TGOE Chapter 5: Change

I got nothing.

While the deck was filled with cheers, Su Lifeng quietly lead everyone and went around to the other side of the cruiseship.

These people clearly didn’t know what the meaning of a “weapon” was and picked up a bunch of random stuff.

Rather it was frail bodied Jiang Yushi who knew to follow suit. Along the way she found two chair legs and then handed one over to Cheng Xiaomei.

Cheng Xiaomei frantically took it over in her hand, wonder if she knows how to use it.

“In a bit if we hear yelling we’ll jump off from here.” While speaking Su Lifeng carefully looked towards the sea.

There were still a lot of “people” swimming towards the cruiseship. After “witnessing” the scene of that man being bit, even though he can’t see the faces and expressions of these “people”, Su Lifeng could still feel that strange aura emitted from their bodies.

Their hand waving action was learned from Cheng Xiaomei, as for swimming they suddenly learned it together with him after the man was bitten.

“Many organisms possess collective learning behavior such as geese migrating and worker ants going out to feed in clusters. But I’ve never heard of everybody knowing after one person learns it…” Su Lifeng’s heart was actually also very frightened, he was far from being as calm as he appeared on the surface. Having foreseen so many disasters, only this one was truly happening to him.

Prior to this he was nothing but a student who went in and out of the library or spent all day in the laboratory. How could he predict that the day before returning home he would encounter this kind of  “crossing the Bermuda”  situation?

This sea area is not like a regular sea at all!

But these people by his side are all depending on him… Jiang Yushi’s hand holding the chair leg was trembling the whole time, but her gaze looking at him was always filled with trust.

Su Lifeng scanned her body and only just discovered that there were a lot of bruises on her elbows and knees.

The “princess” who would always make a fuss if she got a small papercut was actually not crying out in pain right now…

Noticing Su Lifeng looking at her, Jiang Yushi’s eyes curved and she gave a light smile to him.

“Yelling? What yelling” A guy who was already following Su Lifeng beforehand asked a bit puzzled.

Even though right now he doesn’t dare to not believe Su Lifeng’s words, his mind is still the same as the majority of people and he can’t imagine what will happen.

The other few people were actually about the same as him, the atmosphere on the cruiseship right now was filled with the exultant joy of survival.

Moreover, fundamentally speaking they really wish that Su Lifeng is just overthinking.

They’re all regular university students, nobody wants to face a situation more bizarre than right now!

Su Lifeng did not answer and made a hand gesture to be silent…

After a couple of “people” were successively pulled up onto the deck by the rope, a couple of eager tourists instantly surrounded them, opening their mouths and asking questions while greeting them:

“Excuse me, have you guys seen my friend? She’s about this tall and is wearing a flower-patterned bikini…”

“Oh right, why did you guys all go to the island?”

“I saw a couple of crewmates, did they take you guys over? In that case you guys went to the island to seek help?”

“What’s on the island?”

“Knock it off everybody, don’t you guys see that they’re all injured? Let them sit!”

“Yeah, their injuries look really serious…”

Yet, in their voices of conversation these “people” were silently watching them the whole time.

Their gazes and expressions looking at the people were virtually identical.

While their eyes turned it was like they were observing the every move of these people.

A middle-aged woman grabbed towards the male of that couple: “Lad, don’t just stand there, look at how injured you are…”


Everybody instantly fell silent.

The middle-aged woman’s entire body froze, her face was as pale as ashes.

On the other hand that male looked a bit curiously at the reactions of everybody, he then followed their line of sight and looked towards his arm.

His hand… was pulled off …

But the broken off section did not bleed profusely, instead a viscous jelly that was a bit like a mixture of fat and blood dripped out…

After a whole two seconds that middle-aged woman suddenly released a shrill cry and threw away that hand that was “pulled” off by her. She attempted to back up: “Ah!!!”

“Jump!” Su Lifeng immediately said.

That male seemed to have realised something from the middle-aged woman’s reaction. He fiercely pounced forward, his broken arm thrusting into that middle-aged woman’s abdomen.

His body started to rapidly “collapse” at a discernable rate, and that jelly-like substance crawled into the middle-aged woman’s body like it was alive.

In her wide-opened terrified eyes her belly instantly swelled up, on the surface of her belly is was like there were bugs crawling around.

Very quickly these “insects” crawled to every part of her body, but that male did not simply die with this like Su Lifeng “saw” before. Instead he supported his virtually half-decomposed body and pulled out his broken arm.

The middle-aged woman’s entire body spasmed. By the time she calmed back down her expression had already become exactly the same as the rest of the “wounded”.

“Don’t just stand there.” She opened her mouth a few times and then used a dry tone of voice, squeezing out the line that she just said.

This all happened very quickly, only until this middle-aged woman turned around and looked towards them did the surrounding people finally react over from their shock.

“Look at how injured you guys are.”

“M… Monster!”

In the sound of shrill cries everybody started to scatter and flee.

Yet, on an unmoving cruiseship like this where can they escape to…

At this moment even more “wounded” also followed the rope and climbed up. The deck instantly became a mass of chaos.

After a group of tourists were converted into members of “them”, the rate of diffusion instantly increased by many fold…

However, that male who was as if he had “dissolved” did not continue to attack. Instead he turned his head and started to search left and right.

The reactions of these people look to be about all the same, but before he saw one with a different reaction.

Suddenly he sniffed and then his gaze skipped over the deck and looked towards the other side of the cruiseship…

After Su Lifeng yelled “jump” he immediately grabbed Jiang Yushi and flipped over the railing. He then took a deep breath and jumped down.

After revealing a hint of nervousness Cheng Xiaomei also closed her eyes and jumped.

As for that guy who asked the question, after a brief moment of hesitation and doubt he turned his head and took a look.

But just this one look made him instantly terror-stricken.

A human figure suddenly pounced down from the top of the cabin, accurately knocking him to the ground.

This human figure lifted up his head, his close by face was still constantly shedding.

He looked at the railing, seemingly coming for a certain person.

“Save…” This guy was virtually scared limp by the scene before his eyes, he couldn’t even release a sound.


The human figure abruptly lowered his head, opening his mouth and biting the guy’s face.

The guy’s four limbs immediately tensed, he clearly felt something crawl into his face and then crawl into his brain and his entire body…


The other few people instantly reacted over horror-striken and all jumped into the sea one after another.

“Class… Classmate…” Very soon the guy staggered to his feet and stiffly spit out a few words, “Classmate Su…”

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