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TGOE Chapter 3: Fog

April Fools!!! Can you spot the prank hidden within the chapter? (Hint: Don’t trust strangers.)

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HN1F: Chapter 51: Bullying With Numbers

Here’s a Chinese song I really like. 一次就好 by 杨宗纬.

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TGOE Chapter 2: Prelude

There’a always been a question on my mind. We all know that people listen to music in other languages when they have absolutely no clue what is being said. Most notably Japanese and Korean. But I’ve never heard of people … Continue reading

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HN1F Chapter 50: Keep Silent

Sorry about the long period of silence. I’m focusing fully on school so I’m not really going to be doing much translating. This will continue on for the next two months, but when May comes around I will enter into full … Continue reading

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