Q: You have no reader’s, what’s up with the FAQ?
A: Because in the future when I have lots and lots of readers my superior intellect will have already predicted and listed all questions.

Q: Why do you keep jumping from past and present tense?
A: Because I no speaky engrish. Actually the story is written present time (99% sure) and I generally write in past tense which is why I switch between tenses. It doesn’t affect the story so… DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Q: How many chapters does HN1F have?
A: Get ready for it… OVER 1484!!!!!!!! 1485 to be exact.

Q: Are you ever going to drop it?
A: Maybe.

Q: Will you translate other books?
A: I’ll be doing a poll. Read the note at the side of the web page.

Q: Can I help with translations?
A: No… But thank you.

Q: How can I support the author?
A: Well, you could… um… buy the books? Though it’d probably be easier to just throw cash at him. It’s pretty easy these days to find where a person lives with facebook (weibo) and the internet. What, you thought I meant send him money? Clearly you’ve never received a restraining order honorary citizen medal.

Q: So when are releasing the next chapter?
A: Never! And if you ask one more time I will find you, walk/bike/bus/drive/fly to your house/apartment/condo/villa/school/box and drown you… in my kindness. TEE HEE. I have absolutely no schedule but at the very least I will release a chapter a week.

Q: Hi, I’m the author. Can I sue you?
A: Shut’s down site and never goes on the internet ever again but then creates a new site with a really obscure name like DJTechnoBunny.

Q: Are you sure that’s all the questions? What if a question appears that you haven’t listed?
A: I can change the time of posts. MWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

12 Responses to FAQ

  1. Karma says:

    LOL, this FAQ is great~ XD


  2. mockii says:

    heya sylver
    i just started reading shuras wrath up to chapter 2 and did read the notes at the end of the chapter
    (Okay, I’d like to clarify that this is not an erotica. So there might be a few more scenes like that in the future. I’m most likely just going to briefly mention them and then move on. I only did the full translation this time because it was the first time. Moving on…)
    and wanted to ask if you kept that decision or if you actually fully translated the chapters up to the current one?


  3. quack0709 says:

    So when are releasing the next chapter?
    come at me bro


    • sylver135 says:

      Well, like, I really like the hair on your profile picture. t’s like, so luscious and fabuliscious. I so wish I had hair like that.I think it has like, a really nice smile. If that was you irl I would totally love, to like hang out. Can you like, give me your phone number and address so we can, like, go get our hair done together or something.

      Liked by 4 people

  4. c4 says:

    The last Answer is ❤


  5. Anonymous says:

    I love the answer to the last question


  6. Anonymous says:

    But i want to throw money at you 😦


  7. lel says:

    I loved this FAQ.


  8. sylver135 says:

    Deal. As long as you don’t call 911/119/112/0000/110 first, and pay for my ride.


  9. falkorunlucky says:

    I’ll buy you lunch if you show up at my house somehow…


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