AAIAALSS Chapter 24: Sorry, I got lost and ended up at your house…

OUCH… There really isn’t a single place on my body that doesn’t hurt, you could say that it’s because of this pain that my consciousness is being slowly dragged back to reality.

I try to open my eyes, but my eyelids are very heavy. I finally manage to see a bit of light from a slightly open slit, this is the sign of my awakening.

「You’re awake!」

A familiar voice, but the concern that fills her voice right now is something I’d never heard from her before. I completely open my eyes, my pupils adjusted to the dark are a bit unfocused due to the strong light. Only after a while does the white haze in front of my eyes slowly become clear, after my vision recovers what I see is a pair of pigtails.


「You actually didn’t die you pervert lolicon, you really are lucky.」

Seeing that I seem to be awake and can also speak, Sena immediately reverts back to her original tone of voice.

「I was only punched and kicked a few times, I won’t die from that.」

「What? Do you have a brain you stupid lolicon? Being beaten by so many people is actually called “hit a few times”?」

「Was it you who saved me?」

「I just passed by your school on my way and just so happened to see a stray pervert lolicon dog being bullied by his companions, so I took pity and brought him back.」

Even though that’s what Sena said, I can tell that she actually cares a lot about me. I look a bit at where I am and discover that I’m not at the hospital.

「Where is this?」

「Of course it’s my apartment, Lo-kun.」

A third person’s voice appears in the room, I turn my head towards the direction of the voice.

「Asakusa-senpai? Why am I at your apartment?」

「When I just so happened to have something to return to the school to do, in a small alley I saw a little girl who had picked up a stray dog covered in wounds but couldn’t move him, so I helped her bring him to my house first.」

Why is the description of stray dog so perfect…

「Lo-kun, can you tell me why you were fighting with upperclassmen? I never knew that you would also act as a hooligan after school. 」

「The Hooligan Lolicon? Seems very cool!」

「Don’t think you can change the topic like this.」

Sure enough in front of Asakusa-senpai, these little tricks are all useless…

「It’s not much actually, it was just me and him fighting over a girl and then I was beaten up by him and his friends.」

「Oh, then that really is a coincidence huh? The other person’s actually also a lolicon like you, and then he also set his eye’s on the same little loli?」

「What… Could it be that you guys were fighting over Classmate Yoruhisa!」

Sena’s mind is always so random.

「It has nothing to do with Yoruhisa…」

「Then based on what you said Lo-kun, could it be a little loli from our school? I really don’t know which girl in our high school can satisfy your tastes Lo-kun.」

「… She’s actually not a little loli.」

「You would actually fight with someone else for a girl who isn’t a little loli!?」

The two people both appear very shocked.

「Even though I’m a lolicon, I will also have conflicts with other people for others reason okay!」

「At any rate, in front of me you’ve never fought with me for any other reasons you pervert lolicon.」

Sena lets out a light sigh, at the side Asakusa-senpai also nods her head expressing her agreement.

「Lo-kun is indeed only very dedicated in regards to being a lolicon.」

「Because this is love, this is faith! Ouch…」

Accidentally got too excited, even my body was slightly raised up, causing me to agitate my wounds.

「Don’t move around Lo-kun, even though they’re all superficial wounds that aren’t serious, so many areas of injury flaring up in pain together is still very uncomfortable.」

「Looks like you guys helped me take care of my wounds, thanks.」

「After all we couldn’t just ignore a stray dog being bullied by his companions.」

Sena’s words are still so uncute.

「Lo-kun, don’t think you can change the topic l like this.」

You really are the devil aren’t you Asakusa-senpai? You actually still have to ask… Honestly speaking I don’t want to tell them, in my opinion this is my problem alone, no matter what it should be dealt with by me.

「Speaking of it, I do happen to recognize the person whom beat you, he’s a member of the choir I think.」

「You saw Senpai?」

「At first I honestly couldn’t really recognize him, I was walking on the path minding my own business when a student whose face was beaten so badly it was too horrible to look at was suddenly lifted out by a few people from a small alley. If his companions hadn’t called his name I really couldn’t have recognized him.」

「Is that so…」

「Who’d have thought, you versus so many people and you were actually still able to beat up one of them to such an extent Lo-kun. Just from appearances he’s countless times worse off than you.」

After all I wasn’t thinking at all at that time, I was just wanted keep hitting him with everything I had. But maybe it’s because of my position, I think the only place I could hit just so happened to be his face.


「It’s Sakurada Awayume isn’t it.」

「How do you… Ah…」

This time I’m even more stirred than last time and I sit straight up.

「You idiot pervert lolicon why don’t you stay lying down, the medicine we just applied on you is all going to go to waste!」

Sena aggressively pulls me down to lie down.

「Looks like I’m right, she’s a very popular girl on the school forum recently. The substitute lead singer of the choir, her voice is sweet and moving and she’s an undeniable beauty, after she became famous who knows how many boys have written love letters to her.」


「I’m guessing that upperclass student definitely also confessed to her and got rejected, and then the reason problem has something to do with you.」

The look in Asakusa-senpai’s eyes is very playful, there’s practically nowhere for me to hide in front of her.

「Senpai, is your surname really not Edogawa?」(TL: Edogawa Conan.)

「Edowgawa Murasaki? If I go to be a detective in the future I don’t mind using this as a pseudonym.」

「You actually do have intentions of being a detective Senpai…」

「This isn’t the main point right now Lo-kun, to think that you would actually fight with other people for her. If she knew she would definitely be very moved right?」

「You absolutely can’t let Awayume know about this!」

I say very resolutely to Senpai.

「Why, letting the girl know that the boy secretly fought with someone for her is something that’ll move her very easily. Maybe she’ll accidentally fall head-over-heals for you, although falling in love with a lolicon really is very terrible.」

Asakusa-senpai’s words brutally pierce through my heart. She’s right, falling in love with a lolicon is definitely a sad thing.

「In any case I hope that you won’t tell other people Asakusa-senpai, you too Sena, I’m begging you guys.」

My voice is very sincere, she can see that I’m serious.

「I understand.」

「I’ll just treat it as a stupid pervert lolicon stray dog fighting with his companions over food.」

Why do you have to mention stray dogs, even though it really is very appropriate.

「Thank you guys.」

「I can promise not to tell other people about this, but there’s one thing I have to tell you first Lo-kun.」

Asakusa-senpai who usually looks very uncaring reveals a rare serious expression.

「I will deal with your problem, including that Classmate Awayume, I will guarantee that this sort of thing won’t happen to you or her again in the future.」

「Senpai you…」

This is clearly the situation I wanted to see the least, I was precisely afraid that Senpai would say these words, I should be the one to deal with this matter.

「No need to say anymore, this is my responsibility as the president of the club you’re in, and even more so the care a senior should give towards her junior.」

At this moment Asakusa-senpai really is so cool…

「How is it, do you think I’m insanely cool Lo-kun?」

「… When you say that any feelings I had are all gone now, okay?」

「But this is one of the lines I’ve always wanted to say.」

I absolutely won’t ask what the other lines are.

「The others are…」

「I don’t want to hear!」

「Lo-kun really is an uncute junior.」

Afterwards I make the request of going back to my home to rest. Asakusa-senpai originally planned on letting me stay here, but I declined.

「You know I’m living alone in this single apartment.」

「That still has nothing to do with me, I want to go home.」

「Che, lolicons really can’t be considered normal male high schoolers.」

Even though right now my body is still in a lot of pain, it’s still in a bearable range. Asakusa-senpai and Sena carry me out of her home, outside it is already completely dark. They call a taxi and are about to send me home together, but I tell Asakusa-senpai that she can stop here, having Sena is enough for the following journey. Under my persistence Senpai finally agrees and entrusts Sena to take me back.

「Hey, Pervert Lolicon, is that girl very important to you?」

Sena says slowly while watching the street view outside the window pass by like streams of light.

「Awayume, she’s very important to me.」

「Directly admitting it huh, what’s her relationship with you?」

「Childhood friends.」

「So you guys grew up together, no wonder a pervert lolicon like you can fight with other people for her.」


「Hey, do you like her?」


「No need to say it, you’ll definitely give a denial, after all you’re a pervert lolicon, for you only girls like me are girls you would like.」

「You’re thinking too much, even if your outer appearance is a loli, your nature definitely has nothing to do with little lolis.」

Yumeno Sena doesn’t argue with me like usual and instead breathes out a sigh.

「Even though you’re a pervert lolicon, you still have other feelings you can’t let go of, you’ll hurt a lot of people like this.」

Today she’s different from the past. In the past she clearly always had a willful and nonsensical attitude, a personality you couldn’t keep up with, but today she really is speaking to me seriously.

「I know…」

「It’s enough that you know, you don’t need to worry about anything else, as long as Pervert Lolicon is Pervert Lolicon that’s enough.」

Sena’s words are very similar to what Awayume said during lunch break.

「It’s all because Oku-kun is Oku-kun…」

The two sentences are clearly very similar, but I don’t understand the meaning harboured within them.

After that me and her don’t speak again, in a silent atmosphere the car arrives at the apartment entrance. After getting off the car Sena supports me up the stairs. Honestly even though my body is in a lot of pain, as long as I endure it I can still walk normally, after all they’re just superficial wounds.

Arriving at the door, I take out my key and am about to open the door when it opens on its own before I put the key in… When did my home’s door become an automatic door?

But the reality is not that my home’s door was modified by someone in just one day, but that someone opened the door.

「Ah, Oku-kun you’re back.」

After opening the door Awayume is very surprised to see me, looks like she just happened to be coming out.

「Ya… I’m back.」

The majority of injuries on my body are covered by clothes, Awayume shouldn’t be able to tell.

「Oku-kun, you’re hurt!」

You have x-ray vision don’t you Awayume?

「N… No.」

「Don’t pretend Oku-kun! I’m so close to you, the smell of rubbing alcohol and ointments is too obvious. Exactly how heavily injured are you?」

Awayume completely ignores my retort, she lifts up my shirt and then lets out a cry of surprise.

「Oh my god! Why is it so serious, what happened to you Oku-kun!」

Right when I don’t know how to explain to her, beside me Sena comes to my rescue.

「Sorry Oneesan! It’s all my fault! I got entangled with a couple of hoodlums today, it was to help me drive them away that he got so seriously injured, I really am so sorry!」

Sena’s acting is very perfect, her voice is filled with an apologetic and guilty tone.

「So that’s how it is… You’re name’s Sena, right little girl? As long as you’re okay Sena, it’s worth it that Oku-kun got hurt to protect you. After all he’s a lolicon, seeing you being harassed he definitely wouldn’t ignore it!」

Huh? This reason seems to be unexpectedly reasonable. Seeing a little loli being harassed I definitely wouldn’t ignore it, Sena really is a genius!

「Anyhow that’s what happened, even though it looks serious they’re actually all superficial wounds, adding they they’ve already been treated it’s no problem.」

「Sigh, Oku-kun you really are… But you did the right thing, I can’t say anything about you.」

Awayume sighs, seemingly very helpless. At the same time I also rejoice that she didn’t find out these are injuries sustained from fighting with that senpai.

「Oh right Oku-kun… I have something to ask you.」


「When you went to Kandatsu for training camp a few days ago, did you encounter a lost little girl?」

「How do you know Awayume…」

Aren’t you a little too amazing? Forget knowing that I’m injured, even from so far away you still know about what I encountered in Kandatsu, moreover President Ebashi even asked me to not speak about this thing, how was it exposed so quickly?

「If you’re asking me how I know… You’ll need to ask her then.」

Awayume moves away from the door and a little loli even younger than Sena walks out. She’s still wearing that white dress that looks very fancy.

「Sorry, I got lost to your house…」

Natsukawa Yu laughs without holding back, her eyes are filled with a smug satisfaction.

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