TGOE Chapter 9: Recognizing Reality

May the ninth be with you… I got nothing.


On the other side of the island, the sound of water travelled out from behind a couple of rocks. Afterwards Su Lifeng and co. climbed onto the shore.

After everybody did their best to distance themselves from the sea, they all collapsed to the ground as if they had their strength sapped from them.

“Guah…” One boy’s face twitched a couple of times and he then suddenly crawled to the side and started dry-heaving.

The faces of the others were also pretty much the same as his…

Watching so many people get brutally murdered up-close, that kind of impact is honestly too strong.

Especially when they were virtually face-to-face with the xenobreed squid just now…

“Su Lifeng, are you okay?” After catching her breath, Jiang Yushi immediately grabbed Su Lifeng and asked.

Only now did everybody think of the shocking scene of Su Lifeng taking the initiative and attacking the xenobreed squid… That they can stay alive right now is all thanks to Su Lifeng’s decisiveness and desperate gamble.

But it’s really hard for normal people to do such an alarmingly dangerous thing, right? That really is putting your life on the line!

The eyes of these regular university students looking at Su Lifeng became completely different…

Even if his completely drenched appearance with his hair sticking to his forehead and his pale face honestly looked completely harmless.

Just looking at his looks, Su Lifeng actually doesn’t have any fierce qualities, he is more like that kind of boy who sits quietly and reads.

“Hm? I’m okay…” After just responding, he suddenly felt like his belly had been torn open.

At the side, Cheng Xiaomei followed his gaze looking downwards and immediately covered her mouth exclaiming: “Ah! Classmate Su you… you’re hurt!”

At some unknown time, a giant hole was ripped open in the clothes at Su Lifeng’s abdomen, revealing the blood and flesh that were dug out.

“I was probably hit by the tentacle back then…”

His heart also tightened, yet when he carefully wrinkled his forehead and lifted up his shirt, he discovered a bit stunned that such a deep wound had actually already stopped bleeding.


Su Lifeng right away thought of that blood spot on his wrist… It also vanished really quickly.

Could it be related to that black thread that wormed into his body?

And then thinking of the tentacle’s power of being able to smash to bits the human body just by a touch, he may also feel pain, but not even his internal organs were damaged… As a life science grad student, it’s not hard for him to make this judgement.

Thinking here, a strange thought suddenly surfaced in his head. He couldn’t help but extend his hand and touch the wound.

The residual blood stuck to his fingers. He lightly rubbed it… It was a bit sticky, very quickly a couple of black lines were rubbed out…

Su Lifeng’s scalp jumped and he almost couldn’t control the expression on his face.

Being viscous is clearly the state of that jelly-like substance, it’s just that the degree of viscosity is a lot less.

But no matter what this is the characteristic of the xenobreeds!

He really didn’t guess wrong, after killing Cheng Peng he absorbed that xenobreed in Cheng Peng’s body.

“Let’s do a basic bandaging…” A cold and soft touch travelled over from his stomach, making Su Lifeng return back to reality.

Jiang Yushi was holding onto a pant leg that she just ripped off, attempting to help him bandage the wound.

“I’ll do it.” Su Lifeng was instantly a bit nervous. He didn’t dare to let Jiang Yushi come in contact with his blood and made a quick knot himself.

Seeing Su Lifeng appear to still have energy to move, everybody felt relieved.

Because even though they’ve temporarily escaped the danger of the xenobreeds, they are still a far cry from “safety”…

Not mentioning that the only cruiseship is occupied by the xenobreeds, just this island looks like there’s a big problem with it.

“The rocks here are very strange, they’re virtually like fossils. The texture is also very different from the ones we usually see.”

“And this grass, why is it all black, and it’s as hard as wood…”

After the boys all slightly calmed down, they voluntarily started to survey the island’s environment.

If they can only continue being a hinder the whole time, who can guarantee that Su Lifeng really won’t abandon them?

“If we are going to find a place to hide and wait for rescue then it’s best to not go too deep…” One boy recommended, thinking himself clever.

But this time, without needing Su Lifeng to speak, the people beside him were already looking at him with an expression of pity.

“Wake up.” But Su Lifeng did not say anything and only sighed, extending his arm and patting his shoulder.

He took over the chair leg from Jiang Yushi and then crouched on the ground saying: “First of all we need to know exactly what happened. I’ll say my guess first… I think our ship was forcefully dragged through a door by those two xenobreed squids, you can say it’s a dimensional door or a spatial rift. In other words, where we are right now could very likely not actually be far away from our regular route, but they are in two different spaces. Can you guys understand what I’m saying? Of course, don’t ask me what my guess is based on.”

While speaking, he scratched a door on the ground and then drew two different but overlapping sea areas as an illustration.

“After the cruiseship sailed to this overlapping space, the spatial door opened up and then the cruiseship lost signal. Afterwards the xenobreed squids took action… This is all purely my speculation, pay no attention to it. I also want to know what exactly the truth is like, but right now I can only make this kind of conjecture based on these clues.”

The other people were a bit stunned, but afterwards Cheng Xiaomei nodded her head and said in a low voice: “I think it’s possible, you guys probably haven’t ever seen such a calm and strange sea area either. Moreover… Before fainting, it’s this kind of mist that I suddenly saw… Even if mist rises up on the sea, there wouldn’t be so much that suddenly emerges, right?”

This is the first information that she spoke of. Su Lifeng glanced at her in surprise and then secretly nodded his head. Like this his speculation can basically be established… Them collectively fainting could be the aftereffect of passing through the spatial door…

The other people who saw the mist probably also have a guess, but unless they have the ability of precognition like Su Lifeng, it is very hard to think of so much all at once.

“And then it’s the xenobreeds, namely those organisms that controlled the tourists.” Su Lifeng continued saying, “These organisms are clearly the natives of this island, or this world. Their way of saying hi to us is taking over our bodies. So no matter what, be careful of all creatures you see, regardless if it’s humans or whatnot. Once taken over, it’s no different from dying…”

When he spoke up to here, a hint of uneasiness flickered in his eyes.

He absorbed the xenobreed, what kind of situation is that…

“The final point is, I know that what everybody wants the most right now is to go back, but before completely understanding these xenobreeds, we don’t have a chance.” Speaking here, Su Lifeng clutched his stomach and stood up. He looked towards that forest as pitch-black as ink behind him, “So, we’re entering the island.”

Everybody simultaneously looked over and instantly felt that in those eerie branches, there seemed to be many pairs of eyes staring at them…

At the same time, some images surfaced in front of his eyes.

It was still that black figure suddenly pouncing towards him wanting to “absorb” him, but this time the black figure distinctly became a bit more clearer and he could vaguely see that it is a human figure.

At the same time there was also the scene of large numbers of corpses lying on the ground, amongst them were shockingly Jiang Yushi, Cheng Xiaomei and the rest.

The cruiseship stood silently above the sea, seemingly never again having the chance to sail out…

Everybody died.

Su Lifeng suddenly returned to his senses and then clenched the chair leg.

Since it’s just a living creature… Then there’s nothing to be afraid of!

I’ll show you that I can even dissect an alien!

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