TGOE Chapter 12: Encounter

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When Su Lifeng sensed that they were becoming closer and closer to the “nest”, a series of screams suddenly travelled over from in front.


It’s those tourists! How come they also came here?

Su Lifeng hurriedly turned his head and waved at Jiang Yushi and the rest. He then carefully approached the direction when the voices are coming from.

In the foggy forest, those tourists who had just escaped from death once again descended into despair. Many people were fleeing in all directions virtually subconsciously, yet from time to time, human figures suddenly popped out and then pounced them to the ground.

After Su Lifeng hid behind a big tree, he watched in terror at the situation before him.

Right at this moment, a tourist who was fleeing in despair suddenly rushed in the direction of this tree. But when he was still a few meters away, a human figure suddenly charged out from the side and knocked the tourist to the ground.

“No, no!”

When the tourist had just struggled back up, this xenobreed had already extended its arm and grabbed hold of his calf. It then twisted it seemingly without using much strength.


Following a crisp sound, this tourist’s screams instantly vanished. And Su Lifeng who originally wanted to rush out immediately stopped his footsteps in their tracks… What’s going one? It’s not absorbing him and turning him?

After that xenobreed knocked out the tourist, it held onto that twisted, malformed leg of his and dragged him in the other direction of the forest.

The xenobreeds’ combat ability seems to be growing stronger and stronger.

Moreover, that look in their eyes that seems to be the exact same as a human’s, but is also devoid of humanity makes people instantly think of the word “monster”.

“Follow over and look.” Su Lifeng wrinkled his forehead, but he couldn’t help but have this thought in his mind.

He had virtually no hesitation and immediately turned around saying to Jiang Yushi and co.: “You guys hide around here, I’m going over to check things out.”

“I’ll go with you.” Jiang Yushi blurt out.

Su Lifeng originally wanted to reject her, but looking at Jiang Yushi’s determined gaze, he still nodded his head after thinking for a moment and said: “Okay then, everybody else be careful. Especially when you guys encounter a special situation, I’ll come back as fast as I can.”

“Classmate Su…” Cheng Xiaomei also wanted to follow over, but after just standing up she felt a burning pain travel over from her hand.

“Ah…” She hurriedly covered her hand. When she lifted her head, she discovered that Su Lifeng and Jiang Yushi had already gone far.

Cheng Xiaomei slowly released her hand and took a look. She discovered that her finger bone seemed to have wiggled on its own for a moment, as if it had life of its own… This made her instantly wide-eyed, what’s going on?! But upon second glance, this change also seemed to have disappeared…

“Isn’t that Captain Zhang? Why is he here too?” A boy’s surprised voice suddenly travelled over.

Cheng Xiaomei hurriedly put down her hand, turning her head and looking over together with Han Fei and the others.

Sure enough, in a bush diagonal of them was crouching a familiar figure.

Only, Zhang Hai’s back was facing them the entire time so he did not discover that they were nearby. If that boy didn’t have sharp eyes, it would be very hard for them to discover Zhang Hai.


Feng Kun just wanted to shout but he heard Cheng Xiaomei say: “Didn’t you guys hear Classmate Su, when we encounter a special situation we have to be careful…”

“What kind of special situation is this? Isn’t encountering another still living classmate a good thing? He doesn’t look like a xenobreed either.” A different boy immediately wrinkled his forehead and cut her off.

Cheng Xiaomei hurriedly waved her hands and explained saying: “That’s not what I meant, I’m saying it’s better if we remain cautious…”

But she very quickly discovered that she couldn’t continue speaking, because these few people were all moving in Zhang Hai’s direction.

“Zhang Hai?” When they were still a few steps away from him, one boy impatiently called out to him.

They originally thought that all of their classmates were dead, they didn’t think that there were still survivors.

But not waiting for Zhang Hai to turn around, this boy’s face slightly paled.

In the bush in front of Zhang Hai lay a corpse!

Hearing the call, Zhang Hai’s body instantly froze and he then instantly turned his head around.

Only now did the boy see that Zhang Hai was holding a rock in his hand. The rock and his hands were all filled with a thick, blood coloured jelly.

Evidently, the corpse is a xenobreed…

The boy walked past him taking a glance and nearly vomited.

This xenobreed was already about to be smashed to pieces…

“Zhang Hai, you…”

Zhang Hai stared at these classmates and then grinned. He threw away the rock in his hand: “Don’t misunderstand, I’m just… I’m just protecting myself. When this xenobreed was fighting with the other tourists, it was injured and then came to attack me. I could only smash and smash and smash… Use all of my energy to smash it! Afterwards, it turned into what it is now. Do you guys know? It can completely absorb all of the internal organs in the human body as part of itself. All that’s left of the body is actually just a layer of skin. What I’ve killed can no longer be considered a human, really.”

But when he said all of this, Zhang Hai’s face did not have much of an expression of fear. Instead it was everybody else who was shocked by his endless and detailed account.

Seeing everybody dumbfounded, he laughed and then suddenly asked: “Forget it, just looking at you guys I know that you guys still cannot understand. If remember correctly, shouldn’t you guys be together with Su Lifeng? Where is he right now?”

“We don’t kn…”

Cheng Xiaomei answered first. Yet, right at this moment, Han Fei suddenly interrupted her: “Su Lifeng might know the way for us to leave!”

“What?” Zhang Hai was dazed for a moment and then revealed a hint of an ecstatic look.

Cheng Xiaomei on the other hand had her eyes wide-open. She looked in disbelief at Han Fei: “What are you bullshitting about?”

“Me bullshitting? Starting from on the ship, Su Lifeng has always known beforehand some stuff that we don’t know. Honestly speaking, I’m even starting to suspect if he’s a xenobreed!” Han Fei answered saying.

“How can you say that! If it wasn’t for Classmate Su you guys would have already died!” Cheng Xiaomei shook in anger. What made her even more furious is that when she looked towards Feng Kun and the others, these people actually also silently stood beside Han Fei!

“You guys…”

“You say he is a xenobreed?” Zhang Hai suddenly stepped forward and asked staring at Han fei.

Seeing Zhang Hai’s fanatical expression, a hint of guilt instantly flashed by in Han Fei’s previously confident eyes: “I, I’m just saying… But he could very likely know the way to leave! I noticed that he seems to be knowledgeable about everything on the island. We’ll work together and capture him. As long as he is willing to lead us out then everyone will be happy.”

“Both the same, both the same…” Zhang Hai laughed bizarrely and then asked: “Where is he?”

Han Fei pointed in the direction that Su Lifeng and Jiang Yushi left: “There…”

Yet, after just finishing speaking, he saw a human figure flash by beside him. It was Cheng Xiaomei who bolted over there first.

Han Fei’s expression instantly changed: “She wants to warn them!”

At this time another figure chased over. Feng Kun sprinted a bit and grabbed towards Cheng Xiaomei’s arm: “Classmate Xiaomei, don’t be like this. Everyone benefits from us doing this and it won’t cause any harm towards Classmate Su…”

His speed is ultimately a lot faster than Cheng Xiaomei’s this delicate girl. And yet, right at the instant when he was about to touch Cheng Xiaomei’s arm, Cheng Xiaomei suddenly retracted her arm… Accurately speaking, only her hand retracted.

Her wrist was as if there were no joints, turning past her palm at a shocking angle. Her five fingers slid across Feng Kun’s arm like blades.

“Screw off!” Cheng Xiaomei cursed in panic and disgust. After doing just this once action, she continued sprinting forward without even turning her head.

Feng Kun stood blankly on the spot. Only after one or two seconds did he watch helplessly as a line of blood split open from the center of his arm and then fall beside his feet with his attached hand.


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