HN1F Chapter 101-200

Chapter 101: Achieving Foundation Establishment, System Upgrade!
Chapter 102: First Encounter with the Straw-Drawing System
Chapter 103: Thundersnake Evolution
Chapter 104: Wind & Thunder Genesis, Endless and Without Bounds
Chapter 105: Two Realm Void Art
Chapter 106: Peerless Twin Beauties, Respective Scheming
Chapter 107: A Nest of Prodigies
Chapter 108: Pleasant Surprise
Chapter 109: The First Apprentice Spar!
Chapter 110: Each with their own Insight
Chapter 111: Construction and Destruction
Chapter 112: Zhu Yi’s dao-heart
Chapter 113: Successful Conclusion
Chapter 114: White Jade Capital on Kunlun Mountain
Chapter 115: Allied Fire Crow Extermination Team
Chapter 116: So-called Tall, Rich and :Handsome
Chapter 117: Water Against Fire
Chapter 118: Art of the Mankind Furnace
Chapter 119: I Really Didn’t do it on-purpose…
Chapter 120: Where did the True Water Go?