AAIAALSS Chapter 26: Even if girls are gathered together it won’t necessarily develop into a scene of carnage

After finishing breakfast, Awayume goes off to school. Only me and Yu remain in the apartment.

「Yu, if you’re bored you can go play on the computer, I’ll just rest in bed.」

「Really? Then I can look at the pictures in that folder?」

Yu’s expression makes it look like she’s looking forward to it a lot, making me feel very stumped. This is all Sena’s fault, opening up a demon gate for Yu.

「Those illustrations aren’t appropriate for you to look at yet…」

「Aw… Then there’s nothing interesting.」

「You actually only want to look at these!」

I was wondering why Yu was so happy when she heard she could play on the computer, so this was her goal!

「Um… If it’s something else… I want to see you draw Aoba-oniichan!」

「What’s there to see about me drawing?」

「I greatly admire your drawing skills Aoba-oniichan. When I was young my parents had also hired an art teacher to teach my drawing, but I never had any really big improvement. It must be because I don’t have any drawing talent.」

Yu is a bit dejected, but I don’t know that this is all just a trap to trick me to draw.

「It might just be that you were too young at the time and not that you don’t have any drawing talent Yu. When you were young you might not have been sensitive enough towards colour and lines, and that’s why you couldn’t draw well.」

「Even though I’m very thankful for you comforting me Aoba-oniichan, I know that you can’t do anything about talent.」

She’s still so young but she already understands about talent… Maybe she’s right, since I was young I had great expectations placed upon me by Ando-sensei. With my so-called talent I very quickly surpassed the others, but I feel that my current drawing skills are still unable to reach Ando-sensei’s level. His accumulation of experience all these years was not useless, so as long as he’s willing to try he will definitely also be able to reach a new level.

「So I want to see you draw in front of me Aoba-oniichan, I want to see how those pretty drawings are drawn!」

Since Yu wants to see so badly, I naturally don’t have a reason to decline either.

「Okay, since you’ve already put it like that Yu, of course I have to agree. What do you want to see me draw?」

I think usually girls of this age all hope to see people draw scenery drawings like some flowers or clear water with blue skies.

「Thank you Aoba-oniichan! Then draw me, draw me just like those illustrations you draw!」

Pu… Could it be that this era is advancing too quickly? Yu actually wants me to draw her like those characters in illustrations filled with temptation!

「Yu, using you as a model for those drawings really isn’t good, let’s pick a different one.」

「It’s no… good, whimper… Sure enough I’m unable to make you have any creative inspiration Aoba-oniichan…」

Yu’s eyes start to fill with mist, her white teeth softly biting her lower lip. Her teary eyed appearance makes people feel pity, she’s honestly too cute! I feel a beam of light seem to flash by in my mind, just like how the originally muddled and lightless world was opened up into a new world rich with life because of a divine command.

My hand can’t help but extend towards… the drawing pencil!

No! Hurry up and stop my hand! I really do have to “stop”! My rationality has already been completely destroyed by this sudden flash of inspiration. Yu’s appearance before has been deeply imprinted into my mind, my eyes start to only see the pencil and lines… (TL: A way to say stop in Chinese is 住手, which translates directly to “stop hand”.)

I completely forget about my surroundings, I don’t even care if time has passed by around me. After an unknown amount of time, I finally put down the pencil in my hand and collapse onto the bed panting.

「Aoba-oniichan is so amazing!」

Yu looks with delight at the just finished coloured illustration, I know very well exactly how terrifying of an existence I’ve created.,,

A physique even more petite than the little lolis using Sena as a model before and having a cute and cuddly face. Her frail shoulders are tightly pulled in, her body without an inch of cloth and two slim legs are crossed together blocking that important area. Her two arms also surround the front of her chest, adding that fair skin even whiter than snow, the little loli in the illustration with Yu as a model has both a natural, radiant beauty and an inviting seduction. This is an illustration that is currently my greatest masterpiece and that makes people feel that it is sacrilege to just look at it!

Oh my god, what have I done!!!

“Grumble…”, After just finishing breakfast, my stomach releases an awkward protest.

「How long have I been drawing for?」

「6 hours at the very least, is Aoba-oniichan hungry?」

「So that much time has already passed by…」

Right now it is totally lunch time already, I’ve greatly expended both my mind and body, no wonder I’m so hungry.

「I’m injured right now and can’t make lunch, how’s about I take you outside to eat?」


「Ok, then this illustration…」

Before I even finish speaking, Yu anxiously hugs that drawing.

「I absolutely won’t give this drawing to anyone else! This drawing is mine now!」

「Ok… It’s yours it’s yours.」

Only now am I really in completely regret that I actually drew this drawing, if Yu steps onto a weird path in the future that’ll be entirely my fault!

I take Yu to a family restaurant, this place is a family restaurant I’ll regularly visit on weekends when I don’t want to eat instant noodles. I order myself a fried rice and order for her a steak with a cup of fruit juice.

When eating this food the expression on her face is very blissful, she really is a very strange young lady. She eats the delicious and refined food at home very calmly, but she greatly enjoys this food that normal people eat.

While eating the steak on her plate she occasionally looks at the fried rice on my plate. I regularly feed her a bite and as repayment, she delivers her juice over to my mouth and even doesn’t allow me to drink using the cup, I have to use the same straw as her. At this time when I mention the problem of hygiene to her she doesn’t care at all.

The atmosphere of this lunch was very nice, we were both very satisfied with our meals. On the way back home, my cellphone receives a text.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Can you starting going out with Hatsuyuki again?」

Seeing the signature of the text I’m filled with mixed emotions, after all I’m unable to candidly shrug off that stuff that had happened. Some things need to be washed away with time to be able able to be slowly forgotten.

Aoba Oku 「Sorry, I haven’t been feeling well recently, I can’t go on a date with her.」

Only after a long time after the text was sent does she respond.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「If you don’t want to continue you don’t need to use this sort of sloppy excuse.」

Indeed… After that sort of thing had just happened, my text is indeed like I’m avoiding going out with Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki.

Aoba Oku 「Please don’t misunderstand, I really have been injured these past two days and am currently recuperating at home.」

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki 「Sorry… I was too mistrusting. You’re at home, I want to go visit you.」

… She actually wants to come visit me? I don’t know what she’s thinking, but even if we see each other right now I think it’ll be awkward right? Even though it’s not like that gap between two people after being rejected after a confession, but the relationship between me and her really isn’t that close.

After pondering on it, I still send her the address of the apartment. She indicates she’ll come in the afternoon after school.

「Aoba-oniichan, what’s wrong with the text? You look very troubled.」

Is the expression on my face really that obvious…

「It’s nothing worth being troubled about, it’s just at night there will be a friend coming to my home.」

「Is it someone you don’t want to see Aoba-oniichan?」

「No, I just have a bit of a story with her…」

「Okay, as long as you’re fine Aoba-oniichan.」

Yu doesn’t continue asking questions, in this area she really is very considerate. She’s clearly just a child who isn’t even in middle school yet.

To kill time, after returning home I turn on the laptop and check out the school forum. I just so happen to see that legendary post where Awayume is the lead singer. After clicking on it I can see the video file for the live performance, Awayume’s performance is indeed very outstanding. Her beautiful, loud singing has an indescribable attractiveness.

「This is that big sister who helped comb my hair this morning right, her singing is amazing!」

Yu immediately recognizes who the lead singer is, looks like she also really likes Awayume’s singing.

「Ya, she’s that big sister who loved your hair so much she couldn’t let go of it and even put her face to it.」

If Awayume was here I wouldn’t be able escape from a beating.

「I will tell that big sister what Aoba-oniichan said.」

「Yu, please do forget about what I just said.」

「Then draw me another drawing!」

Yu this little loli actually isn’t satisfied with one drawing?

「Then it would be better to let me openly embrace death, that would still be better than being stuck with the crime of ruining your future.」

「Don’t be so nervous Aoba-oniichan… I’m just joking, I’m already very satisfied that you could give me this drawing Aoba-oniichan.」

Honestly the best would be to not take this drawing either… But seeing how much Yu likes it, no matter what I can’t ask her for it back.

「Aoba-oniichan, is there a student in your school with the same name as you and moreover is also a lolicon?」

「Of course there isn’t, why?」

「Then that means the one being talked about here is you?」

I look towards the post Yu is pointing at.

“Pervert Lolicon Aoba Oku’s foul and abhorrent actions, beating the crap out of an upperclassman and conspiring with the student council president giving him a warning,”

「… I think there could be a person in the school also called Aoba Oku like me and is also a lolicon.」

Yu smiles looking at me but doesn’t expose me. I click on the post, the comments are all attacks on me.

「Heartless and inhuman! Is there nobody who can punish this pervert!」

Why did you omit “Lolicon” again!

「Save your energy man, Aoba Oku’s got a strong backing. Not only is the police station his people, even the student council is within his influence!」

So I’m that amazing? How come I don’t know…

「Leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone, as long as he doesn’t come mess with my little sister I won’t do anything to him. But if he dares to lay his hands on my little sister, I’ll… kill him!」

Dude, I really won’t do anything to your little sister, there’s no need to fight me…

My eyes have already learned to filter out those words like “human trash, scum“ or even more offensive words, this is the new skill I’ve learned from browsing the school forum, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep looking.

「Aoba-oniichan, this Aoba Oku seems to be hated by a lot of people at school.」

「Ya… It’s definitely because he didn’t properly establish the positive image of a lolicon and isn’t like me, always thinking of how to better love and cherish lolis.」

「Aoba-oniichan seems very dependable!」

「Of course…」

Time passes very quickly, in the turn of an eye school is already over, at this time I hear someone knocking on the door. It seems like it’s not Awayume, could it be she’s already here? With a bit of nervousness I walk over to the entrance and open the door.


「Huh? Why do you seem very relieved after seeing that it’s me you pervert lolicon?」

Sena walks in on her own.

「I say, are you treating my home like your home and coming over for a stroll whenever you want?」

「Someone like me who is the most perfect loli in the world, with beauty like that of a curse, cuteness that makes people tremble, maturity that makes the world bow before me visiting your home and you actually still have complaints?」

「Exactly what did you eat that fried your brain for you to be able to say these baffling descriptors? Exactly what is it that gave you this confidence?」

「Che, you just don’t dare to admit how much you love me, you’ve clearly always wanted me to give you my love!」

「Ya ya ya, I love you so much, I want to be loved by you so badly.」

「It’s this sort of casual attitude that’s the worst! Go die you pervert lolicon!」

「Then I’m going now, sit wherever you want.」

Leaving behind Sena who is angry but has no place to vent her anger, I return to my room. Very soon Sena also follows in to play with Yu.

「You’re here Sena-oneechan, did you know, in Aoba-oniichan’s school there’s someone…」

I hurriedly go to cover Yu’s mouth.

「There’s a senior like me who has a special hobby, but what he likes is collecting female underwear!」

Sorry Akiha-senpai, at this sort of time I can only betray you…

「You actually have this sort of senior? Sure enough perverts will all automatically get together.」

「I’m not a pervert! I’m a lolicon!」

At this time noise comes from the door again. I nervously walk over to the entrance opening the door and as expected, this time it really is… them.

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki came together with Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki.

「This is a small consolation gift, how’s your injury?」

I take over the consolation gift from Yoruhisa Shikuyuki’s hand, it’s some black sesame dango.

「Even though I’m not healed yet right now, they’re just some scrapes and bruises. I’ll be fully healed in a few days.」

She stands at the door expressionlessly, holding onto Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki who is also not speaking. At this time I don’t even know how to tell them to “come in and sit down first”, luckily Sena suddenly appears at this time.

「Classmate Yoruhisa! You actually came, ignore this per… my cousin, come in first!」

Sena’s reaction is very fast, she didn’t betray any signs of the lie when we tricked them before saying I’m her cousin, Sena holds Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki’s hand entering the room, after seeing her little sister go in Yoruhisa Shikuyuki hesitates for a bit and then also comes in.

I suddenly remember that there’s still some tea leaves at home, they were given to my by Awayume in the past. She said that if there were any friends who came to visit, if I had nothing prepared then it would be too impolite. Originally I thought that besides her I wouldn’t be able to find any so-called “visiting friends”, who’d have thought it’s actually come in handy now.

After brewing the tea I take out the consolation gift Yoruhisa Shikuyuki gave me and place them on the platter. Then I take out a couple of tea cups and carry it to the room, like this I think I’ve at least managed to have the bare minimum amount of etiquette…

Without any friends who would come visit me, I really am unused to these sorts of things.

Right now there are four girls in my room, if this was the past I wouldn’t even dare to think about it. Not to mention that besides Sena who is a “fake loli” in my heart, the other two are all genuine little lolis!

「Cousin… Why do I feel like what you’re expressing in your eyes is very rude to me?」

You could actually tell even this? Have you studied micro-expression psychology before Sena?

I place the stuff on the table in the room. Sena and Yu both sit down and start eating without any hesitation, Yoruhisa Shikuyuki and Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki look more reserved.

「Um… Let’s eat together.」

「Ok, thank you.」

Yoruhisa Shikuyuki picks up a dango giving it to Yoruhisa Hatsuyuki first and then takes one for herself, just like this the Yoruhisa sisters start eating with small bites.

「Mm… Delicious! Why didn’t you take this sort of thing out earlier Cousin!」

「Aoba-oniichan is stingy!」

I feel like when Yu is together with Sena she’ll be even more lively than usual…

「This was brought over by this big sister, you guys should thank her!」

「Thank you big…Ah, Yu, I was going to eat that!」

「Hmph! You’re too late, thank you Big Sister!」

Getting the dango first, Yu leisurely thanks Yoruhisa Shikuyuki, Yoruhisa Shikuyuki nods her head expressing that she accepts her thanks. Afterwards Awayume’s club activities have also ended, after opening the room door she’s very shocked to see that there are actually so many people in my room…

Under my introductions, they have a basic knowledge of each other. Afterwards Awayume takes a trip to the supermarket and buys a lot of ingredients, making a big table of delicious food. If it was before, Sena and Yu would have already started eating, but with so many people right now even they feel embarrassed to eat first.

When Awayume brings over the last dish and sits down, only after everybody says “Thanks for the food” do they start to gulf down the food.

During this time, Sena regularly gets food for Hatsuyuki who is sitting beside her, perfectly playing the part of a considerate classmate, while Awayume also has some conversation with Yoruhisa Shikuyuki at the dining table. All in all even though the are so many girls gathered in the house, the atmosphere is still very good.

Originally I was worried there would be some awkward moments, but in reality nothing happened.

Sure enough, in light novels, if girls are gathered together there will definitely be a scene of carnage is all a lie!

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