TGOE Chapter 7: Slaughter and… Observation

You know, most people find it pretty hard to come up with something that they like the best. You ask someone what their favorite food is, they’ll probably give you a list. But if you told them to only pick one, they’ll probably hesitate for half a day before giving an indecisive answer. If I had to say one thing that I like the best in a certain category… In the category of thin strips of smoked pig, I have to go with bacon.

The scene of Su Lifeng decisively killing Cheng Peng along with his absolute tone of voice all made his words have a feeling like an order in the ears of the others.

After the words had just left his mouth, the remaining few boys immediately fought back their nausea and fear and pulled Cheng Peng’s body to the side.

As for that boy who was scared silly before, even though he reached out his arm, he was a step slower.

He couldn’t help but glance at Su Lifeng. Discovering that Su Lifeng did not notice him, he immediately released a breath of relief.

But thinking of that scolding when Su Lifeng saved him along with the savage attack that Su Lifeng conducted on Cheng Peng afterwards… The boy’s heart shivered. He held tightly onto that iron sheet, his face slowly turned from pale white to pale with rage…

“Listen up everyone, in a bit no matter what happens, you guys have to stick close to the ship and not move. No matter what, do you guys understand?” After instructing them, Su Lifeng glanced without much confidence at Cheng Peng who was floating in front of him: “Hope this body can fool them…”

“Fool? What do you mean fool?” One student’s heart jumped and he asked. He looked towards the pitch-black water and instantly developed a bad feeling…

In an instant, everyone felt the time become very long…

“Su Lifeng, do you think we can still go back alive?” Jiang Yushi stuck closely beside Su Lifeng. She was lightly clothed to begin with and right now, under the effect of the cold seawater and fear she was slightly quivering. After getting wet her thin white shirt had become part seethrough, sticking closely to her beautiful mountain peaks of considerable size and perfectly outlining her beautiful but rarely revealed body.

Yet, facing such a beautiful scene, Su Lifeng was not currently in the mood to admire it. He turned his head and looked at her. He suddenly extended his arm, brushing off some water droplets hanging on her face. He then brushed the wet hair sticking to the side of her face behind her ear and very firmly nodded his head saying: “We can, we’ll definitely go back alive!”

Jiang Yushi exchanged gazes with him, her eyes slowly became a bit red… Afterwards she also nodded her head heavily: “Yeah! Then if we go back, tell me your little secret!”

“Taking advantage of the situation, you wish.” Su Lifeng was slightly dazed for a moment and then said so snappily.

Jiang Yushi was stunned and then amused: “Come on, that’s how you see me?”

Cheng Xiaomei who was at the side seemed to also want to laugh along, but just moving the corners of her lips, tears started to fall down again.

For heaven’s sake, she’s just a regular female university student. Why did she encounter this kind of situation…


A massive splash suddenly interrupted her thoughts.

Accompanying the water droplets that poured down like a rainstorm, the pupils of the students all shrank and their faces were ashen!

Su Lifeng also felt like his heart had been squeezed…

“Fuck, what is this thing?!”

In his vision, he sensed that there exists danger below the water.

But he never thought that it would be like this!

Looking at the massive creature that appeared before his eyes, Su Lifeng instantly understood the meaning of that line.

“Absorb materials, xenobreed evolution…”

That “jelly” in Cheng Peng’s body that replaced his actions and thought is a “xenobreed”.

They enter into the body of the “material” and then replace them.

From the words “absorb” and “evolution”, this behavior of occupying the body of the material is the xenobreed’s way of life.

Adding the learning ability that they displayed before, Su Lifeng believes that the behaviour of replacing  the “material” and constantly changing “materials” will spur the evolution of the xenobreed.

As a life science grad student, Su Lifeng has never heard of this kind of organism existing on Earth…

And “material” is not only pointing towards humans.

This term also includes other creatures…

“We aren’t the only one’s who entered into this area…” Su Lifeng muttered.


The tourists in the sea suddenly released waves of screams.

Two massive “xenobreeds” suddenly appeared in succession from the bottom of the sea, one of them just happened to be in the most crowded area!

“This is… a squid?” One boy just said so while dumbstruck and was then caught by a tentacle and thrown into the air, instantly getting ripped into pieces!

Flesh and blood scattered down and was thrown towards the crowd by the squid xenobreed.

A couple of people were instantly drenched by blood. Looking at the pieces of flesh floating in front of them, one girl’s movements suddenly stopped, freezing on the spot.

The intense stimulation made her lose the courage to resist…

Not only her, in the sounds of screaming the other people also fell into despair and negativity. They practically didn’t even struggle much before being ripped apart by the squid’s tentacles.

“The human species… will be affected by the experiences of their own kin…” On the deck of the cruiseship, that girl said so in a low voice while staring in curiosity at everything happening in the sea.

The rest of the xenobreeds were also silently watching, this scene formed a stark and strange contrast with the sea.

“Ah…” The position of Su Lifeng and co. is fairly far away from the crowd, but the blood that tainted the sea red still drifted to their surroundings, the limbs especially scattered all over the place in an instant. There was even half a body that was thrown near them. Jiang Yushi’s lips were pale and she bit her bottom lip. She then covered up Cheng Xiaomei’s mouth before she could scream.

“It’s okay… It’s okay…” She turned her head over whispering beside Cheng Xiaomei’s ear. She was saying it to her and also to herself.

The other squid xenobreed was only around 10 meters away from them…

The bodies of the university students were virtually all completely frozen, Su Lifeng also felt his heart thumping wildly.

This is virtually a sense of fear on a hierarchal level of life.

He closely stared at this squid xenobreed, forcing himself to observe it.

From the size of it, this squid xenobreed was honestly way too big…

As a predator with one of the biggest physiques in the deep sea, the giant squid’s body length is only 20 meters at the most.

But this squid xenobreed has reached an astounding 30 meters or so… This is the result that Su Lifeng came up with from comparing it with the length of the cruiseship.

He immediately thought of that violent shaking that the cruiseship experienced… If it were these two squid xenobreeds that dragged the cruiseship in then that is entirely possible!

But why did signal get lost, and that feeling of friction…

An island that shouldn’t have appeared on the route, a strange sea area, a species that doesn’t exist on Earth… All of this added together instantly made Su Lifeng develop a feeling.

This place, maybe isn’t even a sea area on Earth.

In the vision he heard “The door is open”, when the cruiseship was squished, maybe it was passing through that “door”.

“No matter what, survive…” Su Lifeng said silently in his heart.

At the same time he also thought of that black thread that entered into his body… Since the xenobreed will take over the body of other organisms, why is he okay? Or is it that at the time, the xenobreed in Cheng Peng’s body had already been killed by him and he… absorbed it?


After ripping apart a couple of tourists, that squid xenobreed suddenly stopped for a moment and then abruptly turned around!

The two eyes like giant wheels on that ugly head all of a sudden looked towards them…

Su Lifeng’s mind instantly stopped thinking.

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