AAIAALSS Chapter 12: Is There Really Only A Thin Line Between Lolicon And Pervert?

I need a picture… Of a cute little mermaid girl… Zooming around on a ball of water… Like Aang from Avatar… Don’t ask why… Oh, and Happy New Year!!!

On the way back to the school, Sena’s head is hanging down the entire time and muttering.

「The author is an ojisan… The author is an ojisan… The author is an ojisan…」

Actually, lolis with ojisans has always been justice, just like in《Léon: The Profession**》, look how lovely that is. But I won’t tell Sena this, if I do isn’t that the same as me admitting she’s a loli.

After sending her back to school I return to the apartment and am prepared to sleep for a bit, so I directly ignore Awayume who is lying on the bed.



「Oku-kun you’re actually already directly ignoring me…」

「You’re always appearing, there isn’t any sense of surprise anymore.」

「It’s.. It’s actually this kind of reason… Do I really not have any charm?」

In all fairness, Sakura Awayume is a standard beauty, but she’s always doing these kinds of things to me, my level of concern with her is no longer on the level of pretty or not pretty.

「If you didn’t do these things, maybe I’d think you were a normal pretty girl.」

「Using “normal” means I’m already out! I’m going to change you Oku-kun!」

「You really don’t need to do so, true love cannot be changed by others.」

「Oku-kun, even though you’re saying some things that sound very amazing, the essential meaning is “I’m a lolicon nobody can change me” right?」

「See, you know.」

「I don’t want to know this sort of thing at all! I’ve clearly already tried so hard, could it be… Could it be that Oku-kun you really don’t like me… at all?」

Her bright big eyes are teary and her pouting lips make her look adorable. Her cute nose and forehead are slightly wrinkled, but it’s too bad.


「Oku-kun you big idiot!」

Awayume runs out of my room crying, how many times has this script played out these past few years. Awayume is indeed a very strong girl, to change me this whole time she really has used a lot of tricks, but the deepest impression of her in my heart is still that expression of solitude and despair after she confessed to me at the end of first year middle school and I told her the truth.

Even I would also feel sad after seeing that expression, from then on I originally wanted cut ties with this only friend of mine in middle school, because I really didn’t want to see her have that kind of expression again. But the second day, she greeted me as usual and then confessed again. Even though I couldn’t bear it, I still rejected her again with the same reason. Originally I thought I would see that expression again that makes my heart hurt, but this time she directly cried out loud.

「No matter what… I will.. Will change Oku-kun into a normal person!」

She’s always been a very shy girl, but only against me will she muster up her courage and do all kinds of things that even she feels are very shameful. And up until now she is still doing so, Awayume is my friend who has accompanied me for the longest time.

Monday, I once again walk to school with Awayume. I remember last week I was even called by the policemen-ojisans to go drink tea, ever since the police station communicated with the school, there finally isn’t anyone randomly calling the police to arrest me anymore. But those eyes in the surrounding filled hostility still make me feel uncomfortable…「」

「Yo, morning Aoba.」

A familiar male voice.

「Ah, good morning Akiha-senpai.」

What’s with this warm feeling of naturally greeting each other in the morning… It makes me really want to cry.

「Aoba, this is for you.」

I thought it would be something, Akiha-senpai used his gentle smile and completely fooled me. I take over from his hand a ball of something made of cloth, is seems to have been rolled into a ball.

「I just got this this morning Aoba, no need to thank me too much.」

Even though Akiha-senpai’s words seem to be filled with the care of a senpai towards his kouhai, I still immediately realize that this ball of cloth in my hand is something incredible.

「Oku-kun, what did that senpai just now give you?」

「Um… I don’t think it’s anything.」

I make the gesture to put this “dangerous item” into my pocket, but I am intercepted halfway by Awayume.

「You know Oku-kun, my intuition tells me there’s definitely something.」

This sort of faint smile on your face doesn’t suit you at all Awayume!

「Why don’t you hurry up and take it out Oku-kun, you can’t hide it.」

「You really want to see?」

「Of course!」

「Fine then…」

At this time Awayume lets go of my hand, while she’s not paying attention I immediately ditch her and run into the school.

「Oku-kun! You liar! I’m never talking to you again!」

I’m sorry Awayume, sometimes the price of a lie is a lot better than letting you see this kind of thing appear in my hands!

After entering the school I don’t go to class right away and instead go to the boy’s washroom, I’m afraid of Awayume coming to the classroom to block me. After entering inside I slowly open my palm, I was gripping too hard before and even my fingers are in a bit of pain right now.

A very elastic little panty with a strawberry printed on it unfurls in my hand and changes from the unit of a “ball” to a “pair”. Even though I still carried the slightest bit of hope before that maybe Akiha-senpai didn’t want to give me this thing, reality still crushed my dream.

「I just got this this morning Aoba, no need to thank me too much.」

Akiha-senpai’s words before he left linger in my head, this was even just obtained this morning? Is this a pair that Senpai “conveniently” flipped over onto a girl’s balcony to get on his way to school this morning? This isn’t as simple as collecting anymore!

This is a crime!

In the clubroom I wasn’t really concerned with Akiha-senpai’s hobby of liking to collect female underwear, only until this thing is happening to me do I understand that this really isn’t something small…

I scrutinize this pair of underwear in my hands, what I’m thinking is, if I give it to a loli to wear and then half of it is exposed it would definitely…

No, wait, I can’t enter into my mini-theater in my head at this kind of time! Ahhhhh, I really am about to go crazy because of Akiha-senpai!

At this time a wind of redemption blows in from the open window of the washroom… It’s not redemption at all, this is practically the breath of the devil! This gust of wind blows away the pantsu in my hand that I didn’t have a good grip on, and then blows it all the way out of the entrance. It slowly floats into — The girl’s washroom!

「I don’t care anymore, just drop inside, nobody saw me anyway. Others will probably just assume it’s some bold girl who accidentally lost the underwear she was going to change into.」

I use these sorts of word to mentally suggest to myself, as long as I hypnotize myself I won’t care about this pair of underwear anymore.

「Underwear, yours?」


Kamina Eno who suddenly appears is holding in her hand that pair of underwear that was just blown inside by the wind, making my involuntarily scream.

「No way it’s mine! What you’re holding in your hand is sin! The Devil! Hurry up and throw it away!」

「Your own things, take care of them.」

「This isn’t the time to abide to the code of conduct!」

Kamina Eno stubbornly extends to me her hand holding the underwear. I’m very clear about her ability of not giving up until she reaches her goal, I can only reach out my hand to take it over, but an even more tragic story happens.

「Ah!!! S… Sorry! Please spare me!」

The girls who come to the washroom together stare at me in fear, quite obviously they saw the scene just now. What kind of scenario they’ll see this situation as is actually very obvious, not long afterwards a new thread appears on the forum.

“Utterly devoid of humanity, tragic beyond compare! Aoba Oku whom we don’t even know how to describe anymore forcefully demands for bishoujo transfer student’s underwear in front of first year girl’s washroom and is caught red-handed!”

「Oh my god! I always thought this was just a rumour, I didn’t think Aoba Oku really is so perverted!」

「There hasn’t been any exact evidence this whole time, now we can finally arrest him!」

「Arrest him arrest him!」

「We can’t! Aoba Oku has already bought the people at the police station, we need to use a different method.」

「I’m just passing by.」


Overall due to various reasons, I’ve been brought to the student council room right now, and in front of me is precisely the student council president Asakusa Murasaki-senpai.

「Yo, Lo-kun, when did you start to like collecting female underwear like that pervert, but aren’t you too careful in carrying out your crime?」

「No! I’m innocent!」

And then I tell everything that happened to Senpai, and then Senpai asks Kamina Eno.

「Is what Lo-kun said true? He really didn’t ask you for this pair of underwear? Either way I don’t actually care, it’s nothing but liking to collect female underwear, truth be told Lo-kun’s action of directly demanding underwear at the door of the girl’s washroom is much more to my liking. 」

「True… Or false?」

Kamina Eno is very confused, can you not even choose at this time? And yet I see Asakusa-senpai looking at me with a look of respect.

「Lo-kun, you’ve actually already trained her to this degree, Good Job!」

「Ah! I really am innocent! If you don’t believe me… You can check if she’s wearing underwear right now!」

In desperation I even say such a perverse thing, but Asakusa-senpai’s eyes light up.

「Nicely said Lo-kun, we should have done this sooner!」

And then Asakusa-senpai flips up the corner of Kamina Eno’s skirt without any hesitation. Kamina Eno doesn’t have at all the reaction a normal girl should have, she just stares blankly at Asakusa-senpai, and then a beautiful scenery reveals itself…

My pupils instantly enlarge numerous fold, don’t think that it’s because I want to see even clearer, this is because of fear!

「Lo-kun… What… Do you have to say now?」

Asakusa’s eyes looking at me are filled with worship.

「Th… Th… That.」

I’m still a bit stunned, what I just saw in that instant seems to be a bit hard for me to accept.

「Miss Kamina Eno… May… May I ask, are you a commando?」(TL: Going commando = not wearing underwear. The word used means something like “no underwear idealist”, I couldn’t find a word, suggestions welcomed.)


「That is… The reason you’re not wearing underwear.」

That’s right, that really was a beautiful scenery, a completely unconcealed scenery! Good thing I’m standing behind her, this blessing was probably completely seen by Asakusa-senpai! I’m really not envious, I’m thankful from the bottom of my heart that I’m standing behind her.

「Woke up this morning, choose, didn’t know.」

「It’s because of this again!」

You actually don’t even know which pair of underwear to choose, indeed, even Shimura-ojisan who looks after her at home can’t really help her with this sort of thing.

「So in the end?」

「Felt like, it would be better to not wear.」

Pu! HP instantly wiped out.

「Exactly how did you feel for you to feel like it would be better to not wear it!!!!!」

I completely explode, how come I encountered all of these things today!

「Huh, Lo-kun you mean that you didn’t take it off? Eno wasn’t wearing any to begin with?」

「How could it be me who took it off! Speaking of it, why did you directly jump to me being the one who took it off, don’t people usually ask “You didn’t ask her to take it off?”.」

「Sigh, give me back my respect just now.」

「You don’t need to respect me for this kind of thing!」

Overall this matter was still resolved in the end. Askausa-senpai represented the Student Council and announced me innocent to the students, she then personally called Kamina Eno’s father, Kamina Shimura, frankly telling him his daughter wasn’t wearing underwear at school and was discovered… But Asakusa-senpai said to Shimura-ojisan that there weren’t that many people who saw, it was just her, (With rare kindness she didn’t say I also saw) she hopes that he can supervise his daughter to wear underwear in the future.

And as the stolen good, after washing and drying this pink underwear with a strawberry image printed on it was temporarily given to Kamina Eno to wear, don’t ask me who washed it!

Just like this this matter came to a perfect end… Not.

After school I angrily arrive at the clubroom.


I think my expression at this moment must be very scary, to the point where Akiha-senpai even chokes on his tea.

「Cough cough cough… Cough cough… It’s you Aoba, cough cough cough… You don’t need to call me so loudly when you come to the clubroom, you made me, cough cough cough cough cough… Choke on a big mouthful of water, cough cough cough…」

「You have the nerve to ask me what I’m here for? You screwed me over bad today!」

I angrily tell him everything that happened today, attracting a burst of laughter from Akiha-senpai.

「Hahahaha, you really are too funny Aoba! Hahahahaha!」

「Senpai… Do you, really! Think! It’s! Funny!?」

Seeing my expression Senpai immediately stops laughing, as though standing on thin ice.

「Ah, that… You really don’t need to care that much, in any case everybody already knows that you’re a pervert, some more exploits doesn’t matter either.」

「I’ve only admitted before that I’m a lolicon, right? I don’t remember ever admitting that I’m a pervert!」

「Well, aren’t people used to saying “pervert lolicon, pervert lolicon” anyway, when a normal person hears the word “Lolicon” won’t they all associate it with “Pervert”? And then won’t they also think of “Stalker” and “Molester” and whatnot, so lolicons and perverts are actually mutual existences, there’s only a thin line between them.」

「Even if what Senpai says sounds very logical I won’t have any of it! Moreover why do lolicons have to be linked with criminals?」

「Relax, relax, when you shouted you’re a lolicon you should have thought of what would happen in the future. If you don’t this bit of awareness how do you be a pervert?」

「I just want to be a normal lolicon, I don’t want to be a pervert.」

「Then how about this, think of it as me making it up to you. Here are a couple of tickets, you take them.」

And then Akiha-senpai starts rummaging around in his pockets, after pulling out a bunch of underwear of various colours he finally takes out a couple of crumpled tickets.

「Honestly, these things have been placed together with underwear for so long that I’m a bit scared to take them.」

「Don’t worry! I pay close attention to hygiene, these have all been washed, I leave all those ones that need their original flavour preserved at home.」

I skeptically take over those couple of crumpled tickets from his hand and discover that they are tickets to a recital. The location is our school’s concert hall.

「Forget it, I’ll just treat these things as your sincerity, I won’t fuss over this matter with you again Senpai. Absolutely do not do this sort of thing to me again in the future!」

「Relax, relax, there definitely won’t be a next time! But these few tickets definitely won’t disappoint you.」

Akiha smiles to me while putting back into his pocket the underwear he just pulled out.

「Because this is my recital, and there I will also display to you true…」

The mouth shape of his last two words make me covered in goosebumps.

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