Chapter 25-30 and Afterword Update Post

Chapter 25: This is the life together with a loli?
Chapter 26: Even if girls are gathered together it won’t necessarily develop into a scene of carnage
Chapter 27: A happy school life shouldn’t have the demon called tests
Chapter 28: The second date after test week
Chapter 29: A string of unexpected events cause my heart that I believed to be resolute to waver
Chapter 30: Aoba Oku is Aoba Oku precisely because he is a lolicon

Title has been changed from Really Sorry to So Sorry. I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now. And a heads up, this novel has an open ending. Our favourite lolicon Aoba Oku does not end up with anybody in the end, instead the author has written four alternate endings for four girls, and there’s one fan written ending for another girl. As for who these four girls are, you guys can try figuring that out yourselves. Note that all of the girls have appeared already in Volume 1.

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Song: Darabungba

Original version

This is a Chinese vocaloid song, the light blue and green are two different vocaloid singers, the dark blue is them singing together.The original creator of the song asked that for any covers, the names of the characters and the city be replaced with their own creations. In the cover I linked the names are:
Hero: Dashing Suave Beijing Bar Pimp Lord Nan Menghua
Dragon: Village Head Bully Crossdressing Futa Cartoon Dog Balls Dragon
Mispronounced Dragon: Mouthful Of Buck Teeth Like A Watermelon Fire Breathing Roly-Poly
Princess: Luna Beautiful As A Flower Hentai Red Sweet Basil Tea
City: Wash Head Upstream Filled With Greenery Spring In The Air City
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AAIAALSS Chapter 18-24 Update and Discussion Post

Chapter 18: Could this also be considered a “mixed bath”
Chapter 19: Darling, it’s my turn today
Chapter 20: The Two People Voicing Their Hearts Under The Starry Sky
Chapter 21: Don’t Be Afraid Little Girl, Big Brother Is A Lolicon
Chapter 22: Is It Really Okay To Only Be Thinking Of The Topic Now?
Chapter 23: If I Can Help You Like This Then I’m Willing
Chapter 24: Sorry, I got lost and ended up at your house…

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I’m not dead… But I’m not exactly alive either (No I’m not a ghost)

So, it’s been a few months since I went AWOL. My greatest apologies. There’s been a lot of stuff that’s happened in the Chinese web novels translation circle and with how busy I’ve been I just decided to stay away for a while. To keep things simple, I haven’t stopped translating, but I’m not fully back either, although I’m ashamed to say that with my translation pace it doesn’t really make a difference.

With my translation pace, I’ve decided that instead of maintaining the blog, I’ll just share my translation folder on google drive. You can see my recent translation activity in the activity tab and I’ll occasionally post update posts on this blog. So I guess that’s about it, maybe in the future I’ll post some random stuff I find interesting but I know you guys don’t really care. Anyways, stay safe and don’t do drugs kids.. at least no hard drugs. Oh, and don’t laugh about my gmail, a big high five to anyone who knows where my email come from, and yes, it’s a typo, I was in elementary school.

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TSS Chapter 4: Crushing All Balls Seen

The title of this chapter makes me feel the pain. Continue reading

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TSS Chapter 3: The Most Terrifying Martial Art In The World

I wanted to say something, but just like how this thought quietly came, it also quietly left. I hate this feeling… Obligatory complain about grammar. Continue reading

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TSS Chapter 2: Come Hit Me You Trash

I tried putting the inner thoughts of the MC in italics per a previous suggestion. Might or might not continue doing this. Continue reading

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