AAIAALSS Chapter 21: Don’t Be Afraid Little Girl, Big Brother Is A Lolicon

Departing from that park and saying goodbye to my past, the memory I originally thought would remain entwined in my heart forever has now also been tagged as a thing of the past.

Passing through the twisting alley, I find that old bike of mine parked in the grass. Looks like there weren’t any passerbys in the middle of this night who decided to ride it away. Speaking of it, it’d be strange if someone would set their sights on this bike, right?

I lift out the bicycle from the grass. Right when I’m about to leave, I faintly hear some sort of sound in the grass. Could it be a dog or something sleeping in the grass and being awoken by my actions just now? Or could it be some wild beast…

I remember when I was young an extremely fierce wild boar somehow appeared around my home. At night time it knocked over a bunch of pedestrians, the person who had it the worst even had their arm fractured after suffering the wild boar’s trampling. In the end we found a bunch of strong-bodied men amongst the surrounding neighbours and used tools before finally subduing it.

I’m not that unlucky right? Not only am I not some strong guy, I don’t even have a tool!

I carefully push the bicycle, if the situation is bad I can only depend on this only pal of mine to have a race against death with the fierce wild boar.

I cautiously watch the grass, if things are bad I’ll immediately ride the bike and flee. But the entire time nothing charges out from the grass, could it really just be a wild dog sleeping in the grass?


Don’t be mistaken, this isn’t the noise I made because I’m scared! This sound was emitted from within the grass, even though sometimes wild dogs will also release a low grumble similar to a whimper to warn animals stepping into their territory, isn’t this low grumble a bit too weak?

Could it be a female dog?

I make a bold decision and take out my cellphone. Using the flashlight function I slowly approach the grass, searching inch by inch and in the end, in the corner I really do discover a… little loli.

「You… You… How did you still discover me!」

Right now, this little loli in front of me who looks like she should still be in elementary school is curled into a ball under the bright white light of my cellphone, similar to an ostrich burying its head into the ground when in danger.

Both methods won’t change the dangerous situation at the slightest… Wait, I’m not some dangerous situation!

「Go away go away go away go away go away go away go away go away!!!」

Right now she is lying on the ground with her two little legs constantly kicking at me, but with her height of less than 140 cm lying on the ground how could she possible kick me?

「Ouch.. It hurts!」

She kicked my calf.

「Are you scared now? Then hurry up and leave! Otherwise I’ll show you who’s boss!」

Her false bravado is honestly too obvious, I even feel bad to expose her.

「You win… I’ll leave right away, before leaving can I ask why you’re here?」

「Hmph, as long as you know who’s boss, why should I tell you why I’m here!」

With me seemingly retreating in “fear”, she isn’t so nervous anymore and slowly stands up from the ground, patting her red dress.

「Not even telling me why you’re here, you must have gotten lost from your family. Then doesn’t that mean I can, hehehe.」

Facing a person like her who gets full of herself if you show her a bit of kindness, I can only use this sort of method. Sure enough she falls onto the ground and watches with a frightened expression as I approach her.

「Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-You, what do you want to do!!!」

「What do I want to do? Of course it’s…」

I walk over to her while she is constantly struggling on the ground and pick her up, patting off the dirt sticking to her dress.

「How can a girl randomly lie on the ground and get her clothes dirty, now can you tell me why you’re here?」

I do my best to squeeze out the friendliest smile, her guard against me seems to weaken a bit.

「So, why should I tell you, who knows if you’re a bad guy or not…」

Her tone of voice is no longer as sharp, looks like as long as I comfort her a bit more she’ll put down her guard against me.

「I’m really not a bad guy, don’t be afraid little girl, Big Brother is a lolicon!」

With a “Slap” her little hand slaps my face. While I’m shocked she struggles free of my hands and runs away.

Huh? Why’d she hit me? Why is she running? Aren’t these the most reassuring words in the world towards a little loli?

But before I even start to chase after her, she accidentally steps on the long skirt of her red dress and falls flat on the ground. I helplessly walk over, but she seems to be even more scared of me than before. Even after falling onto the ground she’s still looking at me in fear while using her hands and feet to retreat backwards while sitting on the ground.

Isn’t this scene completely making me look like a bad guy laying my hands on a little loli without any ability to fight back?

「Little girl, I’m really not a bad guy! I’m a lolicon!」

「Sob… Sob… So… So scary… Sob sob sob sob.」

She seems to be becoming more and more frightened? But why? Clearly she should feel reassured after knowing I’m a lolicon!

「Don’t be scared, didn’t I already say that I’m a lolicon!」

「It… It’s because you’re a lolicon that it’s the scariest!」

「Huh? Why?」

Aren’t lolicons the most loyal and reliable group of people in the world towards little lolis?

「Still… Still asking me why… Lolicons will definitely do… do… do bad things to me!」

「Impossible! Lolicons are the people who are truly the safest people in the world for little lolis!」

「Nonsense! Lolicons are clearly all creeps! You guys absolutely won’t spare me!」

「What? Exactly what misunderstanding do you have? Lolicons are absolutely the most loyal protectors of lolis, lolicons will use their all to protect the little lolis they love, how could they commit criminal acts against little lolis!」

Maybe it’s because of my overzealous righteousness, she is staring at me stunned with her little mouth slightly agape.

「Then… You really aren’t a bad guy?」

「Not only am I not, all lolicons in the world who exist with the purpose of loving and protecting little lolis aren’t bad guys!」

「Is that… how it is?」

「That’s right, that’s how it is.」

She finally isn’t so opposed against me, I walk over to her side wanting to help her up.

「Ng… Ouch…」

She tries standing up with my help but discovers a wave of pain coming from her ankle. Unable to apply strength she falls back onto the ground.

「Did you twist your ankle?」

I crouch down lifting up her injured leg, gently pressing her ankle.

「Ouch ouch ouch…」

Some tears are already seeping out from her eyes, her appearance of biting her lips and furrowing her brow makes her look very upset.

「Sorry, it’s all my fault for scaring you.」

「Ya, it’s all your fault.」

Huh? Isn’t she supposed to be a bit polite at this sort of time?

「Can you first tell me why you’re here?」

「I came down from the mountain and got lost.」

From the mountain? Does her family live on the mountain?

「Why did you come down so late at night?」

「I came down during the day, it’s just I’ve been lost until now and still haven’t found the way home.」

「In any case you’re lost.」

I could actually still meet a lost little loli in the middle of the night, but as a lolicon I naturally have to send her back home.

「Which mountain does your family live on.」

「I think it’s… Mount Nishin?」

Mount Nishin, it’s not that far from here. But I’ve never heard of other people living on this mountain, I only know that there’s a very powerful family that built a house on it, could it be…

「Could your family name be Natsukawa?」

She seems be be very surprised.

「How do you know my surname is Natsukawa? My name is Natsukawa Yu.」

… So she really is from that family? I’ve heard Mother mention before there is a villa belonging to a family called Natsukawa on Mount Nishin in Kandatsu. This is a place they occasionally come to for vacation.

And she’s actually a child of the Natsukawa family who came here for vacation and in the end got lost after coming down the mountain?

「Okay, I understand, I’ll bring you back.」



「But I can’t walk right now…」

「No problem, I can take you back on my bicycle.」

I go push the bicycle to her front, easily placing her on the back seat of the bicycle and then I also get on.

「Sit tight, if you feel unsteady hold onto me.」


I slowly step on the pedal and the bicycle starts shakingly moving. This place is not too far from Mount Nishin, furthermore based on my prediction, since this little loli behind me is a Natsukawa, then she’s a full-fledged little princess.

Right now Miss Natsukawa is hugging my waist. She’s probably never ridden on the back seat of a bicycle before, of course she’ll be a bit nervous.

After riding for twenty minutes, when I’m about to reach Mount Nishin I notice a flush of black cars in front of me, and numerous people wearing black suits are running around everywhere. Needless to say, they’re definitely the people searching for Natsukawa Yu.

When I ride near them, they also discover Natsukawa Yu sitting on the back seat of the bicycle.

「Found The Young Misses!」

With a loud shout I am quickly surrounded by a human wall. From amongst them a middle-aged man wearing a butler uniform walks out.

「Milady, you’re finally back!」

He looks with thrill at Natsukawa Yu, I think he’s even about to cry.


Natsukawa Yu who has already gotten off of the bicycle answers very mildly. At this time she cannot stand very well, her twisted ankle is still faintly aching. Seeing her difficulty using her other leg to support her body and standing very awkwardly, I can’t help speaking out.

「This uncle, your young misses fell down and twisted her ankle, how’s about letting her find a place to sit first?」

Dismay clearly surfaces over the middle-aged uncle’s masculine face.

「Oh my god! It’s one thing that The Young Misses came back so lot, she actually even twisted her ankle, this truly is my responsibility!」

「Stop complaining for now, wouldn’t it be better for you guys to take her back first and ice her ankle or something?」

「Ah, right right, come on, carry The Young Misses back home!」

With his calling, a big man walks out from amongst the group of black suits and carefully carries Natsukawa Yu.

「Wait a second.」

Natsukawa Yu seems to be calling me, because I’m just about to get on the bicycle and head back.

「Are you going now?」

「Of course, it’s already so late, I still need to rush back to sleep.」

Natsukawa Yu glances at that middle-aged butler, he seemingly immediately understands her meaning. Speaking of it, Natsukawa Yu really is like a young misses…

「Sir, I was too anxious before and didn’t notice you at all, may I ask if it is you who brought back The Young Misses?」

「I guess, I just so happened to meet her on the way and brought he back while I was at it.」

「I am truly thankful. Please, you must allow us to repay your kindness.」

It’s appeared… The script of saving a little girl, discovering she’s a little princess and then wanting to repay me has appeared!

「There’s really no need, I really just brought her back on my way.」

「If you don’t allow us to repay you we’ll honestly feel guilty in our hearts! Please, you must allow us to do something for you!」


I don’t know what to say anymore.

「Why don’t you stay here for the night Big Brother.」

Natsukawa Yu says calmly.

「Right right right, it’s already very late tonight, letting you return now is truly inappropriate. Please stay here for tonight.」

The butler seems to also think that this is a pretty good reason to keep me.

「I’m very sorry, please forgive me for declining. I don’t live in Kandatsu right now, early morning tomorrow I still have to go pick up a friend and then meet up with other people to return to Tokyo.」


Huh? Why is Natsukawa Yu saying great?

「So you also live in Tokyo… Stay here for today, tomorrow morning I’ll have them drive you to go meet up with your friends.」

If it’s like this then it’s not a bad choice either. Compared to me riding the bicycle back to Tamaki in the middle of the night and then only sleeping for a few hours and then needing to ride the bicycle to pick up Kamina Eno and then riding back with her to Tamaki to meet up with everyone to return to Tokyo, it’s a lot more convenient.

Only now do I notice how tired I’ll be tomorrow if I decline her request…

「If it’s not a bother for you guys then let’s do that.」

I see Natsukawa Yu smile, seemingly very satisfied with my response.

「Then please come up the mountain with us.」

The middle-aged butler voluntarily leads me on the path up the mountain. The Natsukawa family’s villa isn’t built at a very high position, after walking around ten minutes I see a magnificent building.

This sort of house only appears in movies right? I follow them into the villa and immediately servants greet us. After the butler says a few words to them, one of the servants walks over to me with a smiling face.

「Sir, please follow me.」

「Um… Okay.」

I follow her walking in this outrageously big villa., if they’d let me go by myself I’d probably have gotten lost. After a while she stops in front of a guest room.

「This is where you will be resting tonight sir, if you have any other needs please speak freely.」

「I’m fine… Having a place to sleep is enough already.」

「It is late, please rest early sir, I will be taking my leave then.」

「Okay, good bye.」

She slightly bows to me and then turns around leaving. I walk into this guest room, this is a very spacious room.

Right now I’m already very tired, taking off my shoes I lie on the bed and fall asleep. If it was before I would definitely also remark about the quality of this bed.

I won’t be able to forget what I experienced tonight for the rest of my life.

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