TGOE Chapter 13: You’re So Right

Rise up my friends, rise up for the revolution!!!

While Feng Kun was swinging around his blood-spraying severed arm, Han Fei and co. still hadn’t returned to their senses. They didn’t even know what just happened…

Only Zhang Hai narrowed his eyes and then used his blood-soaked hand to push up his glasses with a calm face. He said: “Let’s go quickly.”

“But…” Everybody was instantly surprised and then one person couldn’t help but open his mouth and speak.

A hint of ridicule instantly flashed by in that pair of eyes of Zhang Hai’s behind the lenses: “You think he can still be saved? If you guys want to stick around and wait for death then it’s up to you guys. Anyhow if we don’t leave right now the monsters will all be drawn over by his screaming.

Everybody hurriedly looked around them. Sure enough, there were already human figures not far away suddenly stopping their movements and following the sound looking this way. Even though they can’t see them clearly and especially can’t see their eyes, but without needing to think they know that they’re definitely xenobreeds.

Han Fei glanced at Feng Kun again and then bit his teeth: “Let’s go!”

Sorry, you can’t ask for everybody to die just for you alone, right…

When they ran towards Feng Kun and then passed by him in his eyes filled with pain and hope, Feng Kun instantly struggled and supported his upper body: “Fuck you Han Fei! You too Zhang Hai! You motherfuckers will all die fucking horrible deaths! I was hurt for you guys, for you guys! Go fuck yourselves!”

Watching their figures vanish in the forest without even turning their heads while the distant xenobreeds grew increasingly closer, that pale white face of Feng Kun’s suddenly squeezed out a crazed and eerie smile: “Hehe… Han Fei oh Han Fei, If you guys didn’t abandon me I would definitely tell you guys… Cheng Xiaomei is a monster. If you guys chase over then just wait to come down and accompany me, hahaha…”


A black shadow blocked the light above Feng Kun’s head. He didn’t lift up his head to look. Afterwards, he felt his other arm get pulled up. While tears rolled down his face, he heard the sound of his bones breaking travel over along with an even stronger sense of pain that hit him closely afterwards.

Before losing conscious, he finally had the courage to think about some stuff besides death: “Fuck, don’t you see that I don’t have the strength to resist in the first place? Why are you still attacking me?”

Following Feng Kun falling to the ground, the xenobreed grabbed his deformed arm and then started dragging him…

At the same time, its other companion was doing the same action and leading Su Lifeng and Jiang Yushi even deeper into the forest.

Su Lifeng observed the change in surrounding while carefully maintaining distance with that xenobreed.

The black fog here really is becoming increasingly thicker. It looks like the fog on the sea very likely all comes from here.

“Lifeng, what exactly do you want to do?” Jiang Yushi asked in a low voice.

“Don’t speak.” Su Lifeng waved his hand.

Looking at the figure of that xenobreed that silently advanced while dragging the corpse, Su Lifeng still felt a bit nervous in his heart.

Even though these xenobreeds will learn human actions,  behaviour and language after replacing the human body, their minds are completely different from humans.

Adding those regenerative and defensive abilities… Who knows how many more abilities they have.

This kind of organism with strength stronger than a human that can wear a human’s skin, but be completely different from a human virtually makes people shiver in fear.

Very quickly, the xenobreed dragged the human and disappeared around a corner. Su Lifeng made a hand gesture to Jiang Yushi to be cautious and then gently got closer.

From the outer appearance, this place seems to be a natural valley, but at the same time it is also a bit different. At least those red jelly substances in the surrounding look very creepy… Maybe Jiang Yushi is right, these xenobreeds really do have a nesting habit.

Yet, just turning the corning, Su Lifeng suddenly felt a chill run up from the bottom of his feet. That momentaneous thought in his mind just now was thrown completely to the back of his head.

This isn’t a simple nest.. This is practically a factory!

The valley is packed with this jelly substance, every corner has been covered. This feeling is like after countless pieces of flesh were ground to bits, they were pasted over this entire place. These jelly substances don’t have any form, but their constantly wriggling appearance made people’s hair stand on end.

The creepiest thing is that when Su Lifeng appeared in the valley, a portion of the jelly substances actually gushed towards him as if they had a mind.

Su Lifeng was taken aback, but his reaction was still very quick. He smashed down with the chair while taking two steps back at the same time.

The jelly substance was scattered apart from the impact, but no black thread appeared.

On the contrary, they very quickly started to move again and slowly pull back together.

“This is probably the ‘source’ of the xenobreed. If this thing is not cut off, the xenobreed will endlessly… But these things are not taking over human bodies, then why is that xenobreed dragging a human in?

Su Lifeng took a risk and took another look inside. He discovered that after that xenobreed dragged in the tourist that was knocked unconscious, it did not have any intention of stopping and continued walking deeper in.

“I’ve got to go in.” Su Lifeng instantly made up his mind. The precog vision was like a knife hanging above his head. Every second it is not resolved is a second that he cannot rest.

Su Lifeng really wanted to convince Jiang Yushi to stay behind, but seeing her expression, Su Lifeng knew that it would be a waste of breath.

“It’s very scary inside, but it is also terrifying outside…” Jiang Yushi whispered.

“… You are so right.” Su Lifeng shook his head and told her: “Stick close to me.”

This valley virtually has no paths to speak of. Su Lifeng’s only confidence is that these jelly substances won’t swarm them all at once.

Just now when he was attacked, only some the the jelly substances reacted. This proves that he still has a chance.


Following him swinging the chair leg and scattering the first pile of jelly that gushed over to him, Su Lifeng immediately pulled Jiang Yushi and walked in.

Advancing while swinging the chair leg, he cannot stop for a second!

As long as his movement slows down by even the slightly bit, they will be surrounded by these jelly substances.

As for the result after being surrounded… Su Lifeng doesn’t want to think about it, Jiang Yushi also doesn’t dare to think about it. She even decided to simply freeze her gaze entirely on Su Lifeng’s back, her hand held tightly onto his.

As long as this figure in front of her doesn’t fall, she will be okay…

This wild act of Su Lifeng’s did not last for too long. When he felt his arm ache and jelly substances seemingly emerging under his feet without pause, the cave entrance finally appeared in front of his eyes, along with… a xenobreed.

This xenobreed is precisely that one that just dragged the tourist in. Upon seeing Su Lifeng, it actually didn’t even pause for a moment, it just growled and then pounced over.

And Su Lifeng was also already mentally prepared. He brought up his strength and rammed forward. At the same time as bringing Jiang Yushi and charging into the cave entrance, he stabbed the chair leg into the xenobreed’s stomach.

Before the xenobreed died, it opened its mouth wide and its tongue actually jumped out…

This scene instantly startled Su Lifeng. After coming ashore he’s encountered this new batch of xenobreeds before, but this tongue, isn’t this a squid tentacle!

Even though the length hasn’t reached the level of a squid and it stopped 2-3 centimeters away from his neck, the degree of terror goes beyond and over!

Absorbed organisms can be fused?

This is the xenobreed?

Su Lifeng was shocked, Jiang Yushi also stared wide-eyed…

At this moment, two biology grad students fell into a completely baffled state.

The instant that those endless jelly substances wildly rushed to the cave entrance, they finally stopped…


Su Lifeng nearly collapsed. He leaned on the cave wall with one hand and just barely maintained a standing position.

And yet, following the xenobreed falling by his feet, a black thread entered his body and Su Lifeng gradually felt a bit of his strength return.

While being surprised with this change, he touched the ground in contact with his palm a bit quizzically.

This feeling… Why is it like metal?

He hurriedly wiped away the “xenobreed corpse”on top. A faint metallic lustre shone through from beneath the not so transparent congealed jelly.

“This isn’t a valley…”

Su Lifeng suddenly reacted over: “This place is a metal building.”

But under the state of being covered by the jelly substance, even if Su Lifeng knows that he could be facing alien culture, he can only stare dryly.

Not to mention, he is already very clear on the nature of this alien culture. There is no need to go understand how their nest is built.

After catching his breath for a moment, he lead Jiang Yushi and stepped over the corpse, walking into the cave.

Using the traces the xenobreed left behind when dragging the tourist, they very easily found the correct path in the disorderly passage…

And the further they advanced, the clearer that familiar feeling in Su Lifeng’s subconscious became…

This place, is the place that he foresaw himself being killed…

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