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SW Chapter 88: Red-Eyed Lizard

I read a theory for Harry Potter saying that Dumbledore was behind all of the events in Harry Potter. Not that he’s the mastermind behind them, but he knew and allowed them all to happen and secretly guided Harry. In … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 87: Cloud Trotting Horse

Man, this chapter makes no sense to me. What has to be going through your head to decide to go solo a LV80-100 or above super nightmare impossible difficulty level dungeon at LV11 where dying or failure to complete the … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 86: Looking for Black Flame Grass

Man, I swear to god, half of Ling Chen’s dialogue is “…”, I don’t know why but it’s really pissing me off. Also, as translation time has decreased drastically for me, I think it’s best for me to focus on … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 85: Ruo Ruo Loves Chen

Cheeeeeeeese… Yeah I have nothing to say. But cheese is very delicious.

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Chapter 84: The Truth of the 13223 Drug


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SW Chapter 83: War God’s Sword

Yeah, so you guys probably see that donate page on the menu bar. I’ve changed my mind and decided to accept donations again. I know what you guys are thinking, but I am only human. Donations are just for if … Continue reading

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SW Chapter 82: Shura Emperor Sword Broken Piece

Warning, content in here that could potentially lead to 18+ content if you search for it. Viewer discretion is not really advised. And yeah I accidentally posted this again. Who knew pressing enter would do that. I need to learn … Continue reading

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