I’m not dead… But I’m not exactly alive either (No I’m not a ghost)

So, it’s been a few months since I went AWOL. My greatest apologies. There’s been a lot of stuff that’s happened in the Chinese web novels translation circle and with how busy I’ve been I just decided to stay away for a while. To keep things simple, I haven’t stopped translating, but I’m not fully back either, although I’m ashamed to say that with my translation pace it doesn’t really make a difference.

With my translation pace, I’ve decided that instead of maintaining the blog, I’ll just share my translation folder on google drive. You can see my recent translation activity in the activity tab and I’ll occasionally post update posts on this blog. So I guess that’s about it, maybe in the future I’ll post some random stuff I find interesting but I know you guys don’t really care. Anyways, stay safe and don’t do drugs kids.. at least no hard drugs. Oh, and don’t laugh about my gmail, a big high five to anyone who knows where my email come from, and yes, it’s a typo, I was in elementary school.


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1 Response to I’m not dead… But I’m not exactly alive either (No I’m not a ghost)

  1. Aniyo says:

    At least thanks you’re not stop translating 😀


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