Almanac of Knowledge

Shura’s Wrath Glossary

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  1. Prometheus says:

    Dragon Proud Sky is pretty much how I feel right now about most of the currently translated xianxia novels. And man, is it quite annoying, reading pretty much the same type of cheat character again and again. Its also the reason why I especially love the stories that don’t do this type of character.
    90% of all currently translated xianxia is like this. The only few that aren’t, are pretty much Xian Ni (So far) and Ze Tian Ji (So far) and ISSTH (So far). No harems. No too special, they lose most of their battles (Except ISSTH), or can’t even fight at all, aren’t super cool, aren’t handsome, and except ISSTH, don’t have the (covet other’s treasures things), and especially does not have any fucking retarded harems, which is probably the worst thing of all. (except raping girls, and glorifying it *cough* ATG, MGA *cough*).

    I guess that is why Ze Tian Ji is my favorite one. Its relatively different, with a unique training method and unique goal. I mean, the main character is super weak, but smart, with 100+ chapters in, and still hasn’t even gotten powerful yet, and needs a girl to protect him, but has 0 romantic feelings for said girl (even though its the one time where I would want them to get together), and his main goal is simply to go into a library so far (and not die, which is unique). Everyone else just wants to get strong, get revenge, survive in an unrealistically violent world, become the best. This guy just wants to not die from a genetic disorder.

    Freak, he doesn’t even try to fight, and solves everything mostly with talking his way through, or using his brain, which most xian xia’s don’t.

    I’m posting this here, because there is no where else to rant.


    • Most translated xianxia only have some of DPS traits, for example even MC in MGA (one of the closest to this cliche novel) don’t have cheat item or flute and he is even not from our world. 😀
      You hate rape and harem most likely because you live in the radfem USA society and have twisted morals from which you concluded that killing bad man is not so bad as raping bad woman (LOL). And yes, harem is a fantasy of any man with normal sexuality, so in this you a one strange. But if you want deep romantic relationship, then you need to read japanese visual novels, not xianxia, because even best examples of romantic in latter can’t be even close to best examples in former.


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