HN1F Chapter 75: Beat Everyone Down!

If you’re curious about what coughing blood looks like. Also, I recommend watching this series.

“Come die.”

Lin Feng opened his mouth saying. His voice was calm and indifferent.

Not mentioning Yu Tian turning red in the face, even Tao Er and Elder Yue wrinkled their foreheads.

They cannot see through Lin Feng’s cultivation level, but having their noses pointed at and being cursed by Lin Feng, they both boiled with anger.

Elder Yue snorted coldly: Petty tricks, let me see what you’ve got.”

Finishing speaking, he waved his right hand and the divine blackstone mountain crushing Xiao Yan flew up into the air. It turned into a massive mountain that blocked out the sky and pressed down towards Lin Feng.

The light in the sky above Lin Feng’s head instantly darkened.

“You are not worthy to fight with me.” Lin Feng didn’t even look at the mountain above his head. He said coldly: “Let me find you an opponent on the same level.”

Before his voice had died away, a tall black figure suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng.

Elder Yue was dazed for a moment before seeing that the black figure looks to have a human form, but its entire body is covered by heavy armor. In the slits of the armor, red light flashed faintly.

A terrifying aura of frenzied brutality swept the entire area. The violent mana fluctuation like a natural disaster made Elder Yue’s and Tao Er’s faces change colour.

Elder Yue blurted out: “What is that thing?”

Lin Feng didn’t pay him any attention, he only lightly said to the armored giant: “Kill this old bastard.”

The position of the two eyes on the giant’s helmet visor was originally pitchblack. At this time two red dots of light suddenly lit up and it released a loud roar.


A deafening roar as if it came from an ancient, prehistoric time resounded in the entire mountain, as if a slumbering giant suddenly woke up at this moment.

In the roaring sound is a ruthlessness and tyranny that makes people’s hearts pound. It was like it was filled with an endless desire for destruction and slaughter. The source of the roar represents the most terrifying  calamity in the world.

Destroy, slaughter, rage, ruin!

The most violent and domineering beast in the world escaped from the cage imprisoning it and reappeared in the world!

Not waiting for anybody to react, the armored giant’s feet stepped on the ground. Violent power caused the mountain to be torn asunder and the dirt to fly in the air.

Using the power of the reverberation, the armored giant’s body flickered and had already vanished from the spot. The next time it appeared again in everyone’s sights, it was already beneath the divine blackstone mountain. And right now the divine blackstone mountain has just floated to above Lin Feng’s head and has yet to come down upon him.

Elder Yue’s heart tightened. He saw that armored giant raise its fists upward, striking a pose of Atlas carrying the world and smashing the bottom of the divine blackstone mountain.

The armored giant was as if it wanted to fell the pillar supporting the heavens in one punch and shatter the earth!

Right now the divine blackstone mountain is nearly 100 meters tall with a radius of hundreds of meters. The armored giant’s body may be of heavy stature, but its height is only 2-3 meters. The size of the two parties is completely disproportional.

But in the violent crashing noise, it was the massive divine blackstone mountain that was directly smashed away!

The incredibly massive mountain was directly smashed away with one punch!

The crowd of people were all dumbfounded. His soul-bound magic item that is attached to his life being damaged, Elder Yu in particular coughed out a mouthful of blood.

Everybody stared in terror at the armored giant in the air.

War God Golem!

This is the system reward Lin Feng obtained after completing the main quest.

As long as there is enough energy provided for consumption, this War God Golem that is not afraid of death can explode with absolutely terrifying combat strength.

Originally with Lin Feng’s current cultivation level, he is entirely unable to control it, but he just so happens to have a nice material on his hands.

Before this, he threw Sikong Nan’s soul that he had controlled using Netherworld Puppeteer into the War God Golem. Even though Sikong Nan’s cultivation level has dropped due to heavy injury, his strength in the past was extremely powerful. Even nascent soul stage cultivators are looked down upon by him, so the quality of his soul is very high.

And right now, Lin Feng is using the means of sacrificing him and forcing Sikong Nan to burn his soul to provide power for the War God Golem.

No matter how he struggles, Sikong Nan who has already fallen under Lin Feng’s control can only obediently sacrifice his soul. The anger and depression in his heart intensified the War God Golem’s ferocity and bloodlust even more.

After smashing away the divine blackstone mountain, the War God Golem landed on the ground from the air and smashed a deep pit in the ground. Countless pieces of broken stone rolled down virtually burying it alive, but the next instant the pile of broken stones exploded and countless stones shot in all directions.

A massive black shadow charged up from the stone pile and pounced straight at Old Geezer Yue!

Old Geezer Yue’s was blue in the face. He called back the divine blackstone mountain to block in front of him. Right now the massive mountain has shrunken down to the size of only a human fist, the mana is condensed to the extreme and the defense has also been elevated to the extreme.

Old Geezer Yue spit out a mouthful of vital blood onto the divine mountain. The divine mountain flared with an amazing brilliance, black light flowed and condensed into a hand-held shield. On the face of the shield is relief of a Mighty Miracle God, emitting a powerful, indestructible aura.

Divine Mighty Miracle Shield, the strongest defense!

But, it’s useless!

The War God Golem destroyed the Mighty Miracle Shield with one punch, smashing the divine blackstone mountain away again. This time it directly turned into a small dot and flew towards the horizon, no longer able to be seen again.

Elder Yue was dumbstruck. The War God Golem had already charged to his front and sent him flying with a slap.

The old geezer coughed out mouthfuls of blood and was flung into the air. The bones on one side of his body crackled, breaking out of shape in his body. He looks floppy and mushy.

It wasn’t over yet. The War God Golem’s body flickered and it had already caught up beside him.

Lin Feng sneered saying: “You wanted to crush all of the bones in my disciple’s body just now?”

The War God Golem lifted its big feet and heavily stomped on Elder Yue’s body. The old geezer released a blood-curdling scream. With this, the bones in the other half of his body that were still relatively okay were also completely crushed. His entire body had turned entirely into a pool of sludge and he collapsed to the ground.

The cultivators of the Yu clan all had blank expressions. They were originally in the middle of capturing Xiao Budian. Seeing this scene, some guy reacted over first. He hurriedly retreated, afraid of himself becoming the War God Golem’s target.

With one person taking the lead, the other people all reacted over. They all stepped backwards and a large empty space instantly appeared around Xiao Budian.

Yu Tian’s eyeballs were already about to fall to the ground. Even in their Yu clan, an aurous core stage guest elder is still a core member. But he was actually kicked over on the ground by someone in one move.

What made him even more scared is that Lin Feng’s gaze had already fallen upon him. He opened his mouth coldly: “Just now, you said my disciple is a piece of trash?”

Yu Tian’s entire body trembled. He shrank backwards wanting to hide into the crowd. Before he was afraid that he didn’t stand out enough, but now he is scared of Lin Feng seeing him.

Unfortunately, he is just deluding himself.

The War God Golem charged into the crowd like lightning, knocking everyone off their feet and then grabbing towards Yu Tian.

Yu Tian shouted angrily: “You’ve gone too far!” The crystal bottle flew out from his sleeve, growing in the air and turning a dozen meters tall. The 10 foot bottle mouth was aimed at the War God Golem, wanting to suck in the golem.

At the same time, the mana of the Art of the War God was circulated by Yu Tian to the extreme. A dense ice fog spread out wanting to freeze the enemy.

Unfortunately, it’s all useless!

The War God Golem completely ignored the besieging ice fog and directly smashed apart the crystal bottle with one punch. It than picked up Yu Tian like a little chick and dragged him out of the ice fog.

Yu Tian released a panicked yell: “What do you want to do?”

Lin Feng stared coldly at Yu Tian: “Just now, it was this leg that stepped on my disciple’s body?” While speaking, a thought arose in his mind and the War God Golem grabbed Yu Tian’s right leg.

“No! You dare…”

Not waiting for Yu Tian to finish speaking, the War God Golem had already ripped his leg straight off from his body!

Yu Tian screamed. Not waiting for him to faint, in the sound of the War God Golem’s bellowing, his entire body had already been completely ripped apart!

In the blood rain the rained down from the sky, the War God Golem that howled towards the sky was like a god of slaughter descended upon the world. Frenzied, savage and all-powerful!

At this time, Tao Er who was silent at the side the whole time suddenly took a step forward, His skinny body was as fast as lightning, charging towards Xiao Ya who was on the ground!

Lin Feng’s expression turned cold: “You court death!” The War God Golem roared, throwing down Yu Tian who was like a broken bag and rushing out like lightning. It arrived first even though it moved later and had already blocked in front of Tao Er.

“Such speed.” Tao Er’s face was calm. He originally wanted to use Xiao Yan as a hostage, but now that he has been intercepted by the War God Golem, he simply changed his offensive, wanting to catch the War God Golem off guard.

The old geezer inhaled a deep breath, the skin on his body like withered tree bark started to roll violently.

The scenery in front of everybody’s eyes blurred. They saw Tao Er’s skinny and shrivelled body blow up like a balloon. His old and wrinkled skin also became smooth and rich at this instant, flashing with a bright, rosy lustre.

In a moment, feeble old Tao Er was actually as if he’d become rejuvenated, turning into ten foot tall buff man in an instant!

The muscles under the surface of his body were like they were cast from iron, filled with an explosive strength. His plump, round face was solemn and dignified. His eyes stared at Lin Feng like the glare of a vajra.

Only now at this moment did Tao Er show his true strength. It is also only under this state that he can unleash the full power of Dragon Elephant Vajra Fist.

Tao Er breathed out loud and shouted: “Sky dragon and sky elephant, suppressing all demons!”

With this shout, Tao Er’s mana vibrated strongly. He formed a 30 foot tall vajra apparition above his head, at the same time also manifesting a dragon and an elephant that simultaneously circled around the vajra apparition.

The dragon and elephant together released a long, deafening cry. The scales on the dragon’s body shook, emitting the supreme authority of the dragon as the ruler of the nine heavens, repressing all life in the greater realm.

All of the muscles in the elephant’s body stirred. Its four feet trampled around wildly, virtually causing an earthquake.

With this dragon and elephant appearing together, Tao Er has used his ultimate move, the ace up his sleeves. The power of Dragon Elephant Vajra Fist’s killing move, “Dragon Elephant Demon Vanquishing” has been exerted to the extreme, fiercely attacking towards the War God Golem.

But, it is still useless!

The War God Golem didn’t even look at Tao Er’s attack and it didn’t block either. Its fists rose upwards, like the quaking of the earth, the lava that erupts from the volcano, the flooding rivers and lakes, the ancient dragon that rises up from being startled, all erupting together.

Just exerting force like this, it had already directly scattered Tao Er’s dragon elephant apparition. The War God Golem’s fists transitioned to open palms, its hands flipping over together and smashing down towards Tao Er head!

With this flip and press, Tao Er instantly felt like the world had flipped around. The entire space collapsed down and a conception of great destruction as if the entire universe was about to be destroyed completely enveloped him!

Awe-inspiring might like Heaven and earth had been overturned!

This is the thought in Tao Er’s heart when he was facing this move of the War God Golem’s. This kind of awe-inspiring might virtually wore down all of his courage.

But he has after all cultivated for many years. One aurous core swallowed into the stomach, through the gates of life and death. With the strong will in his heart, he instantly returned to his senses.

With a fierce roar, his hands turned upward and with the position of supporting upwards, he withstood the War God Golem’s palms that pressed downward!

“Boom!” When his two arms and the War God Golem’s pressing down palms just came in contact, Tao Er instantly felt his entire skeleton wildly creaking, like it could burst apart at any moment!

Tao Er’s vision blurred. All of the blood in his body was virtually about to explode everywhere from the agitation. His mind slacked and his knees became weak. He directly fell to the ground on one knee!

One knee heavily kneeled on the ground like a giant hammer smashing the ground. Like a meteor falling to the earth, the solid ground around him caved in forming a massive crater, The surrounding dust and dirt was stirred up like a sandstorm!

The War God Golem’s attack directly beat a great aurous core stage cultivator onto his knee on the ground!

With this kneel, Tao Er’s kneecap was completely crushed!

His leg was completely scrapped!

But if not for this kneel, if he stood straight and took the War God Golem’s attack head on, all of the bones in Tao Er’s body would have probably been crushed to pieces on the spot. Even his spine would be injured.

At this time, Tao Er who was always very composed finally became panicked. His eyes were bloodshot and he released a wild and desperate roar, all of his mana was circulated to the extreme. The vajra apparition formed again, wanting to shake off the War God Golem.

Lin Feng stared coldly at Tao Er not speaking, he only gave a command in his heart to Sikong Nan’s soul that was injected into the War God Golem.

“Burn completely, explode with everything you’ve got.”

The red light in the War God Golem’s eyes flashed wildly. It released a loud roar and its body suddenly straightened. The armor over its entire body opened up and dazzling red light shot out from all of the slits as if there was something exploding within.

The War God Golem’s feet exerted force while standing still on the spot. The ground instant shook like there was an earthquake.

Its palms that had originally exhausted all of their energy instantly erupted again with a world crushing power, suddenly pressing down towards Tao Er!

Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” Wild screams, Tao Er’s entire skeleton became twisted, ………………………

Following after Old Geezer Yue, the second steward of the House of the Marquis of Xuanji, aurous core stage cultivator Tao Er also followed his footsteps. His entire skeleton was shattered by the War God Golem.

Everybody stared in terror at this scene before them, for a long time they could not speak a word.

In the sound of the War God Golem’s violent roar, Lin Feng’s voice was calm and cold, as if it came from the very depths of hell.

“Who else is there!”

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