HN1F Chapter 65: Master Isn’t Home: The First Bullet

A question about a unit of distance. There is a Chinese unit of distance used called “li” that my research tells me is equal to 500 meters. Vote if you prefer “li” or meters/kilometers.

At the time when the people of the Mount Heng School were flying, they flew over 500 kilometers away from Mount Heng before stopping.

Afterwards Sikong Nan also brought along Wang Lin and flew for a long distance. After discerning the direction, Lin Feng controlled the Black Cloud Flag and returned back in the direction of Mount Heng with Wang Lin and the Netherworld Bead.

Lin Feng’s three disciples were still waiting for him in the small town at the foot of Mount Heng.

But before meeting up with his disciples, Lin Feng has to first find a quiet place and deal with Wang Lin and Sikong Nan.

He found a quiet valley less than 50 kilometers east of Mount Heng, opening up the Black Cloud Flag and sealing the entire space of the valley. He then crushed a voice-transmitting crystal.

A faint white light rose up from the crystal fragments, Xiao Yan’s voice travelled out from the white light: “Master, what’s the matter?”

Lin Feng said: “Lately master has been meditating on the way of the universe and my dao technique level has improved again, but I need to enter closed-door training for a period of time. I can’t say exactly how long. During this period of time you guys take care of yourselves, stay in the town and wait patiently for master to return.”

Pausing for a moment, Lin Feng still continued to say: “My location of closed-door training is a small valley 50 kilometers east of Mount Heng. If you guys truly encounter a problem that you guys cannot solve then you guys can come here to find master.”

Xiao Yan smiled saying: “Don’t worry Master, we will wait patiently for you to come back.”

Lin Feng said “Ok”, the white light on the crystal dissipated and the communication ended there.

Properly setting down Wang Lin’s body, Lin Feng sat cross-legged, the Netherworld Bead lay flat in his palm. He ultimately only has a qi disciple stage cultivation level, the Heaven Cage Sigil that he laid before was already about to be destroyed by Sikong Nan.

Lin Feng connected his spirit with the Netherworld Bead, his mind seemed to enter a dim, yellow space.

In the space, visible ripples constantly flowed, as if he was beneath water. Looking around was a stretch of pale yellow.

In the depths of the space, Sikong Nan was imprisoned in a cage formed by rays of light. Black mist coiled around his body, constantly ramming the bars of the light cage. The light cage set up by the Heaven Cage Sigil was already crumbling, the old geezer could break out at any moment.

Seeing Lin Feng, Sikong Nan cackled: “You think that it’s all good if you use the Heaven Cage Sigil to trap me? It’s the exact opposite, this Heaven Cage Sigil has instead let me see through the depths of your cultivation level. You’re just a little qi disciple stage brat. When I destroy this sigil, your soul will go well with my drink!”

Lin Feng laughed without care: “Before that I’ll chop you into a salad first.”

Golden buddhist light instantly illuminated the dim space. Looking at the massive human figures in the buddhist light, Sikong Nan’s face was pale: “What is this magic item of yours, its mana can actually seep into the Netherworld Bead? These… These are sariras, you refined buddhist sariras into magic items?”

In the boundless buddhist light, Lin Feng sat quietly cross-legged. His two hands formed a buddhist hand sign and he smiled saying: “Old bastard, today I will use this buddhist light formation to send you back into the cycle of reincarnation.”


Xiao Budian stared eagerly at Xiao Yan: “Eldest Apprentice-Brother, is Master not coming back?”

Xiao Yan nodded his head: “Master has to breakthrough his boundary and advance his cultivation prowess, so he decided at the last minute to enter closed-door training for a period of time. The length of time of the closed-door training is uncertain, his position is a small valley 50 kilometers east of here.”

“Closed-door training this kind of thing stresses being undisturbed, so my opinion is that we just stay here and wait for Master.”

Xiao Budian lowered his head.

Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi exchanged gazes. Zhu Yi said: “Youngest Apprentice-Brother, if you really do miss Master then we’ll head over to the valley right now. We won’t disturb him, we’ll just guard around the valley…”

Not even finishing his sentence, he saw Xiao Budian lift up his head in surprise: “I didn’t say I want to go find Master.”

Zhu Yi said puzzled: “But your head was lowered and you looked to be in low spirits.”

Xiao Budian smirked: “I was thinking of where to go play later. Master is finally not around, even if I cause a bit of trouble there won’t be anybody to nag at me anymore.”

Xiao Yan and Zhu Yi these two apprentice-brothers were both simultaneously speechless. They looked at each other and both shook their heads laughing helplessly. They were defeated by this little imp.

Xiao Budian smiled saying: “Apprentice-brothers, let’s go out for a walk. Sitting here and aimlessly waiting is honestly too boring.”

Zhu Yi slightly knit his brows while Xiao Yan was quite moved. He himself also possesses an unrestrained personality, he’s never been a scrupulous and well-behaved person.

Seeing Zhu Yi appear to slightly disapprove, Xiao Yan smiled saying: “Junior Apprentice-Brother, let’s go together. Don’t you also regularly say that it’s better to walk ten thousand miles than to read ten thousand books?”

“What is walking ten thousand miles? It is experiencing more things, witnessing a myriad of people and situations, it’s not just busily travelling.”

Zhu Yi thought: “The ancient scholars all travelled across the states, spreading knowledge and educating the people while also increasing their knowledge and honing their knowledge and reason. Sitting quietly and reading is self-cultivation, observing the many states of the world is also self-cultivation. There are principles within the Heaven and Earth and also principles within commoners. They are all principles, I should have an understanding of them all.”

He has long read poetry and literature and his personality is also rational and calm. Compared to people of the same age he can bear the loneliness more, but he is afterall a teenager. He also has a side of curiousity and livelihood.

The three youngsters left without delay, leaving the town together and walking towards Chuzhou City that was 50 kilometers away.

Chuzhou City is an important city at the southern border of the Great Qin Dynasty. It is densely populated and commercially developed. Inside of the city it is very lively.

After wandering around for a bit Xiao Yan and co. arrived at the city square in the city.

The outer ring of the city square is all regular stuff like food and clothing for normal humans, but walking into the central area of the city square, it is the world of all sorts of cultivation materials.

The Qin Dynasty’s southern border is next to demon territory. At the same time as being chaotic and dangerous, there are also all kinds of precious treasures. Chuzhou is the biggest trading center of the southern border of the Qin Dynasty for all sorts of precious treasures.

Walking in the city square, the three people looked around left and right. For the most part they were just strolling around, they can’t afford to buy what catches their eye and they don’t care for anything too cheap.

“Hm? This thing…” Xiao Yan suddenly stopped his steps, staring at an item placed in a shop. It is massive in size and is pitch-black, its length is virtually the same as his height.

Zhu Yi and Xiao Budian noticed his peculiarity and also stopped their footsteps. Xiao Budian smiled saying: “What do you have your eyes on Eldest Apprentice-Brother? You’re so preoccupied, let me see too.” With one look he couldn’t help but be speechless.

Zhu Yi’s curiosity was also peaked by their reactions and he also walked over. After seeing the item he was the same as Xiao Budian, he was also a bit speechless.

The item that attracted Xiao Yan’s attention is an incredibly big black greatsword. Um, instead of saying it is a greatsword, it would be better to say that is a giant, thick metal ruler with no blade. The black greatsword also didn’t have a tip, at the end of the sword it was as if it had been cut off at the middle by something, revealing a cross-section as smooth as a mirror.

Lines of slightly faint, strange markings were drawn on the surface of the pitch-black greatsword. The markings reached the sword hilt and virtually covered every part of the blade. Matched with the archaic pitch-black colour, it looked relatively mysterious.

Zhu Yi said with a stutter: “Eldest Apprentice-Brother, you, you have your eyes on this thing?”

Xiao Yan had a puzzled expression: “I get this feeling that this item seems to have some sort of connection with me… Borrowing a line that Master regularly says, could this item and me be fated?”

Xiao Budian’s expression was strange. He held it in for a while but was unable to hold back, bursting out with laughter.

Zhu Yi also flashed a smile. Xiao Yan was a bit embarrassed: “Two little pricks, what are you laughing at.”

“I won’t laugh, I won’t laugh.” Xiao Budian hurriedly shook his hand, but the smile on his face just couldn’t stop.

Xiao Yan slapped his little head a bit vexed, Xiao Budian hurriedly covered his head: “Don’t slap me, I’m alway getting slapped by Master, I’m already about to go dumb. Eldest Apprentice-Brother, if you keep slapping me then I’ll really become dumb.”

Xiao Yan scolded jokingly: “Just die from dumbness.”

Zhu Yi smiled at the side saying: “Since Eldest Apprentice-Brother likes it then just buy it.”

Xiao Yan thought about it for a moment and then slowly nodded his head.

The three people all didn’t notice that on the street outside of the store, a grey-clothed person wearing a large straw hat on his head suddenly opened his drooping eyelids. A strong light surged in his eyes and he twisted his head staring at the shop that Xiao Yan and co. are in.

“This mana fluctuation, it’s the mana fluctuation of the Buddhist Thunder Staff! Buddha have mercy, I’ve finally found a clue!”

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