AAIAALSS Chapter 25: This is the life together with a loli?

Never have so many people appeared at my dining table before, at the dining table right now, two little lolis are fighting over the food on the table. Honestly this was completely unnecessary, in any case Awayume has made a lot of food and it’s not like they could eat much of it.

Natsukawa Yu has already completely lost the restraint a young lady should have. Because her body is too petite, she has to sit kneeling on the chair with one hand holding the table to be able to get food further away on the dining table, I’m even worried she’ll flop onto the table.

「Ah! I saw that piece of meat first!」

「Tsk tsk tsk, you’re still too young little girl, only adults can understand this thing called meat!」

With the advantage of the meat being closer to her, Sena successfully grabs the meat. Speaking of it, I think Sena’s view on “meat” is completely different from the surface meaning?

「Sena, don’t misguide her! Speaking of it, you’re also just an eighth grade brat and you dare to call yourself an adult? 」

「As long as I’m older than her it’s enough! Ah! Let go of that meat!」

「Hmph! Just keep speaking Sena-oneechan, then the meat will all be mine!」

「Don’t think about taking it all for yourself!」

Sena and Natsukawa Yu’s battle intensifies, the dining table is already devastated. To find meat, the vegetables they don’t want to eat are all pushed to one side, and me and Awayume are in charge of eating these vegetables they don’t care about.

After finishing eating, Natsukawa Yu and Sena both surround my working computer looking at I don’t know what, while I propose to take care of the dishes with Awayume but am rejected by her. So, I can only watch her from the side, who told me to still be a wounded person right now.

「Oku-kun, what do you plan on doing about that child?」

「I don’t know either… Although since she purposely came to my home it’s not like I can kick her out right.」

Awayume discusses quietly with me while washing the dishes.

「Oku-kun, you’re injury is so serious, how about you stay home tomorrow. In any case tomorrow is also Friday, with the weekend afterwards you can also have a good rest.」


Still going to school in my current condition is just asking to suffer.

「Also, you’re absolutely not allowed to do some weird things to them Oku-kun you lolicon!」

「How could I! I’m a very safe lolicon! If you don’t believe me ask Natsukawa Yu!」

「Then I guess I’ll believe in you. 」

「No need to guess, you can fully believe in me Awayume!」

「Fine, then I’ll go help you ask for a day off over at the school, you have to rest properly.」

I leave the kitchen and am about to return to my room to lie down, but my room is already occupied by Sena and Natsukawa Yu.

「Sena, and Miss Natsukawa, what are you two looking at?」

Hearing my voice, their bodies freeze like two students who were caught sleeping in class. The two people turn their bodies blocking the computer screen.


「Aoba-oniichan, you can’t call me that! Call me Yu!」

Huh? Why has Natsukawa Yu become such a casual girl, I think usually in a family like hers you can’t directly call their names.

「Then… Yu, can you tell me what you guys are looking at?」

「Aoba-oniichan, H.」(TL: H=Hentai=Pervert=Not the cartoons.)


「Sena-oneechan just said that Aoba-oniichan is a lolicon whose brain is filled with filthy things, but because Aoba-oniichan is too timid and doesn’t dare to lay hands on the little lolis in real life, you can only draw them down and do some weird things.」

「Yu! How could you betray me so easily! Um… Don’t look at me with that sort of look you pervert lolicon! I’m not scared… Sorry it’s all my fault!」

The two people finally expose the computer screen. On it is the folder where I store my illustrations, right now they’ve at least already browsed through half of it…

「I say Sena, showing these things to a child even younger than you, aren’t you afraid of leaving a bad influence?」

「Right now is the age of information… Um, on the internet you’ll always accidentally click on some weird websites, I’m letting Yu get accustomed to it first, yeah, that’s right!」

「Don’t think everybody is like you! Only you would click on other weird looking websites!」

「Oh yeah you pervert lolicon! Are you telling me you’ve never clicked on some websites with all sort of little lolis drawn on the front page?」

… Of course I’ve done this sort of thing. Whenever I see information related to little lolis on websites, my mouse always involuntarily moves over and then clicks it. Of course my computer will also always catch viruses, the worst time was when my computer completely crashed and all of my computer files were damaged. From 2d to 3d, the loli pictures I’d save before all left me… At that time I was sad for a very long time, since then I’ve never saved these photos.

「Actually thinking about it for so long, looks like you’ve clicked on a decent amount of websites worth remembering you pervert lolicon.」

Sena cunningly changes herself from an unfavorable position to a favorable position.

「Forget it, when do you plan on going back Sena?」

「Actually avoiding the topic again, you’ve definitely maxed out this skill right? I’m going back in a bit, I don’t need to you take me back. Speaking of it, you plan on letting Yu stay here at your place tonight?」

I look towards Yu, her expression of “Even if you kick me out I won’t leave” has already fully conveyed her determination to stay here.

「No other choice I guess…」

「Then you absolutely can’t do anything weird to Yu, she’s not me, she’s still young!」

「Don’t say it like if the target’s you I’ll do some weird things, okay?」

「What a hypocritical pervert lolicon, you clearly want my body so badly!」

「I suddenly feel like it’s already very late, you should leave now Sena.」


Sena angrily leaves the room and slams the door very hard.

「So noisy… Since Sena’s gone now, Yu, can you tell me your reason for coming here?」

Before there were too many people so I didn’t ask why Yu got “lost” to my home, now is the time.

「You can’t pry into a girl’s secrets Aoba-oniichan!」

「Speaking of it, isn’t your behaviour right now a bit too different from your behaviour in the villa before?」

「Is it? I prefer being this way better!」

Natsukawa Yu is a model young lady, since she was little she must have received lessons in etiquette, in the villa before she was very able to exhibit the behaviour of a young lady. Even though she’s still very young, her speech and mannerisms are all very disciplined, giving people a ladylike feeling. But the Natsukawa Yu who has come to my home right now has already completely thrown to the winds her previous manner. She is completely without restraints and is already a normal girl who looks very lively and cute.

「As long as you like it, you’re also very cute like this.」

「I’m so happy! But Aoba-oniichan seems very good at complimenting girls, do you regularly do so?」

「No… I’ve basically got nobody to compliment.」

It’s true, the people at my side basically all more or less have some strange points, and I also usually never let go of these points, always making tsukkomis using these points, how could I also go compliment them… Speaking of it, am I very bad like this?

「Then does that mean I’m the only girl Aoba-oniichan can complement? I’m so happy!」

「I do also have a very cute little sister, I also regularly compliment her.」

「That’s different, she’s your little sister, I’m not!」

Yu comes over to me wanting to lean her head against my body, but she suddenly remembers I still have wounds on my body and retracts her head.

「If you’re tired you can lie on the bed first.」

「Aoba-oniichan is a gentle person, no wonder there are so many girls by Aoba-oniichan’s side!」

「You can’t say that sort of thing…」

Lying on the bed, Yu rolls around playfully, her little body is small enough for her to play around as she pleases.

「The bed has Aoba-oniichan’s scent~」

「Don’t smell this sort of scent!」

I suddenly realize something, I seem to have forgotten about the question I asked her before… This little loli’s ability to control the direction of conversation is way too strong!

But since she’s spent so much effort to not respond, I’m not willing to force her either. If she wants to talk about it she’ll definitely tell me on her own.

「Speaking of it, Yu, don’t you need to go to school?」

「Go to school? I’ll have to wait for next years, I didn’t go to kindergarten and elementary school like an average person of the same age, my education was all taught by teachers at home, but next year I’ll also be starting to go to middle school. I’ve never gone to school before, wonder what going to school is like. Aoba-oniichan, will going to school be interesting?」

「Honestly I don’t really know how to answer your question either…」

After all I’m a person with a massive “fan group” at school, they have their eyes on me at all times. Everyday I live my days worrying about whether I’ll be suddenly called to go have a talk with the cops or school authorities, this kind of life shouldn’t be considered interesting, right?

But besides this, the God Chosen Club is another interesting place. Asakusa-senpai who likes teasing people, Akiha-senpai who has a special interest in female underwear and has supreme piano skills, Amamiya Kotosuzu who blames herself very easily and likewise cheers up very easily, and prodigious bishoujo artist Kamina Eno who was dragged into the God Chosen Club with me. Their existence has made my school life that I originally thought would be a big mess have some colour.

「School can’t be described using interesting or uninteresting, if I had to say then it should be if the friends you make at school make you think they’re interesting.」

「So that’s how it is, I hope I can meet friends as interesting as you Aoba-oniichan!」

「You’re so cute Yu, you’ll definitely be able to make interesting friends.」

「Aoba-oniichan called me cute again~ I’m so happy!」

At this time Yu lets out a yawn and rubs her sleepy eyes, She looks very cute and innocent.

「You’re already very tired now aren’t you? Then sleep earlier.」

「Ok, Aoba-oniichan will also sleep by my side right?」

Yu leaves open a big area on the bed, signaling she wants me to sleep together with her.

「If you’re willing Yu I’ll be sleeping here then…」

I don’t have any past experience of sleeping together with a little loli, moreover she’s also a young lady with a prominent background. Right now she’s already invited me to sleep together with her, of course I can’t just decline, right? It’s definitely not to fulfill my “Want to one day sleep together with a little loli, and then even be able to say good morning to each other when getting up in the morning” wish! Absolutely not!

I think so lying on the bed after turning the lights off.

「Aoba-oniichan, can I sleep hugging your arm?」

「That’s great… Of course you can.」

I nearly exposed the ecstasy in my heart, careful careful, can’t let her find out.

And then I feel my right arm being hugged by a warm and soft body. Yu gently leans her head on my arm, searching for a comfortable position.

In a bit she’s quietly leaning against my arm not moving, in the dark room is only our rhythmic breathing.

「Yu, good night…」


Yu answers me with a sleep-talking-like voice, looks like she’s already about to fall asleep.

The night passes without words.

The next morning, while I’m half awake I feel that my breathing isn’t very smooth. I feel like the air in my chest and lungs is all being squeezed out, I’m breathing out more than I breath in. Under the torture of my brain gradually lacking oxygen I finally wake up.

Upon opening my eyes I see Yu lying on my chest like a kitten. With the awakening of my consciousness, I feel the intense pain throughout my body…

Anybody who’s been injured before knows that, when getting up the next morning after being injured, the pain of the injured areas will always be very obvious, not to mention my entire body has injuries. Upon waking up my entire body feels as horrible as though I’m being bitten by ants.

On my chest, Yu is awoken by my shaking. Lifting her head that’s buried in front of my chest, she sits on top of my stomach and yawns, looking at me with sleepy eyes.

「Why are you lying under me Aoba-oniichan…?」

「I think I should be the one asking this question!」

The moment the words leave my mouth I regret it. This sentence completely empties out the remaining bit of air in my lungs, and I’m having problems breathing in right now. If this continues I’ll be about to become the first lolicon to die from a lack of oxygen from having a little loli sitting on me!

Yu seems to finally see that I’m feeling very unwell and hurriedly gets up from my body.

「Sorry Aoba-oniichan, I didn’t know you’re in so much pain!」

After becoming wide awake, Yu looks at me with an apologetic expression. Her big clear eyes blink while looking at me, her eyelashes as long and thick as a butterfly’s wings are slightly curved into a beautiful arc.

After taking a couple of deep breaths I finally come back alive, looking at Yu like this I naturally can’t blame her. I gently place my hand on her head and stroke it, Yu reveals an expression of enjoyment like a little kitten’s.

「Yu, good morning.」

「Aoba-oniichan, good morning.」

Ah! It’s appeared! The script of saying good morning to each other after sleeping a night together with a little loli! I did it during my lifetime!

「Why do you look so happy Aoba-oniichan?」

「Humans will all show expressions of joy when their wish is fulfilled, I’m very normal like this!」


Yu looks at me puzzled, but I absolutely won’t tell her.

At this time the room door is opened and Awayume wearing an apron walks in.

「You’re all awake now Oku-kun, when I came in before you guys were still sleeping so I didn’t disturb you guys. I’ve already made breakfast now, come eat together.」

Hearing that there’s food, Yu immediately gets out of bed and runs toward the dining table, not even arranging her bedhead. Awayume watches her with a helpless smile and gently combs her hair for her from behind

「You’re hair really is so soft!」

Awayume softly strokes Yu’s long hair while holding it, and then can’t help but rub it with her face.

「Mm… So nice.」


I walk out of the room, awkwardly watching Awayume who’s a bit weird. Her face immediately turns red.

「It… It’s not like that!」

What’s with this behaviour that’s like a guy having a dubious relationship with another girl behind his girlfriend’s back and in the end being seen by his girlfriend?

「I will act like I saw nothing.」

「Oku-kun! You bully!」

Awayume glares at me in discontent, her face is flushed crimson.

And Yu seems to be very pleased with the breakfast Awayume made. Holding the spoon, she eats with big bites, her eyes also occasionally look at our own portions. That Young Lady Natsukawa last time at the villa who only took a small bite of everything during breakfast was definitely a fake!

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