Otherworlder Service Firm


Title: Otherworlder Service Firm, 穿越者事务所, Chuan Yue Zhe Shi Wu Suo
Author: Passing By World Traveler, 路过的穿越者
Tags: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Harem, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Reincarnation, Romance
Synopsis: An unfinished wish? Thoughts that you once chased after but were unable to accomplish? Do you want rare treasure? Super powers?
As long as it is ‘fair’ and both sides agree, the deal can be conducted, what do you want?
No matter who you are, regardless of what world you come from, when you step into here, a change may occur to your fate, what can you give?
Foreign customer, as long as you have the luck to find this place…

Chapter 1: Prologue
Chapter 2: Irresponsible Place
Chapter 3: Unpleasant Experience
Chapter 4: I Really am a Regular Person
Chapter 5: I’m More Energy Efficient
Chapter 6: Do You Want a Photo of your Goddess?
Chapter 7: First, I Need a Camera…
Chapter 8: And then it’s Handing Over the Goods
Chapter 9: Take Hold of What’s In-front of You
Chapter 10: The first customer seems to be very troublesome


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