Chapter 38: The Correct Way to Capture the Opponent Alive

I read something pretty funny. In a novel I’m reading right now, there’s a scene where the MC goes to the world of The Ring (BTW, never watched it and don’t have the balls to.) The girl comes out of the tv to kill the MC, but the MC then turns into Ryu and hadoken spams the girl back into the tv. What a beautiful scene to imagine in your mind. Oh, and hadoken spam for the win!!!


Xiao Budian felt the sky above his head suddenly darken, that was the giant python’s head.

The next moment the darkness above his head suddenly lit up again, so bright that one could not even open one’s eyes. That is the light emitted by the magic item in the giant python’s mouth.

Terrifyingly powerful mana fluctuations spread outward.


Xiao Yan suddenly charged over from the side, knocking Xiao Budian out of the way. Xiao Budian may have escaped from the giant python’s attack range, but Xiao Yan has exposed himself beneath the snake’s mouth, facing head-on that terrifying buddhist magic item.

Xiao Budian cried out in shock: “Eldest apprentice-brother!”

The boldness in the black-clothed youth’s heart was completely aroused, facing the radiant golden buddhist light he did not dodge or evade, lifting up his two hands.

Between his hands floated a crimson red orb of light filled with a blazing, destructive aura.

“Let’s see who dies first!” Xiao Yan clenched his teeth, facing head-on the buddhist light that can turn him into dust with one hit and preemptively releasing Red Lotus Burst!

The red orb of light turned into a beam of crimson light, flying into the giant python’s wide-opened mouth. At the same time, that buddhist magic item in the snake’s mouth had accumulated mana to the extreme, turning into a beam of radiant buddhist light and smashing towards Xiao Yan.

Xiao Yan’s Red Lotus Burst was a step faster, taking the lead and exploding in the snake’s mouth only a thousandth of a second faster than the buddhist light.

But the unstoppable buddhist light has already taken form, will it dissipate due to this explosion?

Xiao Yan and Xiao Budian both did not know the answer, because a white arc of lightning even more domineering and violent than the buddhist light flashed across the sky, striking the giant python’s head a step faster than the Red Lotus Burst.

Northern Aurora Mystic Light!

The domineering lightning directly opened up a hole in the giant golden python’s head. After piercing through the snake’s head it heavily struck that buddhist magic item.

The magic item released a resonant ring, it was forced to use all of the buddhist light that it originally planned on using to attack Xiao Yan to protect itself, no longer having the strength to attack.

At this time Xiao Yan’s Red Lotus Burst finally exploded in the snake’s mouth, directly blowing up into a bloody mist the giant python’s already heavily wounded head.

“Master!” Xiao Budian cheered loudly, Xiao Yan was also covered in cold sweat at this moment: “Master, you almost killed me!”

Lin Feng swiftly landed beside them, a body of taoist clothing appearing even more dashing and divine in the battle-razed mountains.

Lifting his hand and catching the buddhist magic item that fell from the air, Lin Feng turning his head and smiled at Xiao Yan saying: “I already said that you might have a fortuitous encounter today and that there would be threats but no danger.”

While speaking Lin Feng raised up the buddhist magic item in his hand and shook it: “When I erase the restrictions set by the original owner this thing will belong to you.”

Xiao Yan was exalted: “Haha, all things considered I didn’t put my life on the line for nothing.”

Lin Feng looked at him with a smile: “Little Yan, I’m proud of you, you’ve got the attitude of an eldest apprentice-brother.”

At this time Xiao Budian pounced over and grabbed Xiao Yan’s hand: “Yeah senior apprentice-brother, it’s all thanks to you just now…”

Xiao Yan raised his eyebrows, saying smugly: “Don’t sweat it.”

But who knew that Xiao Budian continued to say: “… Even though I could also dodge it myself, but I still have to thank you.” Instantly making Xiao Yan not sure whether he should laugh or cry. Feels like this junior apprentice-brother is even more smug than he is.

Xiao Budian then turned his head toward Lin Feng and asked: “Master, master, that magic item goes to senior apprentice-brother, what about me?”

Lin Feng pointed at the already dead giant python: “ Didn’t you have your mind on it? It’s all yours, how much you can take depends on you.” Pausing for a moment Lin Feng continued to say: “Collect some more snake blood, you also have to take the snake bile. You’re almost five years old, these things are all good materials for your baptism.”

Xiao Budian let out a cheer and then charged towards the giant python. He may be young but when he was in the village he went hunting with the men, collecting these materials is a familiar task for him.

Hearing Lin Feng wanting to give Xiao Budian a baptism, Xiao Yan also went and helped out. A child’s baptism at the age of five has a very important effect on their body.

Xiao Yan couldn’t help imagining things: “Junior apprentice-brother’s talent is already so high, if he then goes through a baptism how terrifying will that be? Just thinking about it makes people look forward to it.”

While his two disciples were busy at the side butchering the giant python, Lin Feng’s attention had already returned over to Hui Ku and co.

Not sure if it’s because he sensed the giant python being killed and his magic item getting robbed, but large ripples arose in Hui Ku’s mind and he was nearly unable to maintain that overpowering 24 Heaven Arhat Formation.

Originally, facing this hopeless situation of certain death Mr. Vulture and co. were already about to give up all hope, but they didn’t expect that something wrong would happen with Hui Ku himself. The three people in the formation instantly sensed the changes within, hope rising up again in their hearts.

The three people all knew that it was already at the moment of life or death, all of them releasing their strongest skills. They don’t ask to defeat Hui Ku, only hoping to be able to get out of the buddhist light formation.

The three people fought desperately together and Hui Ku was also not in his best condition. Like this they were actually able to charge out of the formation.

Seeing that he was about to lose everything Hui Ku howled in anger, just barely gathering his focus and circulating the power of the 24 Heaven Arhat Formation to the extreme.

The 24 arhat light figures gathered together, chanting the name of Buddha together. The buddhist light above their heads came together, forming two massive hands that covered the sky.

The two massive buddhist palms descended from the sky, directly slapping the white-robed middle-aged man and the black-clothed swordsman to the ground.

But they missed out Mr. Vulture. How could the bald old man care about his companions at this time, a mouth of vital blood spraying onto the bone stick magic item.

The jade-white bone stick became increasingly more crystal clear with a faint red glow flashing, directly turning into a length of over 100 meters and heavily smashing the buddhist light formation, directly piercing through the buddhist light and carrying Mr.Vulture charging out of the area of the formation.

Hui Ku was furious, the massive palms formed by the buddhist light striking towards Mr. Vulture. Mr. Vulture raised the bone stick, just barely blocking the attack but coughing out blood from the attack. Almost all of his mana was scattered from the attack.

Taking this hit, Mr. Vulture and the bone stick were sent flying together. Directly going over a mountain and falling in a forest a dozen miles away.

Mr. Vulture lay on the ground, coughing out another mouth of blood. He felt like all of the bones in his body had been broken into pieces and that even his internal organs had changed places.

“This monk is so ruthless, actually refining the sariras of his elders into magic items. It’s no good, I have to go back and get more experts here to be able to subdue this cur.” Mr. Vulture struggled up from the ground and also felt a bit rejoiced in his heart. Three people were trapped and only he was able to successfully escape.

And yet, when his thoughts reached this point Mr. Vulture suddenly felt his scalp go numb and his hairs stand up, as if some calamity was about to descend upon him.

Feeling that something was wrong, he was just about to react but was still too late.

Without any noise Lin Feng appeared behind him, in his hand was precisely Mr. Vulture’s bone stick magic item. Right now it had already shrunk to its original length of one foot and was being used by Lin Feng as a hammer, hitting the back of Mr. Vulture’s head with a bam.

Mr. Vulture cried aloud, his eyes dizzy, but even though he was gravely injured his mana still surged wildly, desperately fighting back and not wanting himself to faint over, moreover wanting to turn around and see who exactly it is.

But just turning his head around, a mass of snow-white had already come down before he could see anyone, the bone stick magic item once again striking down and hitting his forehead.


Mr. Vulture’s eyes rolled over and he fainted, the last thought in his mind was: “This giant bone stick, how come it seems to be my bone mace?”

Lin Feng weighed the bone mace in his hands. This magic item is severely weakened from being hit by the giant buddhist hands Hui Ku materialized, it didn’t resist at all when Lin Feng held it in his hands to attack its master. The mana fluctuations in the magic item are also very weak, looks like it needs to recuperate for a long time to be able to return to normal.

Although it’s pretty handy treating it as a hammer to hit people, its length, thickness and weight are all just right.

While thinking Lin Feng suddenly discovered that his two disciples beside him were all looking at him with a blank look, their eyes shifting between Lin Feng and the bone mace in his hands.

Lin Feng’s expression was calm, letting out a dry cough: “Did you guys see clearly? Using the baihui point above the head as a marker and moving forwards or backwards one inch, hitting these two spots can make people quickly lose conscious.”

“Did you guys learn it?”

Xiao Budian blankly nodded his head while Xiao Yan’s lips twitched: “Master, this… isn’t this just a sneak attack?”

“Wrong, master is showing to you guys the correct way to capture the opponent alive.” Lin Feng said seriously: “IF you guys didn’t pay attention then master will demonstrate it one more time.”

While speaking Lin Feng released a sliver of thunder mana, stimulating Mr Vulture’s nerve points and making him wake up.

The bald old man woke up, murmuring: “What happened, I think someone attacked me from behind…” Before he could figure out his surrounding environment, Mr. Vulture’s hairs suddenly stood up, his scalp going numb, that familiar feeling came back again.”


He felt a piercing pain at the back of his head, his vision going black. It was the same feeling as last time, he suffered a staggering blow again!

“Again?!” Mr. Vulture forced himself to resist the pain, while straining himself to keep his eyes open to ensure that he didn’t instantly faint, he did his best to turn his head. This time he has to see exactly who it is attack him from behind again and again.

What entered into his eyes was still a field of hazy white. Mr. Vulture couldn’t hold back from cursing: “It really is my bone mace…” But not waiting for him to see even more clearly, that hammer came down and once again hit his forehead.

“Ugh…” Mr. Vulture’s eyes rolled over, carrying boundless anger and endless regret and fainting over again.

Lin Feng turned his head with a calm expression, asking indifferently: “Did you guys see clearly this time?”

Xiao Yan was dumbfounded, Xiao Budian clapped his hands and smiled saying: “Yes master, can you let me try?”

Lin Feng handed the bone mace over to Xiao Budian with a faint smile: “Trying is one thing, have some discretion, don’t kill him, master still has some things to ask him in a bit.”

Xiao Yan watched as Xiao Budian walked towards Mr. Vulture who had been repeatedly knocked unconscious with an excited expression on his face. He couldn’t help but shake his head and turn his head to the side.

What happened next was practically unbearable to watch.

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