History’s Number 1 Founder


Title: History’s Number 1 Founder
Author:  八月飞鹰, August Eagle
Genre: Xuanhuan
Tags: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Stuff…
Synopsis: He time-traveled and got a system but Lin Feng’s pressure is as big as a mountain.
System main quest: Lin Feng creates a school, establishing history’s number 1 sect, Lin Feng himself becoming the number 1 founder.
And so to become history’s number 1 founder Lin Feng started to work hard.
“Your name is Shi Tianhao? Natural born sovereign but it was stolen by your cousin. Now being raised in a little village your father placed you in? Come come come, come with master, we’ll let those people know that justice that is owed must be returned!”
“Your name is Xiao Yan? A genius in the past, now a loser. Your fiance even came over and humiliated you by breaking off the engagement? Come come come, come with master, we’ll let that brat know the meaning of don’t bully a youngster because he’s poor!”
“Your name is Zhu Yi? The bastard son of a marquis, suppressed by your father. Your mother was the previous holy maiden but she was killed? Come come come, come with master, we’ll let your dad know the meaning of the world is big, fists are… no, reason is the biggest!”

Note: The world of HN1F is a mixture of the altered worlds of Battle Through the Heavens, Perfect World, Xian Ni, Transcending the Nine Heavens, another book and the author’s own creations. In this book, you will see characters based off of characters from these novels such as Xiao Yan, Shi Tian Hao (Shi Hao) and other such characters. The beginning of this novel should be treated as a sort of parody to these novels. Once the MC gathers his 4 disciples, the story will then start moving along it’s own plot line and this is when the story truly starts. You will still see some familiar events related to the characters except a bit altered, but the overall plot and story will be centered around the author’s own original plot. If you cannot accept this, then do not read this novel.

Google Translation (An anon posted this in the comments and I figured I’d put it here.)


Chapter 1-100
Chapter 101-200

138 Responses to History’s Number 1 Founder

  1. next update for chapter 108 please…


    • Levis says:

      108+ chapters are in qidian international. Download the app. There are also a bunch of chinese novels there, translated.


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  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello, is this series still being translated?


  7. White Knight says:

    Hey man are you still planning on translating this series?


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