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AAIAALSS Chapter 18-24 Update and Discussion Post Chapter 18: Could this also be considered a “mixed bath” Chapter 19: Darling, it’s my turn today Chapter 20: The Two People Voicing Their Hearts Under The Starry Sky Chapter 21: Don’t Be Afraid Little Girl, Big Brother Is … Continue reading

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AAIAALSS Chapter 17: I’m Not A Siscon, Even If I Am I’m A Lolicon Siscon

Loliconism The great and mighty belief This is a haiku

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AAIAALSS Chapter 16: The God Chosen Club’s Training Camp Is Actually At My Hometown?

Some more of me bitching about how bad the grammar is. (Not so) Interesting fact: I only read this as I translate it, so I’m right there with you guys! 

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AAIAALSS Chapter 15: The Strongest Dating Guide In The World Is The Date’s Older Sister

Let it be learned, the best wingman is not your best friend, it is your target’s older sister… Younger sister too maybe… Father?

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AAIAALSS Chapter 14: The Older Sister Wants Me to Capture The Little Sister

Chinese words of wisdom, if you don’t want people to know, don’t do it. That’s right, I know, I know exactly what you did, and I never forget… You may think I’m bluffing, but let if be known that that … Continue reading

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AAIAALSS Chapter 13: This Will Definitely Be The Most Astounding Recital I’ll Hear In My Life

And so, school starts again. This anime is actually one of the few anime I would prefer to watch dubbed. I’ve never watched it, but I watched the same scene in dubbed and subbed and I preferred dubbed.

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AAIAALSS Chapter 12: Is There Really Only A Thin Line Between Lolicon And Pervert?

I need a picture… Of a cute little mermaid girl… Zooming around on a ball of water… Like Aang from Avatar… Don’t ask why… Oh, and Happy New Year!!!

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