HN1F Chapter 1-100

Chapter 1: The Cheating System
Chapter 2: Being the Old Grandpa for People
Chapter 3: Enemy Attack!
Chapter 4: There’s Something Up with the Old Tree!
Chapter 5: The First Lottery Draw
Chapter 6: You’re Going to Get Screwed
Chapter 7: Celeritas vs Peach Blossom
Chapter 8: I’ve Remembered You!
Chapter 9: Hurry Up and Come into Master’s Bowl
Chapter 10: The Second Lottery Draw
Chapter 11: Master Must Strive to Strengthen Himself
Chapter 12: Encountering a Disciple Stealer
Chapter 13: The Fallen Prodigy
Chapter 14: 2 Rings
Chapter 15: It’s not Easy Being a Milk Dad
Chapter 16: Fighting for the Post of Old Grandpa
Chapter 17: Old Grandma…
Chapter 18: So What if it’s the Number 1 Holy Land?
Chapter 19: Helping and Testing
Chapter 20: Lots of Surprises
Chapter 21: Enemy, Aurous Core Stage Cultivator
Chapter 22: Start Up, New System Tool
Chapter 23: Kid, Have you Messed Around Enough?
Chapter 24: You’re Overthinking
Chapter 25: Second! Third?
Chapter 26: Tragic Holy Maiden
Chapter 27: Hidden Benefit
Chapter 28: Senior and Junior
Chapter 29: Farewell
Chapter 30: Marquis Bastard, Awe-Inspiring Righteousness
Chapter 31: The Power of Max Luck
Chapter 32: The Master that Cheats the Disciple
Chapter 33: The Child Pays the Debt of the Parents
Chapter 34: Buddhist Disciple
Chapter 35: The Pursuers Arrive
Chapter 36: Fierce Monk, 24 Heaven Arhat Formation
Chapter 37: Two Kids Kill a Snake
Chapter 38: The Correct Way to Capture the Opponent Alive
Chapter 39: Buddhist Dharma Weapon, Thundershock Staff
Chapter 40: Nameless Underground Palace
Chapter 41: Random Side Quest!
Chapter 42: Out of the Lion’s Den and then Into the Wolf’s Lair
Chapter 43: Mt. Shu Sword Cultivator
Chapter 44: Relentlessly Beating the Dog in the Water
Chapter 45: I was Waiting for You, Baldy!
Chapter 46: Source of the Blood River
Chapter 47: Watching How You Die!
Chapter 48: You’re a Good Person
Chapter 49: We are from the Yu Clan
Chapter 50: Keep Silent
Chapter 51: Bullying With Numbers
Chapter 52: 3 in 1 Big Gift
Chapter 53: None of Them are Fools
Chapter 54: All Sides Take Action
Chapter 55: One-Step Late!
Chapter 56: Sudden Surprise
Chapter 57: Qi Disciple Great Circle of Perfection
Chapter 58: Little Girl, Uncle Will Take You to See Goldfishes
Chapter 59: The Exchange Competition that was Brought Forward
Chapter 60: Not Just One Person has Their Mind on Him
Chapter 61: Business Snatcher
Chapter 62: The Script Isn’t Right!
Chapter 63: Get Away From My Disciple!
Chapter 64: I Said I’ll Crush You So I’ll Crush You!
Chapter 65: Master Isn’t Home: The First Bullet
Chapter 66: Master Isn’t Home: Trouble Comes Knocking
Chapter 67: True Netherworld Water
Chapter 68: Within the Netherworld Bead
Chapter 69: Master Isn’t Home: Secret Teachings of the School
Chapter 70: Master Isn’t Home: No Place to Run
Chapter 71: Head Supporting the Heavens, Feet Trampling the Netherworld
Chapter 72: First Main Quest, Complete!
Chapter 73: Master Isn’t Home: Surrounded by Enemies
Chapter 74: Master Isn’t Home: Won’t Submit!
Chapter 75: Beat Everyone Down!
Chapter 76: Nobody’s Leaving!
Chapter 77: New Main Quest Issued!
Chapter 78: Flowing Wind Sigil, Wind & Thunder Genesis Talisman Formation
Chapter 79: Tricking the Hell out of People
Chapter 80: Amazing Luck
Chapter 81: Test You Guys
Chapter 82: When the Master has Something to do, the Disciple does the Work
Chapter 83: Ancient World Marsh
Chapter 84: If the Snake does not Die
Chapter 85 Don’t Want to Bully Kids
Chapter 86: If I Use Aurous Core Stage Strength, Consider it Me Bullying You Guys
Chapter 87: Fiery Beauty
Chapter 88: General Wicked
Chapter 89: Snowgale Survivors
Chapter 90: Strange Person Underground
Chapter 91: A Promise Made is a Promise Kept for Life!
Chapter 92: Stone Flute Secret Area
Chapter 93: Enemy at the Gate
Chapter 94: Ancient Legacy, Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality
Chapter 95: Terrifying Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation
Chapter 96: The Showdown Between Advanced Large-Scale Formations
Chapter 97: All who believe in me, I never disappoint them
Chapter 98: Reversing Life and Death, Turning the World Upside Down
Chapter 99: High Risk High Reward
Chapter 100: The Path of Prodigies is to Cut Down All Obstacles