Chapter 39: Buddhist Dharma Weapon, Thundershock Staff

I don’t know if this was mentioned before, but magic treasures are not the same as magic items, magic treasures are better than magic items and can only be made by primordial soul stage cultivators. I’m trying to think of better names, but if I don’t remember this.


Capturing Mr. Vulture, Lin Feng relaxed his heart. Towards the black-clothed swordsman and the white-robed middle-age man he could only say sorry.

Right now his mind is entirely on this buddhist magic item in his hands that seems like the combination of a pestle and awl.

After searching through the trade system Lin Feng confirmed that this magic item is one of the legendary 10 great buddhist dharma weapons of buddhism, the Thundershock Staff.

Buddhism’s 10 great buddhist dharma weapons are all earthshaking treasures with great power. The 10 buddhist weapons combined as one is called “The Infinite World” which is moreover the Great Thunder Monastery’s crown treasure.

Real buddhist dharma weapons are all high-quality magic treasures, they are treasures that only primordial soul stage cultivators can create.

But the method of creation of buddhist weapons is widespread within the Great Thunder Monastery, monks of all levels can create them, although the ones created by cultivators belew primordial soul are all magic items, they can only be considered replicas.

This Thundershock Staff Hui Ku is refining right now belongs to this kind of replica.

Lin Feng was slightly disappointed: “So it’s not a damaged treasure, it’s just that this big monk hasn’t successfully refined it yet.”

Even though it hasn’t been successfully refined, this magic item’s power is still enough to move people and it is worthy of the Thundershock Staff’s name as a buddhist dharma weapon.

According to buddhist scriptures, in ancient times there was a tyrannical king, the people all indulged in the four cardinal vices, the vulgar aura reached the heavens and brought about divine retribution.

The country suffered a massive drought, sandstorms buried the entire country beneath the earth, torrential rains caused constant flooding, the plague spread everywhere, causing the deaths of all humans and animals within 10 thousand miles. The country was like purgatory.

Buddha arrived to preach the buddhist ways, not bearing to watch the people suffer in misery he was willing to sacrifice himself and take their sins upon him. In the heavens there was a thunder god with a violent temperament, going so far as to cast down his divine artifact which pierced through Buddha’s head.

But the spiritual divine artifact was moved by Buddha’s benevolence, turning into a powerful buddhist weapon without rival, splitting the earth apart creating channels and guiding the floods into the ocean, dispelling the calamity.

And this magic item is the Thundershock Staff.

Lin Feng does not believe this kind of legend that is clearly just Buddhism putting feathers on its cap, but this doesn’t interfere with him from understanding from this legend that the Thundershock Staff’s greatest use is not in attacking but in resolving the attacks of others. Astounding defense is this magic item’s true strength.

Lin Feng closely examined it for a moment. The Thundershock Staff is a foundation establishment stage magic item, it still hasn’t been successfully refined yet, but it withstood the full-on attack of the Northern Aurora Sword that is also a foundation establishment stage magic item. Even though it was damaged, it was not directly destroyed, its defense is indeed worth praising.

While Lin Feng was thinking the Thundershock Staff in his hands suddenly started quivering. There seemed to be some sort of force attracting it, wanting it to break away from Lin Feng’s control.

“It’s Hui Ku, this monk has gotten his hands free.” Lin Feng’s heart moved, he lifted up his hand and made a couple of strokes in the air, unleashing Heaven Cage Sigil and sealing the Thundershock Staff.

Hui Ku is a foundation establishment stage cultivator and the Thundershock Staff is also a foundation establishment stage magic item. Even if Lin Feng who is at qi disciple level 10 sets up the Heaven Cage Sigil, he originally would have been unable to seal the Thundershock Staff.

But the Thundershock Staff has after all not been successfully refined yet, moreover it took a hit of Lin Feng’s Northern Aurora Mystic Light before. So even though it’s struggling, it is unable to break through the Heaven Cage Sigil.

With the appearance of the Heaven Cage Sigil it immediately severed the connection between Hui Ku and the Thundershock Staff, making him unable to communicate with the Thundershock Staff and unable to sense the location of Lin Feng and the magic item.

Disregarding how furious the big monk is, Lin Feng brought along his two disciples along with Mr. Vulture who had the living daylights knocked out of him by Xiao Budian and went around this valley, continuing to chase after the Society of the Strong Gale and Zhu Yi from the other direction.

Along the way Lin Feng continuously studied the Thundershock Staff’s structure, discovering that this magic item is refined using a buddhist technique, the traces left behind when Hui Ku refined it are perfectly preserved in the magic item.

“This makes things easy” Lin Feng smiled, other people are unable to learn spells and techniques from this kind of residual trace, even buddhist cultivators of the same school are unable to do so. But for Lin Feng it couldn’t be simpler.

Opening the spell analyzer in the system tools, all Lin Feng has to do is patiently wait.

“Analysis complete.” After a moment the system notification sound rose up beside Lin Feng’s ears, the spell analyzer had also listed out the detailed information.

Spell Name: Minor Samsara Technique

Type: Spell

Effect: Tell right from wrong, discern karma, guide the attacks of others to stray from the original path thereby achieving the goal of defense.

Through the spell analyzer Lin Feng very quickly understand all of the principles and essence of this spell, in turn grasping this spell.

Lin Feng took out the snake blood Xiao Budian and Xiao Yan collected. Being nurtured by the Thundershock Staff for so long, this giant python’s blood was actually all a light-golden colour. The blood was very thick but it didn’t congeal, it rippled with a faint glow.

After taking away a portion of the snake blood, Lin Feng put the Thundershock Staff in the snake blood and then started to use his own mana to circulate the buddhist spell the Minor Samsara Technique, continuing Hui Ku’s unfinished work and refining this buddhist dharma weapon.

Golden light constantly flashed on the surface of the Thundershock Staff, just as if it were alive and breathing in and out. While breathing it was constantly absorbing the spiritual energy in the snake blood.

Hui Ku had already arrived at the final stage of refining this magic item, with just another few day’s time he’d be able to finish the job. Yet in the end due to his greed and chasing after Xiao Yan it all went to Lin Feng.

In addition right now Lin Feng is disregarding all costs and spending great effort to refine it. In not even two day’s time he successfully finished refining it.

The completely refined Thundershock Staff is completely golden, a radiant golden glow flows on the surface, waves of a sandalwood fragrance assail the nostrils and buddhist chanting fills the ears.

Being placed there, the entire magic item was wrapped in buddhist light and there were countless images flickering in the buddhist light.

Buddhas, arhats, monks, devas, the eight legions, giant elephants, magic trees… Countless figures of light appeared one after another.

Moreover due to Hui Ku having already completed 99% of the work, even though it was Lin Feng who is a qi disciple stage cultivator who gave it the final push, this Thundershock Staff is still a foundation establishment stage magic item, this is what made Lin Feng the most satisfied.

Finishing refining the Thundershock Staff, Lin Feng threw it over to Xiao Yan. This is what he promised, this magic item can effectively bring up his disciple’s strength.

Xiao Budian blinked his eyes while looking, going up and shaking Lin Feng’s hands: “Master, I also want a foundation establishment stage magic item.”

Lin Feng smiled saying: “Didn’t you like that hammer?”

Xiao Budian grabbed the bone mace, scratching his head and laughing saying: “I do quite like it, too bad it’s broken, why don’t you help fix it master.”

Lin Feng nodded his head: “There will be time, first master has some official business to do.” While speaking he picked up Mr. Vulture who was unconscious on the ground.

The poor bald old man, his head was already filled with bumps from being hit by Xiao Budian. After Lin Feng used lightning to shock him awake, his first reaction was already no longer to open his eyes but instead conditionally wanting to cover his head with his hands.

Unfortunately Xiao Budian had already made preparations, an animal tendon rope had already tied him up like a rice dumpling.

Struggling for a while but still not receiving the customary hammer, Mr. Vulture was dazed for a moment and then almost cried out in tears of joy.

The poor old man, every time he gets woken up he’s already knocked unconscious in not even one second. The amount of time he’s spent awake after waking up this time was actually more than all of the previous times combined.

Lin Feng looked at this scene in amusement, clearing his throat he asked: “How many people did the House of the Marquis of Xuanji send into the mountains to hunt the Society of the Strong Gale?”

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