoba! Why are you in an accessories shop? Could it be you’re buying something for the girl you like?」

「Inamori-oneesan… How come you’re a salesclerk at this accessories shop, aren’t you working at the convenience store?」

Coming to the accessories shop early in the morning I discover that the salesclerk is actually Inamori-oneesan.

「I’m an independant female university student, I’ve got to earn all of my living expenses and school fees. Of course I would work a couple more jobs.」

「It seems very amazing…」

「Of course! Speaking of it what are you buying, it’s for a girl right!」

「It is for a girl, although that person is my little sister.」

「What a good big brother Aoba.」

「Since you’re also here Inamori-oneesan, then why don’t you help me pick. I’m picking a bracelet for my little sister.」

「Okay! I’ll definitely make your little sister satisfied.」

With Inamori-oneesan’s help, I buy a bracelet a girl will probably like. Don’t ask me why I’m using probably, it’s not like I know how girl’s think…

Inamori-oneesan helps me package the bracelet in a beautiful packaging. After paying I say goodbye to Inamori-oneesan and arrive at the school clubroom. Besides me everyone else is already here.

「You’re way too slow Lo-kun, any later and we were about to leave!」

「I had some business in the morning, anyhow it’s basically time now.」

I look at everyone’s clothes, the majority are still wearing the school uniform, only Amamiya Kotosuzu…

「Are you guys prepared to let her board the train wearing a maid uniform? There will be a crowd okay!」

「Now that you’ve said that you’re indeed right, then we can only have her wear the school uniform first.」

Afterwards me and Akiha-senpai are temporarily kicked out of the clubroom. Changing into the normal school uniform, Amamiya Kotosuzu changes from a cute maid to a cute innocent high school girl.

「Amamiya, here, let me carry your luggage for you.」

Beside me, Akhia-senpai suddenly becomes refined and courteous, like a gentleman he tries to take over Amamiya Kotosuzu’s luggage from her hands. But on the way he is stopped by Asakusa-senpai murderous gaze.

「If you dare to touch the underwear of the girl’s on this trip I’ll make you stay in Kandatsu forever.」

… I can hear that Senpai’s tone is serious. If Akiha-senpai dares to do anything, when I come back home in the future I can also bring him a bunch of flowers while I’m at it.

We five leave from the school take the bus to the bullet train station, then we ride the bullet train going to Kandatsu.

「Senpai, I want to know what the main activity is for our trip to Kandatsu this time.」

「Of course it’s going everywhere to search for the sites of gods.」


「First we’re going to the reserved hot spring in to search for the God of Baths.」

「Isn’t that just going to soak in a hot spring!」

「You don’t understand Lo-kun, only by cleansing yourself with the most sincere heart will the God of Baths manifest.」

「Enough! I’ve lived in Kandatsu for so long and I’ve never heard of some God of Baths!」

「… I actually forgot this point, I said this to everyone else.」

I look towards the other three people. They all nod their heads in much approval and think that they’re really looking for some God of Baths.

「I also want to ask Miss Goddess to lend her underwear to me, I’ll definitely treat it like a family treasure and have it worshipped for generations!」

Akhia-senpai seems to have a very clear goal.

「Even if there really is a god, you doing that is completely defiling her! Moreover it’s one thing that you’re a pervert who likes collecting female underwear, you actually even want your descendants to also be perverts who worship underwear?」

Speaking of underwear, I suddenly think of something.

「Miss Kamina, you’re… wearing it today…. right?」

「Wearing… Not wearing?」

「How should I know! She’s all yours Asakusa-senpai! You have to check if she’s wearing underwear!」

「Of course I won’t refuse such a good thing!」

Asakusa-senpai seems to be about to drool even, is it really okay to hand it over to her?

After travelling for five hours the train finally arrives at my hometown — Kandatsu.

「We’re finally here! This place doesn’t look that bad.」

「I already said, this place may not be able to compare to Kanagawa, but it’s not a backwater place either.」

「Okay, then let’s head out to the reserved hot spring inn and search for the site of God!」

「You can just directly say we’re going to play.」

「Hurry up and lead the way Native, where is this Tamaki Hot Spring.」

Hearing Tamaki Hot Spring Inn I am shocked again.

「You’re saying Tamaki Hot Spring Inn?」

「Yup, do you actually not know where it is?」

「No… It’s not that I don’t know, it’s that I know too well, that place is only a ten minute distance away from my home here.」

「So we can also go pay a visit to your home while we’re at it!」

「If I knew earlier I wouldn’t have said it… Forget it, I also made a call to my parents earlier saying that for my training camp I’ll be returning to Kandatsu.」

I knew before that Senpai and the others definitely wouldn’t let go of the chance to visit my home, but to think that the hot spring inn we’re staying at is actually so close.

I take them and switch trams and then take the bus to the bus stop near my home. In the end we arrive at the door of a hot spring inn that looks old and simple. This place is Tamaki that is near my home, in the past I regularly came here to soak in the hot springs with my family.

「Ah! Isn’t this Oku-kun?」

Just entering inside we encounter the innkeeper Itama-obaasan.

「Long time no see Itama-obaasan.」

「It really has been a long time, aren’t you going to school in Tokyo? How come you’re here today.」

「It’s because this time the training camp for my school club just so happens to be chosen to be here. They’re also my peers and senpais of the club.」

I point towards Asakusa-senpai and the others, they also give their greetings.

「So the guest reservations from Tokyo are you guys, what a coincidence.」

Itama-obaasan looks very happy. There’s actually a familiar person amongst guests from so far away, this is indeed very coincidental.

「Then I’ll trouble you to settle them down Itama-obaasan, I want to go home to take a look first.」

「No problem, it’s rare for you to come back child, your little sister Utsukushi-chan is probably about to cry out of joy.」

With Itama-obaasan’s lead they arrive at their own rooms. Currently we’re split into two rooms, me and Akhia-senpai one room, the three girls one room. After troubling Akhia-senpai to help me bring my luggage to the room I leave Tamaki.

Looking at the familiar yet unfamiliar streets I am filled with emotion. Before when I was going to middle school in Kandatsu I didn’t know so many people like in high school right now. At that time my life could have been summarized using two points and a line, in my daily life without any ups or downs only two people brought a bit of warmth to me. One was Awayume, and the other was my little sister Aoba Utsukushi.

In middle school, even though I didn’t come out and say I’m a lolicon like in high school, me who never communicated with anyone would still be criticized in private.

Gloomy boy.

This was the impression the majority of students had of me. I had virtually no friends, didn’t join clubs, didn’t participate in class activities, stayed at home on the weekends and didn’t even initiate any conversations. From their perspective I was just an otaku without any social ability. And yet I’m different from how they think of me. I don’t lack any social skills and never feel inferior, you can say that while they still had shadows of chuunibyou, I had already caught konibyou. (TL: Konibyou = Second year high school syndrome, no clue what it means. )

I have always had a wish, to be able to say even more beautiful words when I meet her in the future and make up for the regret of being unable to use words to describe her when I first met her as a child. I chose to talk with even more internet friends online, and in real life, Utsukushi-chan and Awayume also brought to me even more realism.

In the eyes of others I don’t have any of the character flaws I should have. If you have to say, it’s just that the me of middle school caught konibyou too early, I only felt that their actions of isolating me were childish.

It was with such a strange personality that I spent what looked to be a lonely three years of middle school.

While I was remembering the past, 10 minutes had unknowingly already passed by. From far away I can already see that building called “home”.

Walking to the door and knocking on it, after a bit I hear footsteps behind the door. When the door is opened I see Utsukushi-chan who is wearing a ponytail, anybody who saw her would praise her cuteness. Already in her third year of middle school this year, her height is not even 155 cm, her baby face is filled with shock, as thought very surprised by my arrival.

「Big… Brother?」


「Big Brother…」


「Big Brother!」


Utsukushi-chan’s face is instantly filled with a grievance that makes my heart ache, overcome by emotion I bend down hugging her. Not seeing her for so long this really is my first time hugging her after she’s grown so big. Without me, Utusukushi-chan who basically stuck together with me everyday must have been very lonely.

「Utsukushi-chan, don’t cry.」

「Okay, I won’t cry…」

Utsukushi-chan’s arms hug my neck and she buries her face on my shoulder. Even though she says she won’t cry, I still feel a slight warmth on my shoulder. Maybe asking her to not cry is too difficult for her.


「Big Brother, don’t speak first, just… Just wait a bit more.」

Within my arms Utsukushi-chan’s body gradually stops shaking, but the amount of strength she’s using to hug me increases a bit more.

「Will Big Brother… Still leave this time?」

Even though Utuskushi-chan’s voice is very sad, I don’t want to trick her.

「Ya, I’m just here for a few days and then I still have to go back to Tokyo.」

「…Sure enough.」


Me and Utsukushi-chan hug each other, feeling the warmth of being reunited after a long absence.

「What a touching scene of a brother and sister being reunited.」

「Ya, super touching! If you take a photo of this scene you could even draw an illustration for a siscon light novel!」

「To think that Kouhai also has a little sister, moreover she looks super cute, I just wonder if I can borrow…」

「If you dare to say the rest I’ll let you go see the God of Baths first right away.」


It’s Asakusa-senpai’s and Akiha-senpais’ voices, I helplessly hug Utsukushi-chan and look at the four people who followed me over.

「Why’d you guys follow me all the way here instead of staying in the inn?」

「If we didn’t follow over we’d have missed such a touching scene!」

Asakusa-senpai chuckles, her face is filled with a complacent expression of “Operation Successful”.

「Speaking of it Kouhai, not only are you a lolicon, you’re even a siscon too, even though your little sister is also a little loli.」

「Who says I’m a siscon! I’m a lolicon with a noble faith!」

At this time Utsukushi-chan who is in my embrace pulls hard at my sleeves, biting her lip and on the verge of crying.

「Big Brother… Doesn’t like me?」

「Of course I like Utsukushi-chan… But this is different from the “siscon” they’re talking about.」

「What’s the difference, you’re clearly a siscon!」

「Stop talking you underwear thief who steal his own little sister’s underwear!」

「Aoba, siscon?」

「Please don’t get involved Kamina…」

「That little sister-chan over there, your big brother doesn’t seem to be willing to admit he loves you.」

Enough Asakusa-senpai!

「Big Brother, doesn’t love me.」

「Don’t use a definite tone! Of course I love Utsukushi-chan.」

「Then aren’t you admitting you’re a lolicon?」

「Sure enough you’ll also have fantasies towards your little sister’s underwear Aoba-kouhai.」

「No I wouldn’t!」

「That little sister-chan over there, you’re big brother really seems to not love you.」

Asakusa-senpai adds more fuel to the fire and Utsukushi-chan’s expression becomes even sadder.

「Ah! Enough! I’m a siscon! I’m a lolicon who is also a siscon all right! Who told Utsukushi-chan to also be a little loli that I like the most!」

Asakusa-senpai and Akhia-senpai cast gazes of respect towards me.

「This is my first time seeing someone who would admit that he’s a siscon in front of his own little sister.」

「I only have the same thoughts as him when I’m borrowing my little sister’s underwear…」

「Aoba, lolicon, siscon.」

Kamina Eno makes the final judgement, Utsukushi-chan reveals a smile of happiness, and I…

Really am a siscon who likes little lolis?

What can I do, it’s not my fault that my little sister is just this cute!

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