HN1F Chapter 104: Wind & Thunder Genesis, Endless and Without Bounds

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The short youth sat on the back of the feilian and constantly increased the power of the Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation he laid-down in the valley.

This person’s name is Gao Long, an elite disciple of the Wind God Sect. He originally came around here in pursuit of Xiao Budian, Zhu Yi and Xiao Yan.

That day in the great intersecting mountain range, to fight for the inheritance of an aurous core stage cultivator who failed to pass tribulation, Xiao Budian and co clashed with disciples of the Wind God Sect and killed two of the people.

Seeing that they were no match at the time, this group of Wind God Sect disciples could only flee in a fluster, but before they ran, they activated a secret charm of the sect. It doesn’t have any attack power, but it can silently leave behind a mark on the enemy’s body.

It was following the mark on Xiao Budian’s body that Gao Long pursued him to around here.

Before Xiao Budian was travelling together with Lin Feng and the mark on his body was blocked by the Black Cloud Flag’s mana, thus Gao Long lost their position.

Right when he was exasperated, he suddenly discovered the Heaven Gold Thundersnake that was just about to shed its skin and evolve in the valley.

Losing at sunrise and gaining at sunset, unable to find Xiao Budian, Gao Long thus set his mind on the thundersnake.

He was an elite disciple among the young generation of the Wind God Sect. Not only did he have a feilian as his mount, he was also taught the Wind God Sect’s secret spell, the formation diagram of the Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation.

Successfully evolving into a thunder wyrm, the thundersnake may have aurous core stage strength, but it is extremely weak after evolution.  Gao Long was armed with the feilian beast and the Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation so he naturally was not afraid.

Right when he laid-down the formation and was silently awaiting the thundersnake’s evolution, the mark on Xiao Budian’s body suddenly reappeared again in his senses.

Gao Long was instantly delighted: “Perfect, I’ll cook you guys together in one pot!” Immediately, he increased the power of the Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation to the extreme.

In the spell formation, raging winds whirled and sand and rocks flew in the air.

Xiao Budian carefully advanced in the valley. Around his body, an invisible wall separated the raging winds on the outside, causing the surrounding 5 foot radius around Xiao Budian to maintain calmness, just as though the center eye of the hurricane.

Upon close inspection you would discover that it was a wall of wind constantly spinning around Xiao Budian’s body, fighting wind with wind and blocking the gales within the Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation.

Xiao Budian looked at the sand-filled, black and yellow scenery outside of the wind wall and stuck out his tongue: “Master was right, the mana of this Flowing Wind Sigil itself is limited, it cannot truly shelter from the wind and calm the wind.”

“At the moment I can only slowly walk like this. If my movements are slightly faster, the wind wall could crumble.”

Xiao Budian took out the Flowing Wind Sigil and infused his own mana within. He sensed the change in mana fluctuations within the sigil.

Lifting his head, he climbed towards the peak of a mountain: “This way.”

Gradually approaching the mountaintop, there weren’t any changes to the windstorm on the outside, but the protective wind wall made by the Flowing Wind Sigil became increasingly more unstable.

Xiao Budian knew in his heart that he was getting closer one of the spell formation’s vital points.

The mana here was affecting the effect of the Flowing Wind Sigil.

Cracks started to appear on the transparent wind wall and some black wind occasionally leaked in.

Xiao Budian’s cute, little face instantly wrinkled into a bun: “If I continue moving forward, the Flowing Wind Sigil probably won’t be able to hold on.”

Right when he was worried, the Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm’s roar of pain travelled over from the heart of the valley in the distance.

The Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm had just finished shedding. Even though it reached the power level of the aurous core stage, it was at its weakest moment in its entire life. Currently it was being surrounded by dozens of twisters and it was virtually a living hell.

Its roar was filled with anger. If its strength recovered to its peak phase, breaking open this formation would be a piece of cake. But now it’s being beaten into a corner.

A rotten boat still has two kilograms of nails. The Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm roared and its body suddenly flipped over. It opened-wide its big mouth and a radiant golden lightning rapidly condensed in its mouth.

The next moment, the Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm spit out a ball of gold lightning, rumbling and colliding with the boundless gales.

The two sides were in a deadlock, but this worked out for Xiao Budian. All of the power of the Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation was used on fighting the Heaven Gold Thunder Wyrm, the pressure on the Flowing Wind Sigil immediately greatly reduced and the transparent wind wall re-stabilized.

Xiao Budian let out a low cry of joy and hurriedly continued climbing towards the mountaintop.

Arriving at the mountaintop, he saw that at the peak of the mountain, a green flag was stuck in the dirt beneath an old pine tree. A feilian beast was sewn on the face of the flag and there were a few lines that outlined the appearance of a twister.

Xiao Budina though of Lin Feng’s words: “This is different from the 24 Heavens Arhat Formation that you broke before. The Flowing Wind Sigil can only be used to point the way, but is unable to help you remove the enemy’s formation magic item.”

“If you want to break the formation, you can only depend on your own skills.”

Xiao Budian inhaled a deep breath. He clutched the Flowing Wind Sigil in his hand, but in his mind he thought of what happened a couple of months ago when he and his two apprentice-brothers found the Thunder Element Sigil.

After they obtained the Thunder Element Sigil, the wind and thunder sigils combined and the two types of forces complemented each other, creating genesis and actually displaying extremely powerful force.

Precisely because they had grasped the secrets within did they gain the help of the sigil and their strength all had considerable progress. Or else with just the inheritance of that aurous core stage cultivator, Zhu Yi would not be able to race from qi disciple level 7 to qi disciple level 11 in such a short time.

“Wind and thunder genesis, endless and without bounds.” Xiao Budian pondered for a moment and his two hands stretched forward.

Lightning flashed at his right hand, emitting the sizzling sound of electric currents. The violent lightning gradually formed the shape of a long blade, it was precisely the Great Lightning Blade spell that Lin Feng grasped from the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique and taught to him.

But Xiao Budian was in no hurry to release it and instead maintained the giant lightning blade in his right hand while communicating with the Flowing Wind Sigil in his left hand.

Air currents were derived from the Flowing Wind Sigil and under Xiao Budian’s careful control, they started to constantly circle around the long blade made of lightning.

The flowing speed of the air currents grew increasingly faster and gradually turned into a mini twister added onto the lightning blade.

There were many times were the twister and the lightning blade affected each other and nearly collapsed.

But Xiao Budian very carefully controlled every minute change in the spell and actually maintained both the twister and the lightning blade.

At the end, he gradually got the hang of it and the forces of wind and lightning not only no longer interfered with each other, they instead started to mutually support each other.

Xiao Budian smile: “Just like this!”

Wind and thunder surged, under the mutual nourishment, the force of the twister lightning blade became increasingly more astounding. The length of the lightning blade stretched to a dozen meters long, the blade was a meter wide and on the blade itself, the roaring twister constantly writhed.

“Eyah, break!”

Xiao Budian shouted, the twister lightning blade in his hand directly tore apart the black windstorm in front of him and heavily slashed the green flagpole.

The eyes of the feilian beast on the flag shined. It released a roar of anger and the green flag glowed brilliantly, wanting to block Xiao Budian’s attack.

But the twister and the lightning exploded together, the violent power directly blew that green flag to pieces!

Through the connection between them, Gao Long spit out a mouthful of blood in the air and flew into a rage: “Fucking brat, you court death!”

Gao Long urged the feilian beast and dived downwards, charging straight towards Xiao Budian who was at the mountaintop.

A dozen black twisters rushed out from his sleeves and howled towards Xiao Budian.

Lightning flickered around Xiao Budian’s body, but it was unable to stop the enemy’s black twisters. The great gap in mana between foundation establishment stage cultivators and qi disciple stage cultivators was fully displayed in this confrontation.

The twisters roared and bombarded Xiao Budian’s body, smashing him towards the ground and firmly pressing him down. They rapidly spun like drills and drilled downwards, the mountaintop composed entirely of hard granite was destroyed and crushed, dust and dirt flew everywhere.

If it was a regular qi disciple stage circle of perfection cultivator, they would have already died after bearing an attack like this.

But Xiao Budian’s body is extremely powerful. His little face may be deathly pale and his body covered in dirt, but he actually withstood this attack.

Gao Long rode the feilian and arrived above him. He looked down at Xiao Budian from above and sneered saying: “You little bastard, you’re pretty resilient. Then let’s see how many of my spells you can endure.”

Xiao Budian grunted: “Ha, you being audacious? The harsher you bully me, the harsher my master will take care of you in a bit!”

Gao Long laughed out loud: “You master is around here? So what, at most he’s just a tiny foundation establishment stage cultivator.”

He stared at Xiao Budian and smiled cruelly: “I bet you still don’t know? Only aurous core stage cultivators can discover the charm planted on your body by our sect’s secret technique, yet you two master and disciple were completely unaware of it.”

“Hence it can be seen that your master is nothing but so, at the most he’s just a foundation establishment stage cultivator.” Gao Long sneered saying: “I’ve got a feilian and the Hurricane Demon Crushing Formation on my hand, I am invincible beneath the aurous core stage.”

“Have that bullshit master of yours come out. I’ll teach him not to keep acting like a big shot in front of his disciple, he’s still a long way off.” Gao Long waved his hand and numerous more black twister rushed towards Xiao Budian.

“Before that, I’ll butcher you first you little bastard!”

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