HN1F Chapter 96: The Showdown Between Advanced Large-Scale Formations

Chinese song of the day. The Chinese have their own vocaloids. BTW those girls aren’t vocaloids, they’re just characters for that song series. I had thoughts of translating the first episode of the Feng Shen Ji animation, and since the manhua’s already translated I was looking at it for reference. Five seconds in and I discover that the speech is virtually identical, like, no changes except for one or two pieces of text that got cut out. Thus I stopped. If you want to watch the Feng Shen Ji animation… Just read the manhua along side with it…At least for episode 1…

Deep within the mountain, Lin Feng and co could still clearly sense the terrifying conception of power outside of the mountain.

Right now Kang Nanhua has fully recovered. He rose up and stood on top of the golden sand dune, but his expression was very serious. He muttered to himself: “The crux of the matter is to see who gives in first.”

His two hands rapidly changed spell signs and the golden sand dune beneath him slowly started shaking. Countless grains of golden sand floated towards the air. An endless flow of sand went around Lin Feng and co and floated outside of the hole.

Boundless golden sand flew straight out of the mountain, landing in the desert land at the foot of the lone mountain and mixing together with the gray sand on the desert, dotting it with golden light.

Lin Feng who witnessed this scene understood in his heart: “This golden sand is all sand that Kang Nanhua refined using his mana. It is powerful but the quantity is ultimately limited, thus he let it all out to lead the regular sand outside.”

“Just like having trained a bunch of officers and now he is placing them in the basic troops to lead the recruits.”

Outside of the lone mountain Wicked naturally also saw all of this. He laughed coldly: “They also laid down a large-scale formation here?” Finishing speaking the sword in his hand pointed from a distance.

The massive sword point at the eye of the dark cloud vortex in the air roared out of the clouds with a shrill whistle, shooting down at the lone mountain like a doomsday disaster.

Lin Feng’s heart tightened. This Wicked is also an accomplished fighter, his fighting experience is incredibly rich. Not waiting for Kang Nanhua to finishing setting up his formation, he instantly started attacking.

But Kang Nanhua was not anxious. His formation was already set up a long time ago, right now he’s just activating it.

His two hands changed spell signs again and the flowing water mixed together with the golden sand, turning into a stream of dark yellow water. It flew out of the lone mountain and assimilated into the vast marsh in the Ancient World Marsh.

“Boom!” With a loud crash like a flood breaching a dam, the marshland at the edge of the lone mountain’s desertland all exploded. It linked together with the golden sand spread over the desert before and turned into a mudslide that was like a torrential flood that flooded towards the lone mountain.

The Ganges Quicksand Formation!

The holy water of the eternal river flows endlessly, nurturing all life in calmness, flooding the world when roaring.

Kang Nanhua secretly sighed: “My Secret Records of Quicksand is just a fragment of the Eternal Ganges Quicksand Incantation. I can only unleash the power of the first level, ‘The Change of Quicksand’. If I could use all of the abilities and transformations of the formation I would be able to destroy this Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation before us.”

The surging mud turned into a monstrous wave that charged upwards.


At the same time, the lone mountain standing above the desert sank without stop into the ground while accompanied by continuous rumbling.

The boundless black and yellow muddy quicksand actually flew up into the air, forming a massive loop in the air that flowed endlessly. It enveloped that lone mountain that was gradually sinking into the earth and of which only a small hill remained.

The river of time rushes forward without stop, unstoppable and  irreversible.

Kang Nanhua’s Ganges Quicksand Formation revealed this kind of steadfast, never faltering conception of power.

The massive pitch-black sword descended from the dark clouds, heavily cutting on the dark yellow Ganges water. It was hindered by the muddy quicksand and was unable to advance forward.

The flowing mud sand bumped into the massive pitch-black sword and constantly wore down the malicious mana harboured within.

His attack was obstructed, but at the front of the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation Wicked’s face revealed a smile: “Victory is forever unable to be obtain by passively defending. You’ve lost this battle!”

He shouted aloud. The Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation’s aura once again climbed. The mana of the 3000 cultivators gathered together, turning into a massive black column of smoke visible to the naked eye. It soared up to the nine heavens and continuously poured into the dark clouds.

The power of the massive pitch-black sword that stretched out from the dark clouds became increasingly deeper and condensed. That monstrous killing intent also seemed to have become a lot fainter, but it was even more terrifying. Because this killing intent runs even deeper and is more restrained, once it explodes it will certainly be even more violent and savage.

Presiding over the Ganges Quicksand Formation, Kang Nanhua was the first to notice the changes within. The massive pitch-black sword’s downward momentum was originally already stopped, but at this instant its power suddenly further increased and actually had signs of gradually breaking through the Ganges Quicksand Formation.

Even though the speed was extremely slow, virtually to the point where it was imperceptible, the massive pitch-black sword once again started descending.

Bit by bit, step after step, it looked like it was faltering and struggling, but it carried an unstoppable air. No matter how Kang Nanhua pushed the Ganges Quicksand Formation, he was unable to stop the massive pitch-black sword’s momentum of descent.

Kang Nanhua’s expression was very grave. The Ganges quicksand may be constantly sweeping over the massive pitch-black sword attempting to wear down the power within, but its speed is so slow that it can virtually be ignored. Towards the crisis before them it is just a drop in the bucket.

In the belly of the mountain, Lin Feng may not be able to see the scenery outside, but seeing Kang Nanhua’s expression he knows that the situation is not good.

The Ganges Quicksand Formation borrows the Ancient World Marsh’s world power, theoretically speaking it should be in an invincible position. But in the first place the formation that Kang Nanhua learned is incomplete, secondly the Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation is truly too domineering.

3000 cultivators combined their power and poured all of it into Wicked. In addition, Wicked’s Heaven Defying Sword of Fatality is super strong and actually has signs of breaching the Ganges Quicksand Formation.

Human power ultimately has its ends. It falls short of the endlessness of the power of the world. If things drag on for a long time, the victor will certainly be Kang Nanhua.

But with 3000 people unleashing all of their power in an instant, it is possible to breach the Ganges Quicksand Formation first before they exhaust their energy.

Now Lin Feng understands why Kang Nanhua said before that the crux of the matter is seeing who gives in first.

If the Ganges Quicksand Formation fails first and is breached by the enemy, then naturally everything is over. If the Ganges Quicksand Formation holds on and exhausts the mana of the 3000 Shenwu cultivators outside first, then these Shenwu soldiers are all fish on the chopping board at the mercy of the Ganges Quicksand Formation.

Lin Feng secretly furrowed his brow and thought: “But looking at the situation right now it’s clearly Kang Nanhua who will give in first.”

“What should I do?” Lin Feng thoughts rapidly turned.

At this moment, the massive pitch-black sword’s sharp killing intent was already about to be unable to be suppressed. Endless sword energy burst forth. It was just like the crushing winds above the nine heavens and was constantly cutting at the mountain body that was still revealed on the surface.

In front of the sword energy, the hard mountain rock was as fragile as tofu. Lines after lines were cut out on the mountain.

In the belly of the mountain, the earth trembled and the mountain swayed. Broken rock constantly fell down and massive rocks directly crushed the houses in the village turning them into ruins.

Kang Nanhua’s face that had originally regained its rosy glow once again turned pale at this moment.

“Host’s disciple Zhu Yi has obtained the Thunder Element Sigil, Host has successfully completed the random side quest, rewarding one lottery chance!”

Lin Feng was dazed for a moment before recovering. He said in his mind: “The little punks did not disappoint!”

Although the reward for completing this side quest isn’t a fixed amount of trading points but a lottery chance.

“Art of the Turbid Waves, Art of the Turbid Waves……” Lin Feng chanted the dao technique that he is lacking in his heart and entered into the lottery system.

The wheel system… Nothing!

The dice system… Also nothing!

“…..” Lin Feng’s chest tightened and he almost cursed.

The Shenwu Immortal Slaying Formation’s offensive is growing increasingly heavier. At the deepest part of the belly of the mountain, Lin Feng could also feel violent vibrations and the Ganges Quicksand Formation looked like was about to give in.

Kang Nanhua pressed his lips together unyielding. He didn’t say anything and only supported the formation with his full power.

A hint of despair flashed across in the eyes of Yue Hongyan and co and was then replaced by unparalleled resolve and an unyielding spirit.

Lin Feng’s palms were already sweating, he rapidly thought in his heart: “What should I do now, exactly what should I do? Exactly… Wait a second!”

Suddenly lifting his head, Lin Feng’s eyes stared straight at Kang Nanhua: “Please God don’t be wrong!”

This Kang Nanhua’s dao technique, the Secret Records of Quicksand should also meet the requirements for “Lake”, right?

Usually it is undoubtedly very difficult to scheme for such an aurous core stage cultivator’s dao technique, but the current crisis has created conditions for Lin Feng.

Danger is always accompanied by opportunity.

Lin Feng inhaled a deep breath and silently straightened his appearance. He then calmly opened his mouth asking: “Fellow Daoist Kang, the dao technique you practise doesn’t seem to be complete?”

At this time everybody’s hearts were all in their mouths. With Lin Feng’s sudden interruption, everybody instantly felt uncomfortable. With Yue Hongyan at the head they all glared at Lin Feng.

The more critical the times are, the calmer Lin Feng is. He still had a calm and relaxed appearance. He didn’t look at Yue Hongyan and co who were glaring at him and just stared at Kang Nanhua.

While directing the formation Kang Nanhua nodded his head.

Lin Feng said: “This Secret Records of Quicksand of yours, I vaguely remember seeing the complete version somewhere. Although I can’t confirm yet, I wonder if you can let me see it and let me compare them?”

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