TGOE Chapter 8: Trickery

I just found out that there are a ton of 48 groups. Besides akb48 there’s like hkt48, jkt48, nmb48 , sdn48 and other 48s. They also have sister groups in China like snh48 and bej48. And I just realized that the letters represent areas/cities. Soon my friends, the 48 idol groups will be coming to all parts of the world. Eventually there’s even going to be an NYC48.

The immense difference in size and strength made running away and resisting all appear like a joke.

But very quickly Su Lifeng’s mind cleared up.

Reality proves that his judgement is not wrong, hiding here is safer compared to those people swimming towards the island.

Right now, it all depends on whether or not his solution works…

Under the circumstance where they are sticking closely to the cruise ship and also using Cheng Peng’s body to muddy the waters, maybe this xenobreed squid won’t attack them.

After all, with respect to the xenobreed squid, their size is honestly too small. Under the circumstance where they are completely still they simply don’t have any sense of presence.

And as long as an opportunity shows up, they can secretly bypass the vision of all of the xenobreeds and board the island.

The closest distance from this place to the island is only 20 meters…

“We have to do it!”

But in the end Su Lifeng was still unable to think of everything… He overestimated the psychological endurance of the other people when facing this kind of crushing threat.

Following a tentacle suddenly sweeping by not far away in front of them, staring at the nearby terrifying suckers, that boy holding the iron sheet suddenly trembled and then released a loud roar, throwing the iron sheet over.

The instant the iron sheet came in contact with the tentacle, everybody’s hearts instantly stopped beating…

The boy used all of his energy to kick the water two times and then started swimming to the side.

“What are you doing!”

Water splashed up and one male student opened his eyes horror-stricken, roaring in anger.

The boy holding the iron sheet turned back his head and said shrilly while swimming: “I didn’t want to either, I didn’t want to! But look at Su Lifeng, when he killed Cheng Peng he didn’t even bat an eye! We aren’t familiar with him, why did he save us? Moreover why does he know so much! Maybe we are all his bait, he will cast us aside one by one! I’m sorry, I can’t die yet… I’m more cowardly than you all, I really don’t want to die!”


The male student wanted to continue cursing but that tentacle fiercely smashed over. He let out a scream and subconsciously wanted to evade but was grabbed by Su Lifeng.

“I said don’t move no matter what happens!| Su Lifeng roared in a low voice.

“Ah…” The male student’s nerves were already about to explode, he watched helplessly as that tentacle as thick as a human body filled with suckers rapidly grew bigger in his vision.

Su Lifeng’s expression was no better than his… But in his heart he was fully aware that if this plan doesn’t work, then they will only die even faster by running away!

How can they compete in nimbleness against this kind of massive creature in the water!


The tentacle stopped above Cheng Peng’s body.

A look of confusion was clearly exuded in those massive eyes of the xenobreed squid.

It stared at the corpses and the couple of vague figures behind it, seemingly unable to make a clear distinction.

“Success!” Su Lifeng secretly let out a breath of relief.

He gambled that these xenobreeds all possess the ability to think!

But from what he saw before, the current thinking ability of these xenobreeds is also very limited.

Their behaviour appears a bit stiff…

This is why he would think of “tricking”, a lot of successful examples of this can be found in biology.

Protective coloration, camouflage, misdirection…

That male student’s eyes were frozen. At the very instant, he felt that he had already died…

For a moment the xenobreed squid couldn’t make a judgement, but it also isn’t willing to just easily give up like that. Instead it was that iron sheet boy who was too small of a target and was temporarily ignored by it.

Su Lifeng glanced in the direction of that iron sheet boy, suddenly biting his teeth and slowly raising up the steel pole.

Jiang Yushi noticed his movements and immediately had a guess. Her expression instantly became nervous.

“Hu…” Su Lifeng exhaled softly, his body slowly leaning forward.

He felt Jiang Yushi extend her hand and grab hold of him, and that intricate face was covered in tears, looking at him with shock.

But very quickly Jiang Yushi slowly released his arm, only silently shedding tears.

“I won’t die.” Su Lifeng clenched the steel pipe and said in his heart.

The next second he suddenly jumped forward, hugging the tentacle and then brutally stabbing the steel pole in.

Su Lifeng heard a popping sound and then the next moment, the sound of gurgling water travelled over beside his ears along with the horrified cries of Cheng Xiaomei and co.

The strength of the xenobreed’s tentacle is honestly terrifying, in addition there exists powerful suction on the suckers, but right now these are all not a problem for Su Lifeng…

“It’s not over yet, there’s still one more step.” He has never been so calm before. Even if he had already restrained his emotions a lot today to survive, he has still never been so clear-headed like at this moment.

While the tentacle swung around violently, Su Lifeng yanked out the steel pole. Following large amounts of a jelly-like substance flowing out, he was also flung back into the sea.


He fiercely raised up his arm and then mercilessly threw the steel pole at the iron sheet boy: “Give and take, don’t thank me!”

The iron sheet boy who was swimming wilding wanting to get far away turned around his head. His face instantly revealed a hint of despair and his face became twisted: “No… No!”

The xenobreed squid’s judgement is limited… The iron sheet before made it become aware that these human figures could be alive, and right now its vision also followed the steel pole.

This item was still carrying its blood, if the jelly-like substance could still be considered blood.

Compared to the iron sheet, this item is even more strange to it.

This is probably the first time it has been hurt by this kind of thing…

That giant body of the xenobreed squid’s instantly moved. It chased after the steel pole, namely the direction of the iron sheet boy.

Jiang Yushi felt that within those short 1-2 seconds just now, her heartbeat had already completely stopped.

Only when she saw Su Lifeng’s figure emerge did she raise up her arm and cover her mouth.

“Go, let’s go!” Su Lifeng said.

Right now, the other xenobreed squid is killing tourists and that iron sheet boy and that steel pole are sufficient for this xenobreed squid to ponder for a while.

“No, no, it shouldn’t be like this!” The iron sheet boy looked at the approaching xenobreed squid. His survival instinct drove him to continue swimming forward, yet following the sound of whistling wind behind him, a flash of scarlet blood flickered before his eyes… That is his own blood.

For the xenobreed squid, this human still didn’t really have any presence. After slapping him to death with its tentacle it dove down chasing after that steel pole…

“There are still a lot of… humans who boarded the island.” The middle-aged woman amongst the xenobreeds spoke of the results of her observation.

The girl beside her nodded her head: “Yeah… Adding the ones before… it should be enough for the wisdombreed…”

After a couple of minutes their speech was clearly a lot smoother.

“But that… special human organism, did not turn, and also did not die, and also did not… discover him…” The xenobreed middle-aged woman said.

“Maybe… he also boarded the island.” The girl said so while staring in the direction of the island. She then revealed a smile a lot more natural than before, “That would be the best.”

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  2. 8010692178 says:

    NYC48, never heard of it before. I have of course heard of the 48 group since there’s also one in my country. Well they’re called the 48 group, meaning there’s not only one. The main one is of course AKB48. Then they make another 48 group in Japan such as SKE, NMB, HKT, with the newest one being NGT48. There’s also one in Indonesia (JKT48) and the one in China are SNH, BEJ and GNZ. 2 of them were just made. There are also group that has been announce but still wasn’t made such as TPE (in Taiwan), MNL (in Philippines), and BNK (in Thailand). There are also 2 groups that doesn’t represent city, SDN (Saturday Night) and OJS (ojisan) but they have been disbanded. They’re not too popular in my country though. We of course know about them, but not to the point where we know about their recent news or all of their songs, just the popular one.


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    I don’t even read this series I just want to say:
    sadly it might someday be true, and on that day, Old New York will die. (As New Amsterdam before it.)


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