AAIAALSS Chapter 18: Could This Also Be Considered A Mixed Bath?

「Mom, didn’t you tell Utsukushi-chan that I’m coming back?」

Right now the family dining table I haven’t seen for so long is filled with people. Utsukushi-chan’s look of shock when she saw me come home before was clearly because my family didn’t tell her the news of my return.

「Ara, I wanted to give Utsukushi-chan a surprise.」

「You’re not giving her a surprise, I’d say you’re giving me a surprise.」

「Oku-kun this child has been away for so long, you won’t even pass on being witty with your mother? Sigh, you children must have it hard being together with Oku-kun.」

「Ah, exactly, this junior doesn’t respect us seniors at all!」

「If you want me to respect you Akiha-senpai, then please bring out the mannerisms a senior should have!」

A senior who gives his junior a pair of underwear early morning on the way to school, exactly what sort of respect do you want me to give you?

「Sigh, Obasan you really are amazing for being able to raise Lo-kun… Aoba-kouhai so big.」

「You really are right you pretty young lady, know that Oku-kun has always been a loner since he was little. I spent a lot of effort to make him have more contact with other people.」

「What kind of effort did you spend, you just thought I was troublesome!」

In the past, Mom would regularly kick me over to Awayume’s house for dinner after school because she was too lazy to cook for me.

「Oku-kun, I did everything for your own good. Look, Awayume’s relationship with you is already so good, sooner or later you’ll have to go meet her parents. I’m helping you prepare in advance.」

「Is Awayume the other girl who came together with you to the concert hall Lo-kun…. Aoba-kouhai? So you guys knew each other since you were little kids, how’s the feeling of growing up with a pretty girl since you were little?」

「Ah… Um, Mom, let me introduce her to you. Her name is Kamina Eno, she’s the granddaughter of Ando-sensei who taught me to draw in elementary school.」

I hurriedly change the subject. Mom looks towards Kamina Eno who is sitting at the side and eating with small bites, her eyes are filled with little stars.

「Ando-sensei’s granddaughter is actually a foreigner? I wanted to say before how is this child so beautiful!」


Kamina Eno puts down the chopsticks in her hand and looks at my mom.

「That’s right, what a beautiful girl you are.」

「Mom, your image, moreover I think our Utsukushi-chan doesn’t lose to anyone else!」

「You truly are a siscon…」

Three people simultaneously say this line. Speaking of it, how come you’re also calling me a sison Amamiya Kotosuzu… But I don’t dare to ask her, otherwise I won’t be able to finish this meal today.

「Onii-chan, thank you.」

Utsukushi-chan smiles softly at me and my HP instantly recovers. Even if I was called a siscon it’s worth it!

「Oh right Mom, where’s Dad?」

「You’re actually just mentioning him, he’ll definitely be very sad if he knows.」

「What can I do, it’s not my fault Dad has never had much of a presence…」

「True, so until now have you still not noticed that he’s actually also sitting at the dinner table?」


I scan all of the people at the dinner table and sure enough, beside Akiha-senpai I discover a familiar figure.

「Dad… If you’re here then say something!」

「Listening to you guys speak, is enough.」

This father of mine has always had a weak presence, there was even a time where when we were taking a family photo, I looked around for him for a long time and in the end discovered that he was sitting on the chair of the shooting location the entire time. (TL: He also used to be a basketball player…)

「Huh, so someone was sitting beside me.」

「Enough Akiha-senpai! You’ll make my dad cry!」

But father still has no expression on his face. Speaking of it, since I was young I’ve never seen him have much expression, but in reality I know that he really is a good father. You can say that he is the role model among good fathers of silently caring for his children while not making the children feel constrained. The paternal ideology I believe one must possess to become a lolicon was learned precisely from him.

After finishing this meal, I help wash the dishes together with mother, with me is also Utsukushi-chan. Originally Amamiya Kotosuzu and Asakusa Murasaki also wanted to help, but they were all rejected by my mother.

「Oku-kun, hurry up and tell Mom which of these girls is it you like?」

「Onii-chan…already has a girl he likes?」

Utsukushi-chan speaks even before me.

「No I don’t! They’re all friends from my club, it’s not like you think!」

Hearing my words Utsukushi-chan sets her heart down, but Mother looks at me with a grin.

「You really do like that child Awayume, if it’s Awayume you have my full approval. After all she’s even run over to Tokyo to go to school for you Oku-kun.」


I don’t know how to refute Mother, even I don’t really know how I see Awayume, I know that right now I still don’t have any feelings of love for her, but to me she is also a very important person.

「Young people need to deal with their own problems themselves.」

After washing the dishes I give to Utsukushi-chan the gift I bought in Tokyo before. After opening it Utsukushi-chan is very happy.

「What a pretty bracelet! Thank you Onii-chan.」

「As long as you like it, hurry up and wear it.」

Sure enough other girls will all like what a girl chooses… I still can’t tell what’s so pretty about this one.

「Onii-chan, can you put it on for me?」

Utsukushi-chan sticks out her left hand and looks at me in anticipation. I of course won’t reject her and gently grasp her white wrist with one hand, my other hand places the bracelet over from her palm.

「Utsukushi-chan is so pretty wearing this bracelet, I should say it’s because Utsukushi-chan is pretty.」

「Really? Onii-chan, I’m so happy!」

Utsukushi-chan’s healing rate has always been 100%!

Afterwards because it’s a training camp, I still have to go back with them to Tamaki. Mother, Father and Utsukushi-chan see me off to the house entrance.

「You guys are welcome back, don’t be shy at all.」

「Onii-chan, I will go over to see you guys.」

「Okay, we’re going then.」

After saying goodbye to my family, we return to Tamaki. At this time everybody decides to go soak in the hot spring.

「Junior, Junior…」

Akiha-senpai calls to me quietly. Looking at the smile on his face I know that’s it’s definitely nothing good.

「At this sort of moment, isn’t the usual routine that the boys should go borrow the underwear of the girls, when do we strike?」

「Asakusa-senpai, Akiha-senpai asks when can he go steal you guys’ underwear!」

I directly yell to Asakusa-senpai, with a terrifying smile Asakusa-senpai drags away Akiha-senpai saying they’re going to have a talk.

「Aoba-kouhai! You actually betrayed your senior!」

「Sorry, I’ve never heard of this sort of routine, so please take action yourself Senpai.」

Not long later I hear Senpai release a shrill scream, but I’ve already entered the hot spring. The steam is dense in the hot spring and the water temperature is perfect, at this moment a day of weary travel obtains great relief.

It’s that time again to imagine the wonderful figure of little lolis! A body is slowly outlined in the steam, a tall stature and curvy figure, inviting imagination.

Huh? Curvy figure?

Why would I imagine this sort of thing? I was clearly thinking of little lolis! Hurry up and disperse! Disperse!

But no matter how much I want it to disperse, the supposedly imagined figure in front of me is still vaguely advancing forward in the steam. I can faintly see a head of long hair as beautiful as cherry blossoms.

「Miss, Kamina… Eno?」


「This isn’t a “Ya”! This is the male bath! Male bath! Can you please tell me why you’re in here!」

「Felt like, this place would be better.」

「This isn’t a problem that can be decided by your feeling!」

It’s over, it’s definitely that Kamina Eno who was alone was staring at the male and female bath unsure of which to choose, and then based on her feeling entered the male bath with me in it…

「Miss Kamina Eno, do you know that our situation right now is very serious?」


Let it be known that even though the bathing time is relatively early and there aren’t any other customers, but in a bit Akiha-senpai will definitely come in.

「Overall, hurry up and leave right now. Go to that hot spring next door, understand?」


Kamina Eno turns around about to leave.

「Aoba-kouhai I’m coming! I say, aren’t you a little too mean, originally I even planned on giving you a pair of underwear!」

Pu! Why did Akiha-senpai come so quickly at this sort of moment? I can sense that soon he will see a person standing in the steam who shouldn’t be here.

「Ah, screw it, come into the hot spring for now!」

I quietly call Kamina Eno into the water, after entering the hot spring she sits beside me.

「Aoba-kouhai? Are you not here?」

「Ah, I am, I am! You’ve come Senpai.」

「And I thought you left after just soaking up in here for so little time, then I’ll go shower off first and then come in.」

Hearing that Senpai won’t be coming in right away, I let out a slight breath of relief. This means I still have a chance to struggle.

「Miss Kamina Eno, our situation right now is very bad, do you understand?」

「Understand… Don’t understand?」

「Say you understand!」


「Excellent, then this is my plan. In a bit I’ll go wash Senpai’s hair and I’ll purposely get soap bubbles in his eyes. Then you’ll take the chance to run out, got it? Say got it! 」

「Got it.」

Right now I’ll just do whatever I can. Me and Kamina Eno get out of the water together and then walk over to Akiha-senpai.

「Akiha-senpai, let me wash your hair for you.」

「You’ve actually got such a good heart Aoba-kouhai?」

「Just treat this as my thank you gift for taking care of me all this time Senpai.」

「Hahaha, okay.」

I squeeze a pile of shampoo onto my hand and rapidly rub Senpai’s hair. In a bit a large amount of soap bubbles are created and I take the opportunity to pretend to accidentally get soap in Senpai’s eyes.

「Ah, it hurts, it hurts!」

「I’m sorry Senpai, I’ll go right away to find clear water for you to rinse your eyes!」

I rub even more soap into his eyes while I’m at it and then run back into the hot spring, pulling Kamina Eno who doesn’t understand what’s going on and running towards the entrance of the hot spring. But as I pull her I feel that something is a bit off, where’s… her towel?


This is of course my screaming, Miss Kamina Eno doesn’t even care that her towel has already dropped.

「So noisy.」

「This isn’t a problem of noisy or not noisy, where’s your towel?」

I turn my head around not daring to look at that body of hers that will make my blood pump.

「When I ran, it dropped.」

「You’ve got to hurry up and say this sort of thing!」

「Aoba-kouhai? You still haven’t found clean water yet?」

「Wait a bit Senpai! The tap here is broken!」

「Hurry up! It hurts!」

I loudly comfort Senpai’s emotions and then look all over the ground for her lost towel.

「Don’t you know where you lost your towel?」

「In the water.」


I’m screwed, I’ll definitely die, absolutely will die, must die!

「Aoba-kouhai… Are you still not done? I think it doesn’t hurt so much anymore.」

Over at Akiha-senpai’s side it seems like he’s already about to finish clearing up the soap bubbles, and over on my side we’re still in the danger zone.

「Ah!!! I don’t care anymore!」

With my back to Kamina Eno, I rip off the towel on my body and hand it over to her.

「Hurry up and wear it and go change into your own clothes!」

Exactly who is it whom bestowed upon me this courage? The God of Hot Springs?

Kamina Eno receives that towel I hand over to her and wraps up her devilish body. She walks out of the male bath while I stand naked in the hazy steam.


「Oh, I found clean water.」

I absentmindedly open that tap that wasn’t broken in the first place and get a bucket of water, washing off all of the shampoo on Senpai’s head.

「Ah… Much better, Aoba-kouhai why’d it take you so long… Why are you naked!?」

「I threw away the towel, bathing like this is much more sincere, maybe I can move the God of Hot Springs.」

「Huh? Is it like that?」

Akiha-senpai also takes off his towel.

「Hahaha, it truly is a lot more comfortable! The method you mentioned really isn’t bad Junior!」

「Hehe, is that so.」

I chuckle helplessly, and so me and Senpai soak naked in the hot spring together. The only thing worth rejoicing is that I found the towel Kamina Eno used to wrap around her body before, so I don’t have to go as far as walking into the changing room naked.

「Ah… Soaking in a hot spring really is comfortable, if I can borrow the underwear of the girls it’ll be even better.」

Akiha-senpai looks to be in high-spirits after changing into a bathrobe, while I look even more tired than before soaking in the hot spring.

After we walk out of the male bath we just so happen to encounter Asakusa-senpai and the girls who are drinking milk. I notice that Asakusa-senpai’s gaze looking at me is filled with a playful look.

「How was it Lo-kun?」

「The hot spring here is pretty good, I had a very nice bath.」

「No no no, I’m asking you…」

Senpai reveals a devilish smile.

「How’s Eno’s body?」

「… Please let me forget this.」

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