Dragon Proud Sky

龙傲天, Long Aotian, Dragon Proud Sky

Internet language, usually used to mock the main characters of some novels, animations or comics. A type of commonly criticized character because their character traits are the opposite of their image and the content along with the writing skill of the author’s are on the weak side. Now it is commonly used to mock those types of main characters in novels, animations and comics who are very strong from the beginning, do things without common sense and don’t use their heads but are able to easily get rid of the enemy using their main  character aura. All in all, you can think of them as the male version of “Mary Sue” (Also called Tom Sue in the country), in the eyes of some people they are detestable existences just like the male MCs of low level harem animes.

Brief Introduction

Main traits are, arriving at a different world, it’s easy for the words long (dragon), tang, han, ye, yu, tian, and other such words to appear in the MC’s name, their appearance usually uses handsome with good features and tiger back bear waist as the basic template, usually possess non-human bloodline, usually call themselves the descendants of dragons (aka. Chinese), can play Chinese instruments, usually with flutes as the majority, easy to obtain the good favour of otherworld dragons, has a very large chance of obtaining the ability of transforming into a Chinese dragon or other Chinese mythical creatures, has to go to a magic/martial arts school or a similar educational institution for a spin, the tested talent at the entry exam is always talent in all magic systems, or you might need to also add talent in the aspects of space and time, when evaluating the dou qi of other worlds they will regularly use the theory of meridian channels to belittle it, in schools they have to step on the faces of rich kids and save the damsel in distress, they are always able to obtain some hidden benefits from the library or the library manager, they are always shouting “I decide my life, not the heavens” at a dangerous, critical moment and then level up on the spot to obliterate the enemy, very easy to bump into “history’s greatest coincidence”, like to create harems, the women in the harem always like to say “No matter how many women you have, as long as you love me then that’s enough”, they basically take in every women they see and the majority are pretty vases or cold beauties.

Some of these traits do not only belong Dragon Proud Sky but a regular character will generally not have all of these traits. When a certain character possesses more and more of the above traits, he becomes increasingly closer to Dragon Proud Sky. And the characters that possess the majority of the above traits can basically be confirmed as Dragon Proud Sky. After all, the names of a lot of classical Dragon Proud Sky type characters are not Dragon Proud Sky.

In some novels it used by the author as the name of the MC’s greatest enemy.


Appearance: Either looks normal and possesses endless charm or is handsome with a tiger back and bear waist

Attire: Spatial ring, a pile of saint class demon cores; usually wears high-end ancient equipment

Level: When they make their appearance they are at the lowest a Spell Saint and at the highest a god

Moves: Usually contain dragon or have something to do with dragons (Sometimes they will introduce taichi)

Magic: Has to be all systems and has to possess magic immunity attribute; Even if they don’t know magic they know powerful special abilities or powerful internal qi

Women: Have to be saved, bought, came over on their own, conquered after defeated, raped (not necessarily rape but a bit more forceful), and the number has to be over 10 (Of them there has to be at least one princess and mature women, lolis, young married woman, big breasted, first love are a must)

Transformation: If it’s not a dragon then it’s a phoenix (Male dragon, female phoenix)

Likes: Playing the flute (or other kind of flute, there’s one that’s played straight and one horizontal), sword dancing (or just playing around with the sword), training his internal qi

Interests: Travelling all over the continent

Enemies: If it’s not coveting the MC’s wife(s) then it’s wanting to rob the MC’s treasures, or has some sort of great hatred with the MC (Like the person that killed his father, took his master…)

Relationships: Definitely an elder of the dragon clan or have a contract with a dragon, definitely recaptured an ancient demon god or familiar or godly beast that was once sealed, definitely being roped in as part of the royal family by owners of either one or multiple countries

Final BOSS: God of Light, Supreme God, Evil Demon King, God, The Creator

End: Living happily together with everybody or becoming the supreme god (becoming the final BOSS of the next Dragon Proud Sky)

Easy Methods to Identify

  • The first chapter of the novel says the MC is a loser or the abandoned child of a powerful family, 90% he is.
  • Generally speaking, the cheat obtained is either a book, ring, etc. from a road stall or is either an inheritance obtained in a cave after falling down a cliff or something like that.
  • The majority are orphans and were raised by an old person, moreover there is a very big chance this old person is some sort of god reincarnated or XXX touring Earth. A small portion are false orphans who originally thought they were orphans but the result is that their parents either have a big identity or are very powerful.
  • The obtained inheritance either has something to do with chaos, primordial, the void, etc. and in the end they will definitely control the entire universe, at the very worst they are undefeated in the world.
  • Generally speaking the obtained pet is a glutton that eats all kinds of godly medicines/herbs… Their final strength can basically rival the MC’s
  • The ones that intermittently repeat in the first 10 chapters how miserable the MC is
  • The ones where over 1000 words of the content of the first 10 chapters describe the appearance of the beautiful main female and the psychological behaviour
  • The ones where they start talking about women in the second chapter, obviously though some already start from the first chapter
  • The ones where there’s no clear main female, in the majority of the Dragon Proud Sky’s story there is no clear main female, usually it’s attacking one and then attacking the next one
  • That’s right! The most basic identification trait is that the readers feel like this is insulting females

Dragon Proud Sky Family

Ancestor:龙神天, Long Shentian, Dragon God Sky

Grandpa: 龙霸天/龙战天, Long Batian/Long Zhantian, Dragon Tyrant Sky/Dragon Battle Sky

Father: 龙破天, Long Potian, Dragon Break Sky

Mother: 司马琴心, Sima Qinxin, nothing here, move on


Dragon Proud Sky Traits

Main Character Aura:

Such as frequently calling the MC handsome with a tiger back and bear waist, repeatedly using one adjective countless times, not only so, anything that the author cannot explain is explained as history’s biggest coincidence.

Skilled in Martial Arts:

Generally you guys will find that if the Dragon Proud Sky that goes to the other world possesses the so-called ancient chinese martial arts, the Dragon Proud Sky always has to look down on the martial arts manuals or fighting techniques of the other world. But think about it people, a high-end magic world with fighting as the main theme, will it’s fighting techniques be weaker than Earth’s? The strangest thing is that the Dragon Proud Sky always has to use China’s 5000 year historical heritage to look down in disdain at the other side. Has the author not thought about those ancient fossils (old people) that have lived for thousands or even tens of thousands of years in the other world, the amount of time they’ve lived surpasses 5000 years, they even have all kinds of knowledge and techniques inherited from even longer ago. Could these kinds of fighting techniques formed by the essence of intelligence of countless generations for countless years be weak?

Frequently it’s always ruling the Earth or ruling the universe, it’s usually casually written and does not have any difficulty. The women are either princesses or queens, at every turn they’re saying “No matter how many women you have, as long as you love me then that’s enough”. All in all whatever nonsense you can think of.

It is exactly because these things are criticized by people that towards some of the types of characters that are especially YY and invincible they are all called Dragon Proud Sky.

狂拽酷炫叼炸天(I have no clue how to translate this, just think of it as being arrogant, OP, cool, along those lines):

The Dragon Proud Sky’s attributes or powerful main character aura, without these 5 attributes the Dragon Proud Sky can be said to be incomplete and not a qualified Dragon Proud Sky.

Arrogant: Presumptuous, insolent, because the Dragon Proud Sky possesses powerful strength, great wealth, many little bros, sky-breaking relationships, he can swagger across the streets and disregard everything

Cool: Proud, aloof, the Dragon Proud Sky comes out of the mud unstained, does not submit to power, does not fear violence, possesses great life ambitions

Dominant: Domineering, overbearing, the main attribute that belongs to the Dragon Proud Sky, his domineering aura overflows, with a shake of his tiger frame he can cause enemies to surrender at rumors of his arrival, beautiful women to submit under his crotch, does not require scientific proof

Cool (different kind): Can refer to handsome or apathetic. The former belongs to an extra attribute given to the Dragon Proud Sky by the outside world or other people, usually in the eyes of the beautiful women no matter what the Dragon Proud Sky looks like or what he does they carry this attribute; the latter is a personality attribute that could appear in the Dragon Proud Sky, it is usually displayed by the extreme contempt when facing enemies or the cruel torture when fighting

Cock: The Dragon Proud Sky’s essential attribute to conquering women, abnormal talent, divine protection, can single handedly take on tens or even hundred of women, after a few hours the Dragon Proud Sky will still be up and wishing for more, the women will be complete defeated and losing consciousness

Bastard Gas:

Why is the Dragon Proud Sky so beast, an important part is because he possesses bastard gas.

Bastard Gas:  A type of toxic and hazardous substance, the men that smell this gas will enter a state of confusion, uncontrollably thinking of all possible methods to get rid of the Dragon Proud Sky (The result is they can only be reverse killed by the MC who is pretending to be a wolf in sheep’s skin), or submitting underneath the Dragon Proud Sky’s jeans, begging to be his follower, from then on being loyal and devoted, never changing even until death; women will unconditionally fall in love with the person emitting it, regardless of what the Dragon Proud Sky does they will be deeply mesmerized, chasing after the Dragon Proud Sky is regular, there are even some that help him build his harem.

Giving some advice to everybody here, bastard gas is a super dangerous weapon with a danger level of SSS, if you see a carrier you must not fight them head on, you have to go around!!! Remember this!!