TGOE Chapter 6: Xenobreed

I’m completely out of things to say. Here’s a joke I found.
A mental patient is writing a letter, the nurse asks: “Who are you writing a letter to?” The patient said: “Myself.” The nurse then asks: “What’s the letter about?” The patient: “Are you mental, I still haven’t received it yet how do I know?” HAHAHAHA!!!…


Water splashed in all directions.

“Ah! He came down! Don’t come over Cheng Peng!” The last boy who jumped down exclaimed. Cheng Peng whom he spoke of was precisely that boy who was just turned.

Who would have thought that he actually also followed and jumped down…

This boy clearly isn’t that good at swimming, in his panic he was randomly flailing around.

“Classmate Su…” Cheng Peng’s movements were still the same as the group of wounded who “learned” how to swim, he appeared relatively rigid but his speed was clearly a bit quicker.

Hearing him call his name Su Lifeng was also dazed for a moment.

He looked at Cheng Peng and discovered that a chunk of meat had been ripped off of his face, but the wound revealed was not blood red, instead it was like dissolved jelly. Moreover it was constantly flowing outward showing that the wound is very deep.

Something crawled into his body… Su Lifeng instantly reacted over.

It’s not those “wounded” who are the problem, it’s this jelly substance in their bodies!

After this jelly substance crawls into the human body, it will not only turn the human body into this state, it will also make them lose their self-conscious.

Because even though Cheng Peng is calling his name, his tone of voice is completely flat…

At the same time Su Lifeng also discovered that after these things shift targets once, the turned human body will also appear a bit more “advanced”.

Before it learned how to swim, now it’s even learned how to speak…

“Help! Save me!” That boy desperately tried to distance himself from Cheng Peng while breaking down and shouting.

Seeing a person who was still a classmate a few seconds ago suddenly turn into a monster and then thinking of that despairful performance when Cheng Peng was knocked down… This feeling of extreme fear is indeed unbearable for a regular person.


Seeing that Cheng Peng was already very close to him, a black light suddenly brought up a splash and arced across in front of him, heavily smashing Cheng Peng’s head.

“Ah!” The one who released a scream was instead that boy.

But the next moment he returned to his senses, it was Su Lifeng who saved him…

“What the hell are you doing! Fight back!” Su Lifeng roared angrily.

“Fight…” Only now did the boy remember that he has a “weapon” in his hand, even though it’s just an iron sheet…

He instinctively wanted to say “Do you want me to kill Cheng Peng”, but very quickly his eyes suddenly became fearful but also savage: “That’s right, he’s a monster!” He’s no longer Cheng Peng…”

Cheng Peng very quickly popped out of the water again. The boy virtually subconsciously stabbed the iron sheet over: “Fuck, go die!”


Another hole was stabbed into Cheng Peng’s face but he was still expressionless, his eyes were even still looking at Su Lifeng: “Classmate Su…”

“What do I do, he’s not dying!” The courage that the boy just mustered up was instantly exhausted.

“Lifeng, be careful…” Jiang Yushi was being held onto by Cheng Xiaomei, the faces of both girls were filled with horror. Cheng Xiaomei said so in a quiet voice while crying, while Jiang Yushi was biting her lip not daring to speak, afraid of disturbing Su Lifeng. In her memory, even though Su Lifeng runs and exercises every day, inside he is a very civilized person. Don’t mention this kind of life and death struggle, even the number of times he’s fought probably isn’t a lot…

But looking at that boy and the other boys, it also seems pretty difficult for them to go fight for their lives.

If Su Lifeng fails, then…

Su Lifeng was indeed a bit frightened in his heart, but at the thought of the scene of him being killed in his vision… He instantly bit his teeth and raised the steel pole, heavily smashing downwards: “Don’t act like we’re close, I don’t know you.”


“Bam Bam!”

This time, Su Lifeng did not wait for Cheng Peng to pop out of the water again and consecutively smashed him many times.

Only until he felt that even his wrist was a bit sore did he finally stop.

Cheng Peng’s head was already virtually smashed to bits. He twitches a few times and a black thread-like object suddenly wormed out from his injury and shot into Su Lifeng’s wrist.


This time it was Su Lifeng who cried out in fear, the steel pole nearly fell out of his hand.

Did his prediction turn into reality!

He hurriedly looked at his wrist but only discovered a small red dot, like it was left behind by a needle.

It didn’t hurt or itch.

After staring blankly for two seconds Su Lifeng suddenly returned to his senses and looked towards that boy beside him who had already become completely stupefied.

He didn’t notice…

Which means that nobody else noticed either.

The speed that the black thread appeared was too quick. Everybody’s attention was on Cheng Peng, nobody perceived what just happened.

Even if they heard Su Lifeng’s yell, they would just think that it was due to Su Lifeng killing a human being for the first time and in turn becoming scared himself.

But in reality, after that black thread wormed into his wrist, only question and panic remained in Su Lifeng’s mind and he instead didn’t have much thought about the matter of killing a human.


“The door is open…”

“Enter into this world…”

“Evolutionary material…”

“Absorbing this evolutionary material, the xenobreed can evolve again…”

“After absorbing all of the evolutionary material, this world will also be no more…”

Another precog vision flashed by before Su Lifeng. What’s different is that this time, besides seeing the dark sea surface along with the blood that was slowly spreading in the water, he also heard large amounts of whispering.

And that tone of voice was exactly the same as when Cheng Peng said “Classmate Su”…

“We’ll wait here first.” Su Lifeng suddenly lifted his head and said towards Jiang Yushi and co.


Help! What kind of monster is this!”

“No, don’t come close… Ah!”

Tourists were constantly knocked down while running. Looking at these appalling scenes, Zhang Hai and co. were in complete regret… If they’d known earlier they should have just listened to Su Lifeng!

There is not only a problem with these “wounded” like he said, they’re complete monsters!

They turn a person upon encountering one, they’re practically like the plague!

Zhang Hai’s entire body trembled and he said with a quivering voice: “This… This is too shocking, how can there be such organisms…”

“Why are you speaking this nonsense right now! What should we do!” A girl screamed and cut him off.


Not far away, a young woman who was just turned instantly turned her head around and looked at them.

“Hu… man.” The woman said, she grasped two new words, “Teenager…”

She surveyed this group of university students who had already been scared bloodless, her eyes suddenly revealed a hint of satisfaction and she suddenly rushed over.

After this woman turned her speed was clearly a lot faster than before. A student’s reaction was a bit slower and he was grabbed by her.”

Help me!”

“Jump into the sea, jump quick!”

Another university student released a shrill cry and jumped into the sea first

Zhang Hai stared blankly at the sight of swelling and worming that appeared on that student’s face. Only until his expression slowly turned from despair to indifference did he suddenly return to his senses and also jumped into the sea.

From beginning to end nobody saved this student, everybody was already scared silly…

With nowhere to go a lot of tourists also jumped into the sea. After just one minute the deck returned to silence, only the sound of  splashing and crying that constantly travelled over from the sea remained.

Dozens of decayed corpses lay on the ground, they were all the first group of wounded.

These newly born monsters were clearly a lot brighter than before… At first they were still learning how to wave, but now they’ve already grasped even more human behaviours.

A girl with a sexy figure but with flesh dripping from her face picked up a volleyball. After pondering for a moment she suddenly lifted her hand and threw it out.


This volleyball bumped into the cabin in front and instantly left behind a shallow depression.

This is an action the girl originally knew, but this strength is not something that she possessed when she was still a normal human.

“Hehe…” The girl’s face was stiff for a moment, she then opened her mouth and revealed a very strange smile. She formulated a complete sentence word by word, “I… like… these life forms… humans… The “world” opened up this time is not bad… This place is called… Earth…”

Very soon they walked over to the side of the ship, but they were not in a rush to jump into the water. Instead they looked down from above and silently stared at the people in the water.

Every move of these tourists seemed to feel so fresh to them…

“Do we also… need to assimilate them… as carriers of we xenobreed?” That middle-aged woman who was turned asked.

A different crewmate beside her responded saying: “No… No need… These organisms… humans… may be very good,… but… their biological structure is too complicated, at the moment they are still too difficult to completely absorb, the disintegration rate is too fast…” While speaking his eyeball on one side had already turned into jelly and slid down, “We can use them… to test… how the other life form is like…”

Hearing this, these organism that call themselves “xenobreed” unanimously nodded their heads…

Everybody swam in the direction of the island, but at the same time there were also tourists crying for help who didn’t know how to swim but jumped down after breaking down.

Unfortunately, under the circumstance where everybody is desperately trying to distance themselves from that group of monsters, there isn’t anybody who would turn around to save them.

“Classmate Su, are we not going over yet…” Beside the ship, Cheng Xiaomei listened to the surrounding movement and secretly asked with red eyes.

Cheng Peng’s corpse was right beside them, this kind of feeling was honestly too uncomfortable.

And the voices that travelled over from the ship and the water also made them develop a sense of inescapable despair.

“Wait a bit more.” Su Lifeng said.

While speaking he couldn’t help looking at his wrist again.

What was a bit strange is that the red dot had actually already disappeared…

“The wound’s gone?” Su Lifeng extended his hand and rubbed it.

Right at this time, ripples suddenly appeared in the surrounding water.

“It’s starting!” Su Lifeng immediately revealed a very vigilant expression and said in a low voice: “Everyone, do your best to stick to the ship! Also, pull Cheng Peng’s body over!”

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