After All I’m A Lolicon Really Sorry


Title: After All I’m a Lolicon Really Sorry, 毕竟我是萝莉控还真是抱歉, Bi Jing Wo Shi Luo Li Kong Hai Zhen Shi Bao Qian
Author: 绘空事 丶
Genre: School Life, 校园类
Tags: Lolicon?
Synopsis: What? A chick is confessing to me? Don’t joke with me, I am a lolicon! Lolis are my belief, lolis are my everything, a world without lolis does not have light, a life without lolis is incomplete!


Volume 1: As Long as I am a Lolicon, Even if it’s a Chick I will Reject her!
Chapter 1: And the story begins from the confession
Chapter 2: As a lolicon I have never been afraid of gossip
Chapter 3: A lolicon that even I am unable to accept
Chapter 4: No matter what I will not admit that she is the type I like
Chapter 5: Her appearance made it seem like time had gone back
Chapter 6: In regards to what kind of club a lolicon should enter
Chapter 7: My opponent can’t be so weak
Chapter 8: My club can’t be so weird
Chapter 9: I’m taking her to see my parents
Chapter 10: Dreams without faith are all empty
Chapter 11: People usually call this sort of action stalking
Chapter 12: Is there really only a thin line between lolicon and pervert?
Chapter 13: This will definitely be the most astounding recital I’ll hear in my life
Chapter 14: The older sister wants me to capture the little sister?
Chapter 15: The strongest dating guide in the world is the date’s older sister
Chapter 16: The God Chosen Club’s training camp is actually my hometown?
Chapter 17: I’m not a siscon, even if I am I’m a lolicon siscon
Chapter 18: Could this also be considered a “mixed bath”
Chapter 19: Darling, it’s my turn today

12 Responses to After All I’m A Lolicon Really Sorry

  1. AniyoMousy says:

    Thanks for the chapters ^^, it’s really funny :3


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  4. Emanon says:

    Is this a chinese original web novel or is it a chinese translation of a japanese webnovel?
    Anyway, it’s really funny. Keep on translating.


  5. Yamikur says:

    Thank you for the hard work.


  6. durasama says:

    There is a small typo in the title.
    “All” and not “Al”. The same with the linkname.


  7. HaHaHaaa!!!! says:

    Not sure if you’ve heard of this or not so i’ll just leave it here: I think you’ll find it funny…


  8. Anon7 says:

    The artwork made me think it was “Kamisama no Memochou”


  9. swariy says:

    Why? just why?


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