AAIAALSS Chapter 18-24 Update and Discussion Post


Chapter 18: Could this also be considered a “mixed bath”
Chapter 19: Darling, it’s my turn today
Chapter 20: The Two People Voicing Their Hearts Under The Starry Sky
Chapter 21: Don’t Be Afraid Little Girl, Big Brother Is A Lolicon
Chapter 22: Is It Really Okay To Only Be Thinking Of The Topic Now?
Chapter 23: If I Can Help You Like This Then I’m Willing
Chapter 24: Sorry, I got lost and ended up at your house…

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12 Responses to AAIAALSS Chapter 18-24 Update and Discussion Post

  1. a says:

    Friendo keep posting I think the site was getting more popular until you stopped this story.


  2. ahhhhh~
    this gem~

    got another chapter~

    thank you, Sylver-sama~


  3. Chris K. says:

    I want more!!! Lol seriously though thank you and I hope you keep up the amazing work senpai.


  4. Aniyo says:

    Thanks so muuuuch


  5. anonaway says:

    Perfect my good sir!


  6. TamaSaga says:

    Thanks for the chapters! Frustrating how it ends on a cliffhanger, but I’ve alway wanted to say “the plot thickens!”


  7. canaria23 says:

    Can’t access it, it gives me blank pages. Cant you post it normally?


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