Chapter 40: Nameless Underground Palace

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“How many people did the House of the Marquis of Xuanji send into the mountains to hunt the Society of the Strong Gale?”

After spacing out for a moment Mr. Vulture asked hoarsely: “Who are you?” He wanted to turn around and see who it was, but when his body just moved he was firmly stepped on by someone and could only continue facing the dirt.

Lin Feng’s voice lightly traveled over: “You don’t have the right to ask questions. If you don’t want to die than obediently answer my questions.”

“You’re already pretty old, it’s not easy achieving foundation establishment stage, don’t you want to continue living and enjoy life?” Lin Feng smiled saying: “The Marquis of Xuanji is not your dad, you’re just working for him, there’s no need to put your life on the line, right?”

Mr. Vulture was silent for a moment, he said in a low voice: “Including me there are a total of 10 foundation establishment stage cultivators and over 100 qi disciple stage cultivators , Mister Huang San of the house of the Marquis is the head.”

Lin Feng asked: “Mr Huang San?”

Mr. Vulture was a bit surprised, Mister Huang San of the house of the Marquis is very famous, how come Lin Feng looks like he’s never heard of him?

But right now he’s in Lin Feng’s hands and doesn’t dare to say anything extra, only introducing to him and saying: “Mister Huang San is the third steward of the house of the Marquis, he’s always been responsible for the external affairs of the house of the Marquis.” After pausing for a moment he added on saying: “Mister Huang San is a great aurous core stage cultivator.”

Lin Feng smiled helplessly, the Marquis of Xuanji Zhu Hongwu really does have a lot of swagger, using an aurous core stage cultivator as a steward. Moreover he’s also just the third steward, above him there’s still two even greater than him.

In principle, this kind of line-up should be able to take down that big monk Hui Ku, but the pretense is that they can’t split up their forces and get sniped off by Hui Ku.

Lin Feng like at Mr. Vulture who was on the ground and nodded his head. Keeping him alive to go report to that Mister Huang San really does have its uses.

With an aurous core stage cultivator leading the group, even if Hui Ku has the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation he’ll still have to watch out.

Giving the heads up towards Xiao Budian in the distance, the little guy carried the bone mace and swiftly ran over. Lin Feng gave him a look and Xiao Budian immediately walked over behind Mr. Vulture with a smiling face.

Even though Mr. Vulture was lying on the ground and couldn’t see the scene behind his head, that familiar feeling of his hairs standing up and his scalp going numb once again appeared in his heart.


Right now the bald old man did not have any other thoughts, as long as he isn’t knocked unconscious again he’s willing to pay any price.

But the progression of events does not changed with his will. Xiao Budian aimed at the back of his head, familiarly bringing the hammer down and once again knocking Mr. Vulture unconscious.

Lin Feng took away Mr. Vultures storage bag and shoved the old man into a stone cave. He then called over Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian and left.

Mr. Vulture is a subordinate of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, his cultivating resources are provided by the house of the Marquis and are very rich.

Lin Feng opened his storage bag. All kinds of panaceas and medicines made his eyes dazzled. He couldn’t help but remark in his heart: “Money truly comes quick with one-sided trades.”

The storage bag also has a dao technique, it’s name is the Blue Oceanic River Technique. It is a water class dao technique and can increase the practitioner’s mana density.

Water itself is something which wins in quantity, the denser it is the stronger its power. Cultivators who practice water class dao techniques usually all have denser and more abundant mana than other cultivators of the same level.

This Blue Oceanic River Technique is exactly so. It can increase the density of the practitioner’s mana. When the dao technique reaches completeness, the practitioner’s mana is like a surging river, boundless and vigorous, a force unstoppable.

Right now Lin Feng is already practicing two dao techniques, the Nine Heavens Thunder Technique and the Art of Acala. The lightning and fire mana cultivated by the two dao techniques are both extremely domineering and fierce, but the speed of consumption is also quick.

Currently Lin Feng’s main attack method is the foundation establishment stage weapon the Northern Aurora Sword and it is extremely mana heavy. If Lin Feng can cultivate the Blue Oceanic River Technique, under the circumstances that his level doesn’t change, his total mana will have a huge increase which is more convenient for him to control the Northern Aurora Sword.

For Lin Feng, this water class dao technique is undoubtedly a timely rain.

Others who practice a dao technique have to start from the very beginning, but using the hidden attribute of the system Lin Feng can easily finish it.

Feeling in his ten already opened meridian points the surging mana that is at the very least 30% more abundant than usual, Lin Feng smiled in satisfaction.

While circulating the Blue Oceanic Rive Technique, Lin Feng traveled along, very quickly catching up to the people of The Society of the Strong Gale.

Instead of saying caught up, it would be better to say that the people of the Society of the Strong Gale stopped on the spot.

The black-clothed man with a knife scar on his face was standing at the edge of a cliff with an overcast expression on his face, all of the cultivators of the Society of the Strong Gale were gathered at his side.

Zhu Yi was being closely guarded by two people and travelling within the forest. His green clothes that had already become blanched from repeated washing had several cuts on it, he looks like a mess but his expression is still calm.

One cultivator of the Society of the Strong Gale couldn’t resist saying: “You think that monk was killed? He’s always bluffing and looking down on people, now he’s shown his true form.”

The black-clothed man stroked the scar on his face, calmly saying: “Don’t underestimate him, unless the opponent is an aurous core stage cultivator Hui Ku will not have any problems.”

“That monk is very skilled, if it wasn’t so we wouldn’t be thinking about wanting to pull him in.”

The cultivator beside him asked: “Then we just wait here?”

The black-clothed man lightly sighed saying: “I’m not waiting for Hui Ku, I’m waiting for those two mates who went to chase that fatty.”

“Zhu Hongwu that old dog sent out pursuers so quickly, this means that fatty successfully escaped back and informed them. Right now I just hope those two mates are clever enough to retreat after seeing that things aren’t too well.” The black-clothed man’s brows were in a knot: “But after so many days they still haven’t come back to meet up, I’m afraid… Sigh!”

All of the Society of the Strong Gale cultivators fell into silence, the black-clothed man took a deep breath: “The pursuers are already drawing near, we can’t wait anymore.”

Finishing speaking he took out a strangely shaped spiritual stone from his shirt, flicking his hand and throwing it into the air. Various spell signs altered in his hands, after forming several spell signs large amounts of spiritual energy started to surge according to an intriguing rhythm and beat.

Lin Feng was secretly observing the entire time from far away. Seeing the black-clothed man’s actions he instantly took heed.

The spiritual stone flashed a couple of times in the air and then suddenly vanished.

As for the steep mountainside below the cliff, after the light vanished it suddenly lit up with light. A cave entrance had surprisingly appeared on the originally ordinary stone wall.

The instant the cave entrance appeared, Lin Feng sensed a strong spiritual energy from within leak out. This is definitely not a regular mountain cave, it’s more like the entrance of a certain blessed cultivation spot.

The black-clothed man’s action just now was not to remove a certain illusion hiding the cave entrance, but instead using the spiritual stone as a key and opening the passage towards this blessed cultivation spot.

This place is evidently one of the Society of the Strong Gale’s paths of retreat that they’d already gained control of. Right now they have become trapped, thus they decisively used it.

The black-clothed man took the lead and jumped down the cliff, his body sliding into the cave on the mountain wall. The rest of the cultivators of the Society of the Strong Gale immediately brought along Zhu Yi, following closely behind him in an orderly fashion and entering into the cave together.

Lin Feng didn’t dare tarry, bringing along his two disciples and quickly arriving at the bottom of the cliff. Luckily the cave entrance is still open, it did not reclose after the people of the Society of the Strong Gale entered inside.

Master and disciple entered into the cave. Looking inside of the cave they could faintly see that it is a tunnel. Travelling down the tunnel Lin Feng calculated the distance, the tunnel actually goes deep beneath the ground.

Moving forward, there appeared several forks, numerous tunnels extended in all directions. This cave is actually a complex underground palace.

At the moment Lin Feng was frowning because he suddenly discovered that he actually couldn’t sense Zhu Yi’s location anymore.

This underground palace has abundant spiritual energy, but also has large amounts of foul energy that was also mixing together with the spiritual energy and appearing exceptionally chaotic.

Under this kind of chaotic environment Lin Feng is unable to resonate with the crystal that he left on Zhu Yi.

At the same time, the system notification sound suddenly rose up beside Lin Feng’s ears.

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