AAIAALSS Volume 1 Afterword

Even though this is an afterword, I feel like I should first apologize to a most tragic girl with the most illogical setting in this light novel of mine.

Classmate Kousaka Emi! I really very sorry!

Kousaka Emi 「What the hell does apologizing do? If you’ve got the balls then completely rewrite it! Did I offend you somehow, why do I have to like a damn lolicon? Forget about confessing to him at the very start, at the very end I still have to confess to him? Why is there a 「Beep」 writer like you randomly giving me settings? Why should I like him? He’s either got a childhood friend by his side or all sorts of beauties with flags raised up, didn’t I just take two glances at this damn lolicon, why do I have to like him? Moreover I’m just his stepping stone! No matter what I’m a girl who you’ve set as having looks slightly above average! If you guys don’t believe me go check out chapter 1! He definitely mentioned it! If I didn’t so miserably fall in love with that lolicon I would have already found a boyfriend!」

Just as Classmate Kousaka Emi said, in volume 1 she is actually a very important 「light novel」 side character, without her Aoba Oku’s lolicon inclination wouldn’t have been announced to the public, without her Aoba Oku wouldn’t have been able to fully awoken in the end.

She’s definitely worked hard and performed a valuable service, applause!

In reality the fact that I am also a firm lolicon is easy to see, in this light novel it is all my own understanding of little lolis, starting from middle school I have been a lolicon.

I’ve actually thought about a lot when writing this light novel, because since a long time ago I’ve already read Nabokov’s 《Lolita》, this is a book that has deeply impacted me, this sort of forbidden love inside the novel really has given me a lot of thoughts and feelings, I don’t know how many times I’ve repeatedly read it.

And I’ve also finished reading China’s classic lolicon novel 《The Yellow Yellow Flower》, inside a more ordinary writing method is used to write the forbidden love between the male protagonist and the loli foster daughter, they’ve all made me have a deeper understanding of lolis.

At the start I didn’t have much hope for this niche light novel of mine, I just wanted to compile using words my understanding of lolis into a readable light novel, but I really didn’t expect that I would actually have so many comrades, making this novel have numerous lolicon supporters in just a few short days.

I have to say something here– I really really am extremely grateful for your support.

Lastly, in regards to Aoba Oku’s story I will continue writing, he will still have a lot of stories with all of sorts beautiful girls and little lolis as a firm lolicon, please look forward to it everyone.

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