The Gate of Extinction


Title: The Gate of Extinction, 灭世之门, mie shi zhi men
Author: Dark Lichee, 黑暗荔枝
Genre: Doomsday, 末世危机
Tags: Just think of other doomsday/apocalypse novels/manga/anime
Synopsis: Resident Evil, natural disasters…
Zombies, ice age…
In movie theaters, in video games, everyday human’s are encountering this kind of “doomsday”.
But nobody actually believes these…
Since he was young Su Lifeng was a person who could foresee disaster, but he never thought that one day he would foresee the end of the world:
100 days later, the entire world fell.
Humans are about to become extinct.
Su Lifeng took a big, deep breath, waking up from the vision: “I need to bust a load to calm down…”

Chapter 1: Precognition
Chapter 2: Prelude
Chapter 3: Fog
Chapter 4: The Missing
Chapter 5: Change
Chapter 6: Xenobreed
Chapter 7: Slaughter and… Observation
Chapter 8: Trickery
Chapter 9: Recognizing Reality
Chapter 10: From Guest to Host
Chapter 11: Bait
Chapter 12: Encounter
Chapter 13: You’re so Right
Chapter 14: The Depths
Chapter 15: The Future is Filled with Uncertainty
Chapter 16: Higher Level Life
Chapter 17: The Massive Hand Behind the Door!
Chapter 18: Leaving
Chapter 19: Returning Back to the World
Chapter 20: Infiltration