Super Powered Teacher – Dropped

: Super Powered Teacher, 超能教师, Chao Neng Jiao Shi
Author: 彬临城下
Tags: Action, Harem, Romance, Supernatural, Super Powers,
Synopsis: If before you say something, you had to think it through in your mind first. If every step you take, is carefully tread. If every decision you make, you’re afraid that you will regret it. Then, what do you need youth for?
Status: Dropped

I am not an intense teacher, and not a super teacher. Being here, I do not want to change the education system, and do not want to reform all the students, all I’m doing is working for a meal.

Xia Yu, the moment he was stamped with the label of a teacher, his legend also began…

I’m putting this series on hiatus until I regain the urge to translate it again.

Chapter 1: Fly
Chapter 2: Hooligan
Chapter 3: School Uniform
Chapter 4: Wind Manipulation
Chapter 5: Ke Ran’s Diary
Chapter 6: Iron Mask
Chapter 7: The Feeling of Messing with People
Chapter 8: Attack
Chapter 9: Famous Beauty
Chapter 10: Green Apple
Chapter 11: At the Mall
Chapter 12: Run
Chapter 13: Parkour Club
Chapter 14: Bet
Chapter 15: Record Holder
Chapter 16: Legendary Figure
Chapter 17: Have a Bowl of Noodles First
Chapter 18: Soloing the Taekwondo Club
Chapter 19: Famous
Chapter 20: Ma Ning’s Family
Chapter 21: Wanting to Cry
Chapter 22: Ancient Martial Arts
Chapter 23: The Smile of the Angel
Chapter 24: The Art Room After School
Chapter 25: Ke Ran’s Diary
Chapter 26: Boycotting Class
Chapter 27: Instant of Life and Death
Chapter 28: Worry
Chapter 29: Chen Xin’s Words
Chapter 30: Visiting An Jing’s Home

11 Responses to Super Powered Teacher – Dropped

  1. V2 says:

    the super power a bit similar to anime ‘darken than black’ dont u think? anyway thanks for introducing this novel…


  2. Anonymous says:

    The tag look interesting. The Mc being a teacher kind of reminded me of GTO but with super power. I’m looking forward to more chapters to see how the story will goes.

    Thanks fof the chapter.


  3. kirindas says:

    The link for chapter 1 doesn’t work. It goes to a “Page Not Found”.


  4. TheFrostDude says:

    Ok, I did not understand much from the synopsis but the tags looks interesting.
    Looking forward to see what kind of story this is. 🙂


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