TGOE Chapter 10: From Guest to Host

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… Towards Jiang Yushi and the others, Su Lifeng still has a lot of things that he didn’t say.

One is the spatial door, this door can let a cruise ship come in, will it also close?

The reason those xenobreeds take over the bodies of creatures on Earth is to evolve. In other words, the entire Earth with a rich diversity of life is a giant feast for them!

They will not easily give up on the food in front of them.

The second point is, the existence of those two xenobreed squids along with the matter of the cruiseship being dragged in makes it very hard for people to believe that the opening of the spatial door is a coincidence.

These xenobreeds, they premeditated this.

There’s also the third point that is the most dangerous for Su Lifeng and co…. After those wounded were injured, they clearly all lost the ability to move. They couldn’t have boarded the island on their own.

Which is to say, the xenobreeds themselves also have movement ability.

As for why they chose the wounded at the beginning…

Thinking of the successive difference of those humans that were absorbed and taken over, Su Lifeng believes that from a biological level, humans belong to the category of “over nutritious” for the xenobreeds.

The situation of the absorption of humans is not ideal for them, but it is slowly improving.

Which is why at the beginning, they only started with those injured people. Consider it a safer test.

“They really are organisms with really high intelligence…”

Su Lifeng extended his hand touching the wound at his abdomen. Only a couple of minutes have passed and his wound actually doesn’t hurt anymore.

“Speaking of it, when I attacked Cheng Peng and that squid, they also didn’t have any reactions to pain… Regeneration, resistance against attacks, pain relief, are these some of the biological characteristics of the xenobreeds?” Su Lifeng silently stuck on another tag in his heart for the xenobreeds: Very all-rounded developed organisms.

At this time, the boy on guard walking on the left suddenly released a low cry of surprise.

Only before entering into the island did Su Lifeng just learn their names and make arrangements for them to scout cautiously in front and at the back.

The reason Su Lifeng saved them before was because he had some kindness in his nature.

But now that they’ve boarded the island, it is the time where everyone is needed to play a role.

Even Cheng Xiaomei and Jiang Yushi these two delicate girls are vigilant of all movement in their surroundings. Cheng Xiaomei was even constantly uttering in a low voice: “I’m not scared, I’m not scare, I can do it…”

“Feng Kun, what’s wrong?” Su Lifeng hurriedly put down his hand and walked over.

The boy pointed at a corpse in the black grass of which only the upper body remained and the lower body had completely rotted to a blood-red jelly.

Su Lifeng held back his disgust and crouched down using the chair leg to poke that pool of jelly. He then glanced at the face of the corpse.

It is a relatively young woman with heavy makeup. Surely she used to be very glamorous and eye-catching, but now all that remains is death and horror.

“There is a wound at her chest…”

This is the first batch of people to be absorbed. Looks like even if it’s the wounded, the success rate still isn’t much.

And there is no black thread coming out from her body…

“Is it because she’s been dead for a while? Or is it because she wasn’t killed by me?” Su Lifeng thought in his mind.

Jiang Yushi suddenly said: “Looking at the direction she was walking in, she presumably wanted to follow that group of wounded before to the shore together. Then, if we follow the direction she came from, will we be able to find the nest of the xenobreeds?” Seeing Su Lifeng all of a sudden look at her, Jiang Yushi hurriedly corrected herself a bit uncertainly: “This is just a descriptive term, because the feeling the xenobreeds that you speak of give me is a collective. So I think could they have a nest to inhabit… I’m just randomly guessing…”

“No, you’re very right.” While nodding his head, the scene of when that black figure appeared surfaced in his mind… For him, that is where the greatest danger is. And the location of that black figure, is on the island!”

To eliminate the threat, the best way is to turn from the guest to the host!

“Even though the predicted events are all guaranteed to happen, that does not mean that the result is destined.” Su Lifeng bit his teeth and said, “We’ll follow along this way!”

Hearing that they’re going to find the nest of the xenobreeds, the expressions of Feng Kun and co. all looked a bit pale.

But they also know that there is no other way out right now. So they still restrained their fear and carefully went around the corpse, walking in the direction her back is facing.

… Right now at a place not too far away from Su Lifeng and co.

“Ah… Alive, I’m still alive!” A female university student climbed onto the shore and instantly broke down crying.

She then turned her head looking behind her, Zhang Hai also flopped out from the water.

His face was also ghostly pale, but there was a hint of madness in his eyes: “A miracle of life, they’re a miracle of life…”

“Zhang Hai, it’s all you, if it weren’t for you not listening to Su Lifeng’s words…” That female university student was already hysterical. She suddenly lunged over, firmly slapping Zhang Hai’s face, “Are you scared silly?!”

Yet, this slap of hers knocked awake Zhang Hai.

Zhang Hai abruptly raised his head, grabbing the female university student’s arm that wanted to slap over again: “Didn’t you see? These are all miracles! What do you know!” He fiercely threw the female university student to the side and then stood up, looking in the island, “All miracles… All miracles…” While speaking he walked into the island.

The female university student had already been frightened by Zhang Hai’s fanatical look. Only until Zhang Hai’s figure disappeared did she mutter: “He’s gone crazy…”


En route Su Lifeng and co. discovered a few more corpses. Unsurprisingly they were all those wounded people that went missing before.

Each time, Su Lifeng would always go up and examine them, but the result was no different from before.

After seeing a number of corpses, the balls of Feng Kun and co. also gradually grew bigger.

After discovering a corpse again, Feng Kun copied Su Lifeng’s movements and crouched down.

This time it is a woman roughly around 30 years old and wearing a swimsuit. Her body emanates a mature charm different from a 20 year old girl.

Feng Kun stared at the woman’s silky neck and thought a bit regrettably, such a beautiful woman, too bad.

He looked at the butter knife in his hand and then stabbed down at her rotted left arm.


They call it rotten, but this kind of jelly-like substance really isn’t like mere flesh.

She really is a xenobreed… Feng Kun sighed with emotion.

Yet, right at this moment, this woman suddenly moved a bit.

That beautiful neck of hers suddenly twisted, she opened her mouth and bit towards Feng Kun.


Feng Kun suddenly released a scream, subconsciously swinging his hand and falling back on his butt.

The woman only had the upper half of her body left, but this did not affect her movement…

She used her remaining left arm to support her body and rapidly crawled towards Feng Kun.

Feng Kun was kicking himself in the butt… He should have been closer to Su Lifeng.

This time he’s a goner…


Feng Kun’s legs trembled violently, blankly staring at the chair leg stuck in the back of the woman’s head. He then stiffly raised his head looking to the side.

Cheng Xiaomei was standing there with a face of horror. Only after several seconds did she abruptly kneel down and say in a low voice: “I… I killed her… Ah!”

At this time, Su Lifeng had also already rushed over. After just arriving, Cheng Xiaomei flew into his arms while Su Lifeng glanced at the corpse and then yanked out the chair leg.

This time he saw very clearly, at the instant he pulled out the chair leg, a black thread rapidly wormed into Cheng Xiaomei’s body…

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