TGOE Chapter 11: Bait

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“It’s okay, it’s okay…” Su Lifeng lightly patted Cheng Xiaomei’s back. After consoling her he asked very naturally: “Are you hurt?”

While crying, Cheng Xiaomei responded saying: “No, I… sob sob sob…”

“Then is there somewhere that feels different?”

Cheng Xiaomei thought for a moment and then heavily shook her head: “Sob sob…”

Looks like I won’t get any answers.

But Su Lifeng perceived some things on her body that were a bit different from before… When she shook her head, it felt like her strength was lot a stronger, her originally pale face also looked a lot more rosy.

Of course, this could also be due to being too emotional…

Additionally, Su Lifeng vaguely noticed that there seemed to be an extra blood line in the whites of Cheng Xiaomei’s eyes.

This blood line crossed through the middle of her eyes and looked a bit spooky, but if not closely looked at it is very hard to notice.

Did she originally have it? Or did it suddenly appear?

Su Lifeng temporarily put away these thoughts to the side and then helped up Cheng Xiaomei. Afterwards he looked down at Feng Kun who was endlessly scared: “You’d best learn how to save yourself.”

Afterwards he then looked at the other few people: “The fighting strength of these xenobreeds right now is actually not strong. As long as you conquer your fears, even Cheng Xiaomei can kill them, right?”

After finishing speaking, he comforted Cheng Xiaomei again and then took the lead and walked to the front.

He has a feeling that this place isn’t too far away from the xenobreed nest.

Feng Kun was still scared out of his wits. That moment just now, he was honestly too close to death.

Right now, what made him afraid was not just these xenobreeds, but also this island.

Exactly what kind of place can give birth to this kind of monster!

The gaze of that pretty woman looking at him just now was like she’d seen something new and interesting…

Feng Kun was very familiar with this kind of look. When he was young and he caught a bee and then happily ripped off its wings along with its stinger and internal organs, he had this exact look.

This is a sense of natural indifference when a higher species faces organisms weaker than it…

Yet when this feeling appears on himself, Feng Kun feels extremely appalled.

This kind of place, can they really walk out alive?

“Here, Feng Kun, get up.” A boy called Han Fei walked over and pulled him up.

“Han Fei, Su Lifeng’s words, why do I feel so uncomfortable listening to them? Is he saying that not only are we beneath him, we aren’t even better than a little girl?” A different person glanced at Su Lifeng’s back and lowered his voice, saying a bit frustrated.

“Yeah, we’re all classmates, it’s too much for him to speak like that. Afterall, we are all ordinary people, nobody can be like him…” Han Fei nodded his head agreeing. He then thought for a moment and said: “Sigh, forget it, you guys don’t have to worry about it, after all we still need to help each other to have a chance to endure…” Yet, while speaking, Han Fei’s gaze involuntarily looked towards Cheng Xiaomei and then looked towards that corpse.

“I just don’t know how Classmate Su knows so much information that we don’t know. It’s like he’s very familiar with these xenobreeds… Haha, I’m just randomly saying.”

Han Fei suddenly threw down this suggestive line and then let go of Feng Kun walking over.

The remaining students all looked at each other, they all couldn’t but ponder on the meaning of Han Fei’s words in their hearts.


A xenobreed that looked like it was already dead suddenly lifted up its body. Su Lifeng caught on quickly and stabbed down with the chair leg.

A black thread instantly entered Su Lifeng’s body. His eyes slightly lit up and he silently clenched his fist.

There was no change, but a slight itch travelled over from the wound at his stomach.

“My strength did not increase, but my regeneration is constantly increasing…” Su Lifeng thought in his mind.

Right now towards the change in his body, he has already changed from the uneasiness at the beginning to a form of anticipation.

If his concerns are correct… The spatial door will not close again. Then the increase of strength is very important.

Even if he doesn’t consider the spatial door, to survive on the island right now and to return back to the human world, he still has to do his best to get stronger.

“The third one…”

Han Fei stood not far away, observing Su Lifeng and saying to himself.

Starting from Cheng Peng, this is already the third xenobreed that Su Lifeng has killed.

After Feng Kun encountered that one that hadn’t entirely died yet, the rest of the people all became more cautious and in a short period of time, they discovered a second one still alive.

That time, without any delay, Su Lifeng went over and killed it right away.

Nobody actually noticed this behaviour, they were even secretly glad that they didn’t need to do it themselves.

But Han Fei has always felt that there is a problem with Su Lifeng… A big problem.

He tried to interpret his suspicions from all of Su Lifeng’s actions, and right now what he has observed is the situation of Su Lifeng attacking and killing xenobreeds.

The second one was okay, but this one is still far away from them, does he have to rush over to kill it?

The others all steered clear of it.

Different from those xenobreeds on the ship, these kinds of xenobreeds are all mutilated…

Han Fei slightly narrowed his eyes and thought.


The island’s area is not big. The place that Su Lifeng and the rest boarded the island at the start is on the other side of the island. But following them going deeper into the forest, they gradually came closer to those people who also escaped to the island.

“Miracle…” Zhang Hai muttered while entering the forest. He did not walk together with those people who escaped onto the island. After staring at these people for a while, he suddenly found a place at the side and blankly stood there.

The other people didn’t have thoughts of calling him… At this kind of moment, everybody is already unable to protect themselves, who has the heart to care about him.

“What do we do?” A female tourist asked while crying.

A crewmate at the side looked around the surroundings and said seemingly with some confidence: “We are on the island, go to the highest point and think of a way to call for help! Just staying at the shore like this isn’t safe either. Who knows if they will swim over? With a look you can tell that those two monsters in the water are also together with them!”

This claim immediately obtained the support of many tourists… Right now as long as they can get further away from those monsters, any plan is okay!”

After the crewmate and co. entered the forest, Zhang Hai suddenly followed over.

He clenched his fist, the corner of his lips twitching neurotically: “There are definitely more of those creatures. If I follow you guys they will definitely appear…”

Very quickly the tourists entered deep into the forest…

They also encountered a lot of corpses, along with… still living ones.

But under the situation where there are a large number of people, nobody noticed that living xenobreed along with that female tourist he had knocked to the ground.

When that female tourist stood up again, her expression had already changed…

“Noise, there.” She suddenly pointed diagonally forward saying.

“There are noises? Should we go check it out?” The tourists stopped for a moment and then started to discuss.

It it were humans, they definitely wouldn’t go.

But noises… On this kind of unknown island where all that enters the eyes is corpses and black plants, they also hope to be able to discover a little something else.

“Let’s go over and see?” A tourist carefully recommended.

That crewmate pondered for a moment and in the end nodded his head: “Okay, we’ll go over and look, but we have to be careful.”

“We’re taking a look from a distance, it should be okay.”


But nobody noticed that a bite mark had appeared on that female tourist’s hand placed beside her body, and that scarlet jelly that poured out from the bite mark…

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