VR:ATF Chapter 3: Gimme back my money, bastard!

Translator: Luke Baker the Immortal
This is a chapter translated by someone who had some interest in translation and the person wanted to have me post it here.

With a big smile on his face, Li Huailin once again walked up to the elder of Novice Village. Li Huailin was currently in such a good mood that he even felt that this grey-bearded old man was amiable.

“Old man, I’ve finished your quest!” Li Huailin said happily.

“Hero of the future, you live up to my expectations. Your scars have proven your bravery, this is your reward” The grey bearded village elder systematically responded.

[System Notification] Rank E quest: Exterminate Dark Slimes completed. -200 EXP -10 copper coins.

“WTF!” Li Huailin instantly collapsed. Why the hell did they reward the task with -200 EXP and -10 Copper coins? Sure enough, his EXP bar became 250/500. Originally, he had picked up 13 copper coins from killing slimes, now he only had 3.

Forget about the experience, after all it’ll come back after dying a few times, but the money is upsetting! It wasn’t easy to finally obtain a few copper coins, suddenly you take away 10?

“Son of a bitch, to actually steal my money!” Li Huailing no longer cared whether the old man was an NPC or what and directly grabbed the village elder’s collar, “Gimme back my money, bastard!”

“What’s going on?” The nearby group of novice players were baffled. They were all preparing to take on missions, when suddenly, a player appeared to be ready to attack the village elder. Curious, they quickly formed a circle around the two.

On this side, the village elder continued to leisurely repeat himself “Warrior, for the time being, I have no more quests to give you… However, I heard that the village blacksmith and tailor seem to need help, perhaps you can go take a look.” .

“Talk my ass! Gimme back my money!” Li Huailin replied while holding the village elder’s collar. “Still won’t return my money? I’ll beat you!”

“What’s happening?!? It looks like he’s going to attack the village elder!” The watching players felt baffled.

“Haha, this you don’t understand” A nearby player seemed to realize something, and started to analyze the situation out loud, “《Heart of Glory》has hidden quests. You see, this player must want to receive the village elder’s hidden quest, and so he’s trying a different approach (beating it out of him… :’D)

“I see… ” The surrounding players nodded and actually accepted this explanation

“Yeah right” With a sound of disdain, a dozen players appeared from behind. One look, and you could tell that these dozen players were together. And even though they were in Novice Village, they were fully equipped in armour. Leading the group was a middle aged man who looked to be in his 30s. The armour on his body emitted a pale green glow, and actually turned out to be a suit of bronze armour. For a player to be able to obtain bronze equipment in Novice Village meant that he must be a guild member. Only guilds, who fight with Bosses can obtain bronze equipment. For ordinary players who wanted to obtain bronze equipment from clearing mobs, the chances were simply too slim.

“Wanting to trigger a hidden quest with this kind of appearance, you must be kidding. Even with so many people in Spirit World, and trying every possible method, we’ve never been able to trigger a hidden quest” The leading male said “You just wait and watch the good show, this Novice Village elder seems to be a lvl 30 or above NPC, if that guy tries something, you guys can just watch as he gets one-shotted by the elder”.

“Spirit World…” The surrounding crowd suddenly made a commotion, but they immediately believed what the man said, because Spirit World was truly very credible.

“If you repeat this line again, I’ll really hit you!” On this side, Li Huailing didn’t pay attention to the people watching behind his back at all, and continued to threaten the Novice Village chief.

“Warrior, for the time being, I have no more quests to give you…” As to be expected, this grey bearded village elder really only had 2 sentences in his dictionary.

“I gave you a chance!” Li Huailin not saying anything further, raised his right hand and threw a punch at the village elder’s face

  • 2

[System Notification] Due to attacking the village chief of Novice Village, the village chief’s goodwill towards you +20. Current attitude: Friendly.

“What the fuck?” Li huailin was once again baffled by the system.

“He really attacked!” The people around immediately livened up, each one with the expression of waiting to see a good show.

One second passed…

Two seconds passed…

10 seconds passed, yet everything was quiet. Nothing happened. Soon, the people noticed that something was off.

“What happened? Why didn’t the village chief fight back?” A player asked.

“Yeah, I saw with my own eyes someone who was immediately killed after attacking the village elder. Why didn’t the village elder hit back?”

The Spirit World members were also stunned, what is this?

What happened next was even more shocking. Originally, the village elder had faced this player with a completely expressionless face, but after suffering a blow, he actually broke into a smile.

“Warrior, it’s you, ah, it’s so great to see you! I hear that the blacksmith and tailor have jobs for you, Can I trouble you to go take a look?” The village elder said to Li Hailin while smiling.

“The fuck? Is this village elder mental? Others hit him, yet he still welcomes them with a smiling face? Is he ill?” The surrounding players really couldn’t stay calm.

Li Huailin was stunned for a moment, but soon figured out what had happened. Originally, his approval was supposed to be deducted, but it was increased instead. After adding 20 points, the village elder’s attitude became “friendly”. No wonder the village head suddenly greeted him with a smiling face.

“What a masochistic NPC. Seeing that you robbed me of 10 copper coins, why don’t I just slap you a few more times.” Li Huailing said while grabbing the village elder’s collar, opened his right hand, and slapping the elder with a loud “pa!”, making the surrounding players all suddenly feel pain in their cheeks.

[System Notification] Due to attacking the village chief of Novice Village, the village chief’s goodwill towards you +15. Current attitude: Friendly.

“My god! He hit him again!” Again the crowd burst out in shock.

“I’ll slap you until I’m satisfied” Li Huailing became more enthusiastic the more he slapped, and was soon hooked; vigorously slapping the village elder.

[System Notification] Due to attacking the village chief of Novice Village, the village chief’s goodwill towards you +12. Current attitude: Respectful.

[System Notification] Due to attacking the the village chief of Novice Village, the village chief’s goodwill towards you +10. Current attitude: Respectful.


[System Notification] Due to attacking the the village chief of Novice Village, the village chief’s goodwill towards you +3. Current attitude: Worship.

After continuously slapping the village elder 10s of times, and slapping a total of 40HP off the elder, Li Huailing was finally satisfied . The village elder;s goodwill had also risen to the point of being unable to raised anymore.

The nearby players had been stupified a long time ago, no longer knowing how to react. Even the players from Spirit World could only stare at Li Huailin dumbly.

“Ok, I’ve gotten my fill, the 10 copper will go towards your medical bill, keep the change” Li Huailin dusted off his hands and said in a satisfied manner.

Unexpectedly, just as LI Huailin let go of the village elder, this elder who hadn’t had any reaction until now suddenly grabbed Li Huailin’s hand, giving Li Huailin a fright.

“O Mighty Warrior, I’ve found you at last! Your heroism deserves the praise of the entire world! Your mighty accomplishments should be carved upon the temple!” This village elder said with extreme excitement, his eyes reflecting the exact meaning of worship.

“Mm” Li Huailin nodded his head in a satisfied manner, “Not bad, old man. It was worthwhile for me to painstakingly hit you so many times”

“Painstaking my ass!” The other players gaped. What heroism? What accomplishments? Don’t tell me slapping you 10s of times counts as a military accomplishment in your eyes!

“Oh right, warrior, Speaking of this, please allow me to give you a hidden task” The grey bearded village elder’s said while ignoring the others.

[System Notification] You have received AA Rank quest from the village elder of Novice Village: Source of Evil. Accept?

“Accept my ass, get lost! Refuse.” Li Huailin was momentarily shocked. Although it was unknown what rewards this AA Rank quest may reward, but just looking at this AA Rank, it was obvious that it was not fun. If the reward was several thousand EXP, even dying several hundred times wouldn’t cut it.

“The fuck? The village elder really revealed a hidden quest!” The other players were immediately excited.

“Did you guys hear? This guy actually refused such an opportunity!” Another player immediately said.

“He’s too good, I can’t watch anymore”

“Warrior, will you really not think about it? The reward will certainly satisfy you!” Seeing that Li Huailin refused, the grey bearded village elder, asked once again.

“I…” Of course Li Huailing wanted to refuse. Just as he was about the refuse once again, a hand suddenly landed on his shoulder from behind.

“Wait a minute my friend”

A sound came from behind, Li Huailin turned his head, and found that just now a few Spirit World members had appeared behind him. The leading 30 something uncle was the one who interrupted him.

“What’s up? Do I know you?” Li Huailin was surprised. He had been solely focused on slapping the village elder, and hadn’t paid attention to what was happening behind him, so he didn’t know that these players were members of Spirit World.

“I am Spirit World’s vice-president, Ye Hang, these are my subordinates” Ye Hang introduced himself.

“Spirit World…” Li Huailin’s eyes narrowed momentarily. This Spirit World was truly a big guild, Previous games that Li Huailin had played also had a Spirit World. Furthermore, in every game, Spirit World was always ranked in the top 3. Once 《Heart of Glory》 went online, naturally, he’d know that the big guilds would move in, but he never expected it to be so fast. Have they given up all their other markets and resources?

While his mind was turning fast, Li Huailin didn’t show it in his expression, instead smiling while saying “I’m a solo player; Xionghuai Ruolin. You may call me Li Huailin”

“Nice to meet you Li Huailin” Ye Hang said politely, “I seem to have just witnessed you refusing a hidden quest, can you tell me why?” Ye Hang was also very curious. Normally, one would look everywhere for a hidden quest, why did this guy throw away this giant cake without even thinking?

“O, you see this was an AA Rank quest, I don’t have the confidence to complete it successfully. It’s a waste of time, I’d rather go leveling” Li Huailing wasn’t stupid enough to tell them the truth, after all, he was still illegally logged on. If he was discovered, he might get banned..

“Oh? So it was like this… “ Ye Hang nodded his head. Li Huailing had said earlier that he was a solo player, and his equipment was also novice equipment, It made sense that he had no way to complete the quest. “But our Spirit Guild has great interest towards this hidden quest, would you be willing to pass this quest to us?”

“Oh?” Li Huailin smiled “A customer?”

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  1. jacobpaige says:

    I don’t know how everyone there hasn’t already assumed it was a bug and reported him. Heck people will report things as bugs when they’re far less suspicious than this.


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  4. War God says:

    It’s obvious that it was you who translated this chapter. Not some random bystander off the street. Don’t lie. You realized that this novel is better than all the other crap you translate, which is why you secretly want to take this on as a project.


    • sylver135 says:

      Ya got me.
      In all seriousness, I really enjoyed the beginning of this novel, but as I progressed I grew to dislike the main character and some aspects of the story, so this is not a novel that I would pick up, at most just translate a few chapters.


      • War God says:

        Just translate up to the point that it gets dishonorable. Ttust me, all you goyt to do is placed a disclaimer on the top of the main page.


      • MIIS says:

        Somehow, i understand your feeling. Some story is quite interesting on the beginning and turn to be something we disliked. Btw, i still enjoy this 3 chapers so far 🙂


  5. aiko says:

    great story, thank you very much!
    more is needed!

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  6. Executor says:

    Thanks for the chapter. I really hope this novel gets regular releases. It has the potential to keep the readers interested. BTW, Sylver, since you are in contact with this mysterious translator, help us out and trick him into continuing translations.

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  7. 1357i says:

    Please for the love of God continue this novel, even if it’s one release every three weeks. It’s just too good to pass up.

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  8. deadlybell says:

    LOL! He lucked out!


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