The Post to End All Questions (Sort of)

Xiao Yan – Battle Through the Heaven
Xiao Budian – Perfect World
Wang Lin – Xian Ni (Renegade Immortal)
Zhu Yi – Untranslated novel called 阳神, Yang Shen.

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VR:ATF Chapter 2: The Hell’s Wrong with my Character

I’m not picking this up. I’ll just translate a chapter whenever I feel like it, or never. Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 102: First Encounter with the Straw-Drawing System

Chinese song of the day. So, uh, change of plans on this side project business. As you can tell, I haven’t updated The Gate of Extinction for a long time now. Sorry to the people who voted and were looking forward to it. People from further back will know that I’ve already picked up a few side projects and then dropped them shortly afterwards. I’ve officially given up on side projects and will just translate whatever I feel like on the side. Once again, I’m really sorry to the people who voted and wanted more TGOE. Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 101: Achieving Foundation Establishment, System Upgrade!

Chinese song of the day. Knock knock… Knock knock…Hello??? Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 100: The Path of Prodigies is to Cut Down All Obstacles

Chinese song of the day. Sorry guys, school was starting for me soon so I wanted to loaft around a bit more than I already was. There’s no double chapter, but I would like to say that I do appreciate you guys sticking around and putting up with my horrendous release rate, although I guess my actions don’t really say that… But as the old saying goes, “Words speak louder than action.”. Yeah, I’m sure I remembered that right, who said that again? Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 99: High Risk High Reward

Chinese song of the day. Maybe, it’s time to get an editor… P, please don’t hit me. I, I’m still useful! I can cook, scrub the dishes, wash clothes, please!!! A lot of times, I can tell that the grammar sucks and I try to fix it, but it’s hard. I’d find an editor, but apparently I’m really bad at working with people. Tried that with Shura’s Wrath and things didn’t work out so well. I think part of it has to do with the nature of my blog and my irregularity. If you ever read anything that sounds really bad/awkward, please don’t hesitate to leave a suggestion in the comments. Thanks!  Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 98: Reversing Life and Death, Turning the World Upside Down

Chinese song of the day. Original Version. This is serious stuff, but I obviously can’t help laughing. Changed “Yin-Yang Life & Death Formation” to “Yin-Yang Creation & Perishment Formation”, “aura/air of death” to “death energy”. I changed Eternal River to Ganges because at first I thought there’s no way in hell he’s talking about the Ganges River and the words also meant Eternal River. But then there was mention of sacred water or something and my google search told me the Ganges River is a super sacred river (and super polluted) so I changed it to Ganges. Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 97: All who believe in me, I never disappoint them

Chinese song of the day. I haven’t posted updates on reddit for a while now but I see that some of you are posting the updates there for me. Thank you guys very much. Where I come from the customary way to show gratitude is to tell a yo mamma joke… So I think I’ll just pass, but I’m still very grateful. Sidenote, I come from a mystical land of which I cannot speak its name else I shall be banished into the realm of non-yo mamma jokes appreciating mortals. Continue reading

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