TGOE Chapter 4: The Missing

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“I want to go on the island.” Su Lifeng suddenly said.

Jiang Yushi looked turned around her head stunned. She asked: “What did you say? But, but the situation right now… Shouldn’t we wait for the arrangements of the crew?”

“You don’t understand. This is not a marine disaster, the crew themselves don’t even understand the situation. Those missing people, they are right on that island!”

“What?” They are all on the island? But… But how did they get over?” Cheng Xiaomei was dazed upon hearing this and then subconsciously asked this question.

Su Lifeng said: “I don’t know, but no matter what it is very dangerous on the island. But if we continue to stay on the the boat then that is no different from waiting to die. So…”

Right at this moment Cheng Xiaomei suddenly let out a sharp cry.

She pointed in the direction of the island and said: “There’s… There’s a person! Classmate Su, you’re right, they really did go to the island!”

Speaking here she raised up her arm and excitedly waved her hand in the direction of the island.

But very quickly she turned her head slightly puzzled: “Classmate Su, what’s wrong?”

Su Lifeng grabbed her arm and was staring at that place with a pale expression. He said in a low voice: “Something’s wrong…”

In the fog not only one figure appeared on the island, one of them he recognized with one look.

That is the male of the couple…. Right now he is walking at the very front and his movements look a bit uncoordinated.

But regardless of the vision from before the disaster or the one just now, in the visions that Su Lifeng saw he was always unconscious…

As a matter of fact, the him that he just “saw”, his entire body was still like a loose frame with one arm sticking outward!

But right now he has suddenly appeared at the coast…

At the same time that Su Lifeng was staring at him, he sensed that the male also seemed to look in this direction.

When their eyes made contact, Su Lifeng instantly felt a sense of inexplicable fear.

That black figure!

In the vision when that black figure appeared he had this exact feeling!

And then the next moment, he clearly “felt” himself get killed by the black figure.

“No, we can’t allow them to board!” A bad premonition instantly surged in Su Lifeng’s heart.

Regardless of what those black figures are, at the very least he can confirm that there is definitely something wrong with those “people”!”

That male’s gaze looking at him was like he was looking at a lowly and strange insect. It carried a curious sense of inquiry along with indifference.

Closely afterwards that male suddenly slowly raised his arm and then started waving it towards them.

More human figures followed closely behind him and did the same action… In the fog these “people” started to waved their arms at the cruise ship!

Su Lifeng was distracted for a moment and then slowly released Cheng Xiaomei’s arm.

They’re actually… imitating Cheng Xiaomei.

At this moment the other tourists had also discovered that island along with those human figures.

A lot of people with missing friends and relatives even cried in joy. Some people started attempting to put down the lifeboats.

The man who was shouting “Little sis” the entire time suddenly pointed at a short figure and shouted aloud. He then jumped into the sea with a “Splash”.

“Su Lifeng, I see Chen Haifa! Thank god, he doesn’t seem to be injured.” Jiang Yushi did not sense Su Lifeng’s abnormal expression.

At this time a pleasantly surprised shout also travelled over from not far away: “So they went to the island! It really was… unpredictable. And I thought that they were injured. Who would have thought that they woke up even before us and even discovered an island!”

Su Lifeng turned back and looked. With one look he saw Zhang Hai who was standing together with the rest of the students.

His face was deathly white with a badly shaken look, one of his eyeglass lenses was also shattered.

After discovering Su Lifeng he quickly walked over: “Classmate Su, why didn’t you say things clearly before? You must know the current situation, right? I think that we should also go on the island. The ship presumably won’t be fully repaired for some time, maybe we’ll even need to stay on the spot to wait for help… Those classmates all boarded the island first, maybe we can find some rare flora and fauna. Don’t you see that the vegetation is greatly different from what we usually find? This really is a blessing in disguise…”

Yet Su Lifeng didn’t want to waste his breath with him, because he once again foresaw the scene of large amounts of tourists covered in blood…

This time, it was no longer a portion of the people but everybody!

“Forget it, ignore him, let’s go too.” After Zhang Hai was ignored by Su Lifeng, he turned his attention towards the actions of the other people.

But the lifeboats haven’t been put down yet and not everybody dares to jump into the sea.

“Little sis, big bro’s coming right away!” That man’s excited voice travelled over from the sea.

Su Lifeng’s heart jumped and he hurriedly shouted: “Don’t go over!”

But that man didn’t hear his voice and very quickly rushed out of the water, climbing to the shore in great strides.

In the fog everybody heard his voice disappear for an instant, his body also seemed to freeze for a moment.

But Su Lifeng clearly “saw” what happened…

That man joyfully went ashore, but the human figure at the front suddenly pounced over and opened his/her’s mouth biting into his throat.

His body twitched violently and his mouth constantly released low roars.

But through the fog and on the cruise ship, everybody was excitedly staring at his looming figure, looking forward to what he will do next!

“Save… Save me…” The man really wanted to shout this out but he was already unable to speak.

He looked in the direction of his little sister… That petite girl was staring straight at him, a very unfamiliar feeling was revealed from her eyes.

But very quickly, this feeling seemed to slowly becoming familiar, just like… a peer…

“Why is he coming back?” Cheng Xiaomei said a bit surprised.

Everybody else also became restless, because besides that man who turned around and started to walk back into the water, the rest of the human figures actually also followed behind walking into the sea.

“Ah… My girlfriend doesn’t know how to swim!” A slightly older man said stunned.

But the situation occurring in his vision put him in disbelief, because following that man starting to swim, the rest of the wounded also all made the same movements.

The exact same swimming style…

Su Lifeng abruptly returned to his senses. He grabbed Jiang Yushi and said: “We’ll jump into the sea from the other side, do you know how to swim?”

“I know…” Cheng Xiaomei was actually also paying attention to Su Lifeng’s reaction the entire time. She extended her arm grabbing the corner of Su Lifeng’s shirt and then said so a bit weakly.

Su Lifeng glanced at her and then looked at Jiang Yushi. He then said: “I’m not sure if my judgement is correct. Just like before, I can only say I’ll do my best…”

“I believe you!” Jiang Yushi answered first.

Cheng Xiaomei nodded her head.

Su Lifeng looked towards the sea. The movements of those “people” were stiff, they did not swim very quickly. After making eye contact he’s always felt like that male has been staring at him the whole time…

“Good, don’t say it out loud. Go tell the other classmates about it, if they don’t believe you guys then have them stay as far away as possible from those people. Also, have them do their best to tell other people… I’m just afraid that it’s too late.”

When Su Lifeng spoke up to here, a crisp sound had already travelled over from the side of the ship.

That male who had already died in his vision had already taken the lead and swam back to the side of the cruise ship. He was in the middle of attempting climb up the high up shipboard.

“Quickly, pull him up!”

The people on the boat all shouted out happily and excited.

Su Lifeng tightened the life-jacket on his body and then silently scanned the floor, picking up a steel pipe that broke off in the compression…

“Let’s go. Try to find something to use as a weapon along the way.”

He grabbed onto Jiang Yushi and Cheng Xiaomei who had just finished speaking to Zhang Hai and hurriedly rushed over.

But there were only a few people who believed him and followed over…


That male grabbed the rope, and behind him, the male of the couple also swam over to the side of the boat. He was lifting his head and observing those excited tourists above using an expression of slight anticipation…

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