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AC Chapter 5: Can I Call You Big Brother

Chapter 4 of this chapter is the first time a chapter I’ve posted has never gotten a comment, but foolish humans, that will not stop This Translator from translating more chapters!!!  Advertisements

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AC Chapter 4: Hero! Hero! Hero!

Is it just me, or is the anime/manga community bigger/more active with the Hispanic community. I find when I search up anime/manga related stuff, a lot of it is in Spanish. Or maybe it just stands out a lot from all … Continue reading

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AC Chapter 3: Have You Experienced Despair

I spend too much time trying to fill this space…

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AC Chapter 2: If Despair Had A Colour

All Hail Pikachu!!!

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Absolute Choice

Studying for exams. Not to be mistaken with the Japanese lightnovel/anime. But yes, he does have an Absolute Choice system.

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Side Project Poll

  Aaaaand, it’s over. The poll is over and the results are in. It’s quite unfortunate that Lolicon didn’t win, I even put my vote on it, but such is the will of the people. And in the end The … Continue reading

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Accel World

No… not that Accel World. It’s a teaser, I say the same thing for every teaser, so you guys can just go check out my comments in previous teasers if you’re curious about what would have been here. Although, teaser’s … Continue reading

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