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TSS Chapter 4: Crushing All Balls Seen

The title of this chapter makes me feel the pain.

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TSS Chapter 3: The Most Terrifying Martial Art In The World

I wanted to say something, but just like how this thought quietly came, it also quietly left. I hate this feeling… Obligatory complain about grammar.

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TSS Chapter 2: Come Hit Me You Trash

I tried putting the inner thoughts of the MC in italics per a previous suggestion. Might or might not continue doing this.

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The Strongest System

Kung hei fat choi!!!

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League of Legends: 700 Years Later

Merry Christmas, Jesus loves us, Jesus loves you, Jesus loves me. Jesus is always listening, Jesus cares, Jesus will return.

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AC Chapter 7: Girl, Your King is Here

Should be studying…

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AC Chapter 6: Hurry Up and Sign a Contract with This King

Just discovered 3d music. Use headphones, or your surround sound system.

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AC Chapter 5: Can I Call You Big Brother

Chapter 4 of this chapter is the first time a chapter I’ve posted has never gotten a comment, but foolish humans, that will not stop This Translator from translating more chapters!!! 

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AC Chapter 4: Hero! Hero! Hero!

Is it just me, or is the anime/manga community bigger/more active with the Hispanic community. I find when I search up anime/manga related stuff, a lot of it is in Spanish. Or maybe it just stands out a lot from all … Continue reading

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AC Chapter 3: Have You Experienced Despair

I spend too much time trying to fill this space…

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