Character Stat Page

The character page will be wrong 90% of the time since I only update it when it is shown in the chapter.

Character: Ling Tian

Level: 11; Class: Ling Tian Battle Soul; Faction: None

Fame: 5485; Money: 19 gold, 0 silver, 0 copper: SP 80

Basic Attributes: Strength: 137, Constitution: 25, Agility: 47, Spirit: 15

Innate Attributes: Luck: 8; Comprehension: 8

HP: 700

MP: 370

Physical Attack Strength: 523

Magic Attack Strength: 30

Physical Defense: 103

Hit Rate: ????(absolute hit); Dodge Rate: 47

Critical Hit Rate: 22%; Pierce Rate: 12% (TL: Ignore defense)

Attack Speed: 100%; Movement Speed: 132%

Elemental Resistance: Water: 3%; Fire: 0%; Wind: 0%; Lightning: 0%; Earth: 3%; Light: 0%; Darkness: 0%

Pet: Holy Spirit Beast (Xiao Hui); Mount: Cloud-Stepping Mare


Personal Skills:

[Scan] :Current Level: LV1, cannot be upgraded. An ability for all classes, MP Consumption: 1, examine the basic stats of creatures no higher than yourself by 10 levels.

[Soul Sacrifice]: Current Level: : LV3, Highest Level LV4, SP to Upgrade to LV4: 50000, An impasse skill that uses your life and soul as an offering in exchange for the most extreme attack strength. Only people with a strong mind and conviction can unlock and trigger it. After activating HP=1, Physical Attack Strength+300%, Magic Attack Strength+300%, the use any skill has no consumption (including HP and MP consumption), Duration: 20 secs, and cannot be stopped while in use, cannot use any method of HP recovery. Cooldown Time: 200secs.

[Heaven Wind Technique]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV4: 2400. Ancient battle technique, after practice it can greatly increase the ability to control any weapon. Effect: When using any weapon, damage dealt is increased by 15%. Effect does not stack with other weapon proficiency skills.

[Item Manipulation Technique]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV10. Sp to Upgrade to LV4: 2400. Ancient battle technique, after practice equipment that surpasses your current level can be equipped. Effect: Ignores any piece of equipment’s level requirement by 3 levels.

Class Skills (Ling Tian Battle Soul):

[War God Technique]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV3: 2000. Powerful battle technique originating from War God’s soul force, after practise can greatly increase personal attack strength permanently. Effect: Strength increases by 2*X points, physical attack strength increased by 5*X (X=Current level).

[Ling Tian Slash]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV3: 400. Using the weapon in the hand to attack a single enemy, suddenly releasing the strength of the battle soul the instant you hit the enemy dealing devastating damage towards the opponent. Effect: Single target attack, damage is equal to 210% of regular attacks, critical hit chance+5%, 5% chance of stunning for 3-5 seconds, very big chance of pushing back the target, MP Consumption: 15, Cooldown Time: 0.

[Ling Tian Burst]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level, LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV3: 300. Pouring the battle soul power into the weapon, instantly releasing it when slashing forward creating a power explosion in a small area, attacking all targets in a 5 meter area in front, damage is equal to 110% of regular attacks, MP Consumption: 20, Cooldown Time: 0.

[Four Corners Star Formation]: Current Level: LV3, Highest Level: LV10, SP required to upgrade to LV4: 800. Using the power of the battle soul to sweep the surroundings, instantly forming a formation of destruction in a 10 meter radius around yourself. The raging battle soul power will deal devastating damage towards all targets within the formation. Damage is equal to 400% of regular damage, Critical Hit Rate+10%, 100% chance to trigger knock back, MP Consumption: 100, Cooldown Time: 60 secs.

[Battle Soul Possession]: Current Level: LV2, Highest Level: LV5, SP required to upgrade to LV3: 3000. Igniting the battle soul, releasing all of your strength causing you next attack to possess the most extreme destructive power. Effect: Damage+100% for next attack, MP Consumption: 50, Cooldown Time: 30 secs.

Equipment Skills:

[Shooting Soaring Cloud]: Throw out Soaring Cloud with all your strength, the flying Soaring Cloud will pierce through all enemies in a straight line in front like a shooting star, it also has a certain chance of causing fatal damage, Soaring Cloud that has been thrown out will not automatically return. Effect: Piercing attack in a straight line forward in a 15 meter radius, compulsory hit, 300% attack damage, 1% chance of triggering instant death. HP-50, MP-50, Cooldown Time: 100 secs.

[Moon Shadow]: Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar skill, when cast it will release silver moonlight illuminating the target’s shadow, forcibly freezing all shadows under the moonlight, suppressing all movement of the shadow and its owner. Effect: All targets in a X meter radius will be forcibly stunned (X = Current Level) for 5 seconds. MP Consumption: 0. Cooldown Time: 60 secs.


Weapon: Right Hand: Soaring Cloud (Spear), Left Hand: Sand Blade (Two-Handed Sword)

Luna Chain: Lunar Scourge (Socket 1: Heartless Orb, Socket 2: Elementary Defense Crystal, Socket 3: Gemini Orb, Socket 4: Elementary Strength Crystal, Socket 5: Elementary Pierce Crystal, Socket 6: Elementary Speed Crystal, Socket 7: Wind Chasing Stone, Socket 8: Empty, Socket 9: Sagittarius Orb, Socket 9: Empty, Socket 10: Empty, Socket 11: Empty, Socket 12: Empty, Center-Left Socket: Empty, Center Socket: Empty, Center-Right Socket: Empty.)

Helmet: Silver Helmet

Mask: Regular Mask

Necklace: None

Earring: None

Ring: Nimble Ring, None

Insignia: Proof of Courage

Upper Garment: Golden Stitched Garment

Belt: None

Lower Garment: Beastskin Trousers

Handguard: White Silver Bracers

Boots: White Silver Boots

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  1. Anonymous says:

    isn’t the hit rate suppose to be either 100% or unknown due to the Sagittarius orb?


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