A list of some of my top stuff.

CN Web Novels (As far as I know, these are only in chinese, so yeah this is only for chinese readers.They’re in no particular order, although the top 10 are still my top ten, the rest are still books I really like. I’m not going to provide links.)

  • 儒道至圣 (Confucianism Towards Sainthood) : A world for nerds. A war between humans and demons. Where knowledge is the source of power for humans. Very interesting concept that I think is very well executed.
  • 史上第一祖师爷 (History’s Number 1 Founder): The MC Ling Fan has to build the strongest sect in history. His first four disciples are Xiao Yan based of MC from BTTH, Zhou Yi based on MC from 阳神, Wang Lin based off MC from Xian Ni, Shi Tian Hao based of MC from 完美世界. The world is like a mix of a bunch of worlds including Transcending the Nine Heavens.
  • 武动乾坤 (Martial Prowess Shaking the Universe… That’s about the general meaning): By the author of Battle Through the Heavens. Many similarities. I prefer this book though. The MC actually meets Xiao Yan at the end, although for like 2 seconds. There is another book called 大主宰 that takes place in a greater world where Xiao Yan and Ling Fan (MC of Wu Dong Qian Kun) appear. Translated by YellowRaw Translations.
  • 佛本是道: Don’t really know how to summarize this. At the beginning it is 都市修真 but then he ascends to the 地仙界 and a second 封神劫 occurs.
  • 龙蛇演义 (Romance of the Dragon and Snake): Same author of 佛本是道, a modern day martial arts story that focuses on the internal styles. Very detailed fight explanations and I really like that about it. Quality Translations.
  • 上古强身术(美女图)(Ancient Strengthening Technique (Portraits of Beauty): The pathetic MC suddenly gains a super powerful manual and embarks on his journey of becoming OP and having sex. Harem. MartialGodTranslator.
  • 重生混元道: MC becomes reborn in a time before the world is created and befriends Pan Gu。
  • 最强教师 (The Strongest Teacher): The MC who was once the teacher of the king in an all powerful xiuzhen dynasty randomly travels into modern day taking over the body of the garbage 3rd son of the prestigious Long family and becoming a teacher.
  • 网游之天下第一 (Virtual Reality: Best in the World): A man whose life went completely wrong, after getting revenge and dying gets reborn ten years in the past.
  • 金庸绝学异界纵横: A man dies (I think) and gets reborn in another world filled with martial arts and with a system filled with the martial arts from Jin Yong’s novels.
  • 帝霸 (Emperor): This the the story of a man who lived millions of years as a crow, training countless of the world’s strongest people, returning to being human. Harem
  • 傲世九重天: Looks like this is being translated. nightbreeze translations Transcending the Nine Heavens
  • 绝世武神 (Peerless Martial God): A man travels to another world possessing an initially thought to be trash son and awakening two martial souls. Translated here.
  • 超品相师: A world of Feng Shui.
  • 超级抽奖 (Super Lottery): A random system appears in a man’s head where he can gain special skills like martial arts, cooking, super powers, etc
  • 剑道独尊 (The Only King of the Sword)(The Ultimate Way of the Sword):
  • 武极天下:
  • 异界至尊战神 (Alternate World Supreme War God): Harem
  • 史上第一掌门 (History’s Number 1 Master):
  • 史上最牛召唤 (History’s Most Amazing Summoning):
  • 史上最牛穿越 (History’s Most Amazing: World Travelling)

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21 Responses to Recommendations

  1. jose says:

    What the name of the one above trancending the nine heavens, the one about the crow?


  2. Anonymous says:

    网游之倒行逆施 highly recommended


  3. Someone else is translating Transcending the Nine Heavens.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Raika Solumbrare says:

    Thanks for the recommendations !

    Recommendations from me. o/


  5. pyro5379 says:

    Please consider peerless martial god. Alice has shut down the site and disappeared. I’m seriously craving more chapters. T_T You could go back and forth between it and Shura’s Wrath. ^^


  6. jbjhova says:

    Your missing Battle Emperor / Zhan Huang 战皇 / Battle God by Ao Tian Wu Hen (傲天无痕) @ and unless Alice changed her site the Peerless Martial God site isn’t active anymore. I’ll support whatever you do next just because I love reading these novels.


  7. lourdiemar says:

    hey can you put a tag if it’s harem or not? please XD


    • sylver135 says:

      Most of them aren’t really that big of a harem, about 2-4 girls for the most part, and I mean girls the MC ends up with. I put a harem tag at the end of the description for novels that I remember that have over that amount of girls. But some novels I haven’t gotten far enough to know or I can’t remember.


  8. HaHaHaaa!!!! says:

    So, why did you choose Shura’s Wrath to translate (not that I mind, I enjoy the story) as a main project instead of something from your top 10?


  9. muutee says:

    儒道至圣 is difficult to translate cuz there are lots of poems and literary works in it.
    The confucian world is really interesting but the MC is shameless(he plagiarized others’ work to power up, people jokingly call it ‘Plagiarism Towards Sainthood’ ;D)


  10. Kenken says:

    Is there any plan on translating 上古强身术(美女图)(Ancient Strengthening Technique (Portraits of Beauty) one of the recommended novel? I heard it was a harem wuxia …I’m interested in reading it.


  11. plz give the name in english


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