Song: Darabungba

Original version

This is a Chinese vocaloid song, the light blue and green are two different vocaloid singers, the dark blue is them singing together.The original creator of the song asked that for any covers, the names of the characters and the city be replaced with their own creations. In the cover I linked the names are:
Hero: Dashing Suave Beijing Bar Pimp Lord Nan Menghua
Dragon: Village Head Bully Crossdressing Futa Cartoon Dog Balls Dragon
Mispronounced Dragon: Mouthful Of Buck Teeth Like A Watermelon Fire Breathing Roly-Poly
Princess: Luna Beautiful As A Flower Hentai Red Sweet Basil Tea
City: Wash Head Upstream Filled With Greenery Spring In The Air City

A long long time ago, a dragon suddenly appeared

Bringing disaster, taking away the princess and disappearing
The kingdom was in grave danger, who was the bravest in the world
A hero rushed over, loudly shouting
I will carry the best sword
Climb over the tallest mountain, rush into the deepest forest
And bring the princess back in front of you
The king was very happy, quickly asking for his name
The young man thought for a moment, he said Your Majesty my name is
One more time
Is it Darabungbabandbettybudoberuon
Yes yes, Darabungbabandbettybudoberuon

Hero Darabungba, rode the fastest horse
Carrying everybody’s hope, departing from the castle
Defeated a monster attack, got 12 gold
With the witness of countless wounds, he slowly leveled-up
A beautiful remote village, opening all the chests
Accompanied by hardship on his journey, the holy moonlight guiding his path
Charging into a cave, the princess and scary dragon
The hero pulled out his sword, the dragon said
I am Kuntkootkatykowtsuwasealathon
One more time
Is it
Gwent Card Violin Baked Egg Tart Soda Marathon (Similar sounding words, translation)
No it’s Kuntkootkatykowtsuwasealathon

And so Darabungbabandbettybudoberuon
Slashed at Kuntkootkatykowtsuwasealathon
And then Kuntkootkatykowtsuwasealathon
Bit Darabungbabandbettybudoberuon
In the end Darabungbabandbettybudoberuon
He defeated Kuntkootkatykowtsuwasealathon
Saved the princess Miamorashenadannyxielihong
Returned to Mungdarocksisbogbeachballet City
Hearing that Darabungbabandbettybudoberuon
He defeated Kuntkootkatykowtsuwasealathon
The king married Miamorashenadannysielihong
To Darabungbabandbettybudoberuon

Darabungba, Prince Mia, lived happily like a fairy tale
They gave birth a child, who also gradually grew older everyday
To avoid trouble in the future, the child was names Wang Haoren (Homonym for good person)
His full name is very hard to read, I don’t want to say it

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