VR: ATF Chapter 4: Made Money

Music Video, English Lyrics. This song, for me, is the peak of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. It’s actually very emotional for me, but I just don’t know what to think about the topic.

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Whoops, Thriller Paradise is already being translated

It’s already being translated here as Terror Paradise. Well, time to find a new project.

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I’m dropping HN1F and changing the format of my blog (try not to swear)

So, I know this came out of nowhere, I know I’m gonna get a lot of backlash from this (I have experience from Shura’s Wrath), and I know a lot of you are fed up with me, but this idea has been in my head for some time. Above all else, I have to say sorry to fans of HN1F.

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HN1F Chapter 105: Two Realms Void Art.

This guy here made a pdf/epub of HN1F, so you guys can go check that out. Here’s a pipa version that I really like of this song. Continue reading

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AAIAALRS Chapter 6: In regards to what kind of club a lolicon should enter

Happy International Loli Day!!! Shut up, I need some sort of excuse to translate this. I was originally going to put a different video, but it was a tad too much… Honestly, if you want to call me a lolicon then I won’t fully deny it. Hey, put that phone down!!! I do think they’re cute, but, you know, kitten and puppy kind of cute (No, I don’t have zoophilia).Every manz needz a dose of cuteness in their life, some get it from animals…some get it from… other… sources… God, I’d be so embarrassed if someone I knew ever read my comments on this site.  Continue reading

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VR:ATF Chapter 3: Gimme back my money, bastard!

Translator: Luke Baker the Immortal
This is a chapter translated by someone who had some interest in translation and the person wanted to have me post it here. Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 104: Wind & Thunder Genesis, Endless and Without Bounds

Oh man, how the internet ruins some things. I was watching a sad show about a family that had their young daughter stolen from them, and then some sad music the internet abuses came on and I couldn’t help laughing. I hang my head in shameContinue reading

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